13 Classic Sneakers for Women That Never Go Out of Style

classic sneakers for women
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There are a lot of options among classic sneakers for women, let’s find out the best choices that will never go out of style and will fit with most outfits. 

Sneakers are one of the popular fashion trends in present times for various reasons. They speak of history, community, and style. Sneakers actually emerged as an important aspect of the identities of people wearing them. They originated in the 19th century with thin rubber soles and similarly thin material over the top. 

Sneakers were preferred choices for physical activities. Before the hype for sneakers that you see now, the classic sneakers for women had quite an interesting fashion appeal. As you know more about the history behind sneakers, you can develop higher levels of appreciation for sneakers and the sneaker culture in general. 

Best Choices of Classic Sneakers for Women 

The classic sneakers, which emerged as staple additions in outfits for sports and physical activities, featured timeless designs. One of the foremost aspects of a pair of classic tennis shoes is the fact that they are relevant even in today’s times. Interestingly, you can find many classic options from renowned footwear brands, which stand strong in terms of relevance in any era. With slight modifications, you can find some of the top options in classic sneakers for women easily suited to your style preferences. Here are the notable entries among classic sneakers tailored specially for women with sophisticated choices in style. 

1. Converse Chuck 70’

The answer to the question ‘What sneakers are in style 2022?’ would direct you towards the vintage style popular in the 70s. You can find the same vibe in the Converse Chuck 70’ Hi parchment trainers. With a classic high-top design and lace-up fastening, the pair of Chuck 70’ trainers bring subtleness to your footwear style. Furthermore, they go with so many looks with ease so you won’t have to worry about styling them.

2. Adidas Stan Smith

One of the popular Adidas classic sneakers would refer to the Adidas Stan Smith trainers with white and navy color combinations. The low-profile design, padded cuffs, and contrast panels work as the most promising highlights in Adidas Stan Smith sneakers. In addition, you would also have the assurance of a rubber outsole with better durability alongside a textured grip tread.

3. Vans Classic Old Skool

Another promising choice of classic sneakers for women would point you towards the Vans Classic Old Skool trainers. The black and white sneakers come with a chunky sole alongside lace-up fastening and waffle-textured tread. You also have the benefit of padding for additional comfort with the Vans Classic Old Skool sneakers.

4. Nike Air Force 1

The choice of top classic sneakers would also include the Nike Air Force 1 Shadow trainers. You can find the white trainers with yellow, pink and black highlights. Most important of all, the perforated design also offers better breathability, with the foam midsole offering improved air cushioning. 

5. Reebok Classic Leather Trainers

The demand for Reebok classic sneakers has been at an all-time high. Try on the classic leather trainers in white from the house of Reebok with some interesting feature highlights. You get a molded tread alongside padded design for a comfortable feel alongside the Reebok logo detail, establishing a formidable statement. 

6. New Balance 574

You can also go with options among classic sneakers for women, like the New Balance 574 sneakers in off-white color. The low-profile design works exceptionally well in fitting the sneakers with almost any type of casual attire. You have the benefits of features such as durability of the rubber outsole as well as the textured grip tread.

7. Nike Classic Cortez

Many of the answers to the question ‘what sneakers are in style 2022?’ would obviously have some top options from Nike. The Classic Cortez trainers with a retro leather vibe in white with red and blue highlights are ideal choices for various reasons. You can pair them up with a good pair of high-rise jeans and a loose white t-shirt for casual looks, but also incorporate them into dressier outfits with ease. 

8. Adidas Originals Superstar

The range of Adidas classic sneakers also includes the Adidas Originals Superstar sneakers in white. The three black stripes at the side mark a striking appearance in these sneakers. In addition, you have a slim sole as a distinctive design feature in these sneakers.

9. Adidas Originals Gazelle

You could also find the Adidas Originals Gazelle as one of the top choices in classic sneakers for women. The low-profile design with the leather 3-stripes in the inner and outer foot make it aesthetically appealing. In addition, you also have the striking detail of ‘Gazelle’ foil lettering alongside the rubber sole offering durable traction. 

10. Nike Blazer

The Nike Blazer mid 77 trainers in white with zebra print also qualifies as one of the best classic tennis shoes. Visible seams in the design offer a retro look alongside the pull tabs offering easier entry. The Herringbone grip tread alongside the non-marking rubber outsole also adds promising functionality to these sneakers.

11. Reebok C85

Another appealing option among Reebok classic sneakers would refer to the Reebok Club C85 sneakers. The chalk-white color, along with the bronze details, make it visually appealing with the low-profile design. You also have the design benefit of an EVA midsole offering lightweight cushioning, which allows you to move around easily. 

12. Veja Campo 

Your choice of classic sneakers for women would also include the Veja Campo sneakers with textured leather as a striking highlight. You can wear them with cycling shorts as well as jeans or a dress. If you want to contribute to sustainability, then the Veja Campo sneakers are your best bet to do it in style. 

13. Adidas Yeezy

The Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ‘Desert Sage’ sneakers are also one of the best choices you should have in your wardrobe. With a branded insole and knitted construction on the flat rubber sole, you can also enjoy the benefit of the signature ‘Boost’ technology from Adidas in the midsole.

Tips to Shop The Classic Sneakers for Women

Here are some tips to help you shop classic sneakers for women easily.

  • Find out the right sizing estimate for your foot alongside the style which suits you perfectly.
  • Read the product description alongside reviews of the sneakers before purchasing them. 
  • Make sure that you have a clear impression of the activities you will do by wearing the sneakers.
  • Stick with classics that will never date, and if you’re looking for a fresh take, go for color accents.


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