The Prettiest Celebrity & Influencer Wedding Dresses of 2022

best celebrity wedding dresses
PHOTO: @arianagrande, @gwenstefani

Weddings are an exciting affair with a lot of enjoyment and celebration in the air. On top of it, celebrity weddings bring the elements of luxury and public attention, making them noteworthy events. Apart from unique traditions and the enthusiastic vibes in celebrity weddings, people also look out for the best celebrity wedding dresses

Wedding dresses definitely have a formidable significance in the life of every individual, irrespective of whether they are a celebrity or not. As a matter of fact, the selection of celebrity wedding dresses can inspire you to craft a unique wedding dress. Are you ready to find out the famous wedding dresses which celebrities and fashion influencers have worn in 2022?

Top Celebrity Wedding Dresses 2022

The honest opinion regarding celebrity weddings is that they are quite massive in terms of grandeur and the cost involved. The best celebrity wedding dresses come with humongous price tags, which are quite unreasonable for the common man and woman. 

In 2022, weddings involve limited people in attendance with many restrictions on traveling. While these limitations can definitely affect your search for celebrity look-alike wedding dresses, they cannot dull your excitement. Let us find out the best celebrity wedding dresses which made highlights in the world of fashion in 2022. 

Gwen Stefani

Celebrity wedding dresses 2021 best celebrity wedding dresses

                                         Photos: @gwenstefani

Leading singer Gwen Stefani made many heads turn around with her two distinct custom wedding dresses designed by Vera Wang. As far as the topic of best celebrity wedding dresses is in question, the choice of dresses by Gwen Stefani for her wedding marks a significant example of individualism. One of the dresses for Gwen’s wedding, a lily-white silk-georgette gown, featured a sweetheart plunging neckline along with a fitted bodice and cutaway back. 

She paired up this dress with a high low hand tumbled tulle skirt. The other dress also became one of the top celebrity wedding dresses 2022. The second dress featured a shorter hemline with a strapless mini dress and a ruffled tulle skirt; Gwen topped her reception outfit with a shorter mesh veil alongside western-inspired white stiletto boots.

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 Lady Kitty Spencer

best celebrity wedding dresses Celebrity wedding dresses 2021

                               Photos: @kitty.spencer

Lady Kitty Spencer, the niece of Princess Diana, also set another example of one of the best celebrity wedding dresses. She had five custom dresses from Dolce & Gabbana for her wedding with two notable picks. The marriage gown for Spencer was a puff-sleeved gown with long sleeves and a high neckline featuring the traditional Victorian heritage. 

The second dress for Lady Kitty Spencer on her special day was the one she changed into after the wedding. Lady Kitty Spencer donned an off-the-shoulder, white silk gown featuring floral and crystal embellishments for dinner. Both the dresses signify a timeless appeal alongside establishing the sophistication of English heritage prominently.

Ariana Grande

best celebrity wedding dresses

                                                 Photo: @arianagrande

Popstar Ariana Grande was also one of the big names among celebrities who got hitched in 2022. Her wedding was more of an intimate at-home affair with few family members and friends in attendance. However, the wedding outfit of Ariana Grande was nothing like the common celebrity wedding guest dresses. Iconic designer, Vera Wang, tailored the wedding-day look of Ariana with a custom, lily-white, empire-waist column gown crafted from silk. The unique details of her wedding dress included a plunging back alongside a sculpted neckline and exposed bra-strap closure. 

Sabina Socol

famous wedding dresses

                                                 Photo: @sabinasocol

Fashion influencer Sabina Socol also made it to the list of celebrity weddings in 2022. Her wedding dress was a unique take on the existing assumptions regarding the best celebrity wedding dresses. Rather than going for a custom designer piece, Sabina opted for a vintage 90s dress by John Galliano. The vintage slip dress matched perfectly with the serene environment in which the wedding was conducted, i.e., in Tuscany. 

Bettina Looney

famous wedding dresses

                                                 Photo: @bettinalooney

Personal stylist and fashion influencer Bettina Looney was also among the many to tie the knot recently. She has one of the top celebrity wedding dresses 2022 in a custom gown featuring pleated details. The off-shoulder gown also featured blouson bishop sleeves which worked as the perfect pair for customized Manolo Blahnik shoes. 


Giorgia Gabriele

best celebrity wedding dresses

                                                 Photo: @giorgiagabriele

Model Giorgia Gabriele also wore one of the best celebrity wedding dresses with a custom off-white wedding dress. The wedding gown featured French lace and tulle details along with rhinestones, micro-veneers, and beads. Most important of all, the careful attention to detail in the design of the wedding dress makes it even more beautiful. For example, encrusting all the cuts in the dress manually ensures limited visibility of seams on the dress. 

In addition, the ‘handmade’ factor also makes the dress one of the famous wedding dresses. The hand-stitching for the whole scalloped edge alongside full embroidery also marks prolific highlights of Giorgia Gabriele’s wedding dress. The most important aspects of her wedding dress were the long train measuring eight feet in length and a veil measuring 26 feet in length.

Belen Corsini 

best celebrity wedding dresses Celebrity wedding dresses 2021

         Photo: @aortizphoto                  Photo: @aquileaflores

The wedding of the daughter of one of the most powerful business families of Spain was bound to make headlines. Belen Corsini tied the knot with the Count of Orsono, Carlos Fitz-James Stuart, in the 18th century Liria Palace in Madrid. The wedding of Belen Corsini introduced the world to yet another pick among the best celebrity wedding dresses. Belen had donned a gracious, floor-length, white wedding gown. The unique design highlights in the wedding dress included long sleeves and slightly puffed shoulders alongside a delicate detachable tulle train. 

Tips to Buy Celebrity Wedding Dresses

You could also purchase some of the best celebrity look-alike wedding dresses by following some important tips such as,  

  • Take a look at the wedding dresses of different celebrities before finalizing a specific choice. You might love a celebrity for their talents, but not their fashion sense.
  • Always start shopping for celebrity wedding dress dupes with a substantial amount of time in hand. You have to invest a lot of time in research to find the best wedding dresses worn by celebrities. At the same time, you have to work on refining the choices you have at hand. 
  • Pay attention to accessorizing as a vital method for improving the way you look on your wedding day. The wedding dress looks better with the right selection of accessories and multiplies the aesthetic value of your wedding outfit.  


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