Celebrities Wearing Vintage: 14 Best Outfits

how celebrities dress vintage
PHOTO: @addisonraee, @emmachamberlain

Vintage clothes are exploding on social media, and we love the trend. They are stylish and bring retro fashion vibes with some quirky designs of yesteryears. Moreover, the vintage fashion trends have also prompted a healthy growth in attention towards sustainability. People are turning towards thrifting as a vital solution to reduce the impact of their fashion choices on the environment. Interestingly, the popularity of vintage clothes has increased to such an extent that people are trying to look for ‘how celebrities dress vintage’ and the best ways for dressing up in vintage. So, let us find out how celebrities wear different vintage pieces in the following discussion. 

Top Vintage Outfits of Celebrities

The emergence of vintage-inspired dresses has clearly established how some trends make a comeback. As a matter of fact, vintage shopping might be a promising option to grab originals. For example, the Y2K fashion trends are in high demand right now and are some of the finest pieces you can get with second-hand shopping

Apart from getting some original pieces of clothing from vintage trends, you would also help the environment by not buying new clothes. However, many people experience difficulties in styling up elegant vintage dresses or other pieces of clothes. This is why you need to look for inspiration in celeb outfits or fashion influencers that know their way with vintage items. Here is a look at how celebrities dress vintage and tips on how to style up your outfits.

1. Kendall Jenner in Vintage Wind Coat

Kendall Jenner in Vintage Wind Coat
PHOTO: @kendalljennercloset

The colorful and vibrant sports jacket adorned by Kendall Jenner clearly shows an example of celebrities who dress vintage casually. The sun-shaped motif in the purple-colored jacket reflects Y2K aesthetics while aligning with modern fashion trends

2. Kendall Jenner Camo & Floral Crop Top

how celebrities dress vintage
PHOTO: @danixmichelle

You could clearly get the 70s vibes with the camo and floral crop top, just like Kendall Jenner. The ideal way to wear a vintage piece as we can see here is to pair it with other retro pieces, like low-rise pants and vintage heels. 

3. Olivia Rodrigo Silk Chiffon Mini Dress

Olivia Rodrigo Silk Chiffon Mini Dress
PHOTO: @oliviarodrigo

The silk chiffon mini dress adorned by Olivia Rodrigo shows how celebrities dress vintage effortlessly with single choices. Olivia exemplifies minimalism by choosing a cute and gorgeous silk-chiffon mini dress with butterfly prints in this outfit. She paired the dress with glittery pink heels to complete the princess vibe. 


4. Olivia Rodrigo Crochet Top and Skirt

Olivia Rodrigo Crochet Top and Skirt
PHOTO: @oliviarodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo definitely knows how to style vintage-inspired dresses and tops, and her choice in this case, a crochet top is a great example. With a 1994 crochet sweater and skirt featuring multicolor patterns, Olivia packs a vibrant and playful punch. To complete the 90s look she added a choker, a classic 90s hairstyle, and a statement earring on one ear.

5. Olivia Rodrigo Cute & Formal in Chanel

how celebrities dress vintage
PHOTO: @oliviarodrigo

You can also discover how celebrities dress vintage for formal occasions with Olivia Rodrigo’s look for her White House visit. The vintage 1995 pink tweed skirt suit from Chanel needs no styling additions. When it came to shoes and her bag, she wore a pair of white square-toe platform heels alongside a black mini bag. 

6. Hailey Bieber Vacation Look

vintage inspired dresses
PHOTO: @haileyrbiebercloset

Hailey Bieber shows another example of wearing elegant vintage dresses with style in her vacation look. The vintage Dolce & Gabbana dress with floral prints in aqua blue color lends off casual vacation vibes. Hailey has elevated her vacation look in the D&G dress with hoops and a big hair clip, adding a youthful appearance.

7. Kylie Jenner Gorgeous Pregnancy Outfit

Kylie Jenner Gorgeous Pregnancy Outfit
PHOTO: @kyliejennercloset

The classic and gorgeous outfit of Kylie Jenner is a perfect example of how celebrities dress vintage effortlessly. Kylie has donned a non-branded basic tank top and added a silk wrap jacket. She has chosen a pair of Porterhouse jeans in vintage black to balance the look. On top of it, she has relied excessively on jewelry to elevate her appearance. 

8. Kylie Jenner Summer Feeling Look

Kylie Jenner Summer Feeling Look
PHOTO: @kyliejenner

Kylie Jenner is one of the most loved fashion influencers in the world for her exceptional choices. Take a casual approach to summer outfits with a white one-shoulder twisted crop top. The vintage Gucci top pairs nicely with high waist denim cargo pants, just like Kylie does in style.

9. Kylie Jenner’s Miami Look

how celebrities dress vintage
PHOTO: @kyliejenner

Kylie Jenner is definitely one of the most adorable celebrities who dress vintage, and she proves it with this stunning maxi dress. The abstract print maxi dress paired up with leather sandals featuring gold and metallic highlights offers a vibrant look. You can find many vintage-inspired dresses that copy the same Y2K style and dress just like Kylie.


10. Cindy Kimberly (Wolfiecindy) Fairy Bodice Top

elegant vintage dresses
PHOTO: @wolfiecindycloset

If you want to know how celebrities dress vintage with minimalism, then you can look at Cindy Kimberly. Cindy shows a minimal yet effortlessly sensuous and chic look with a 60s fairy bodice sheer corset top. She preferred minimal jewelry with this look to make sure the corset is the star. 

11. Chiara Ferragni Polo Set

Chiara Ferragni Polo Set
PHOTO: @chiaraferragnioutfits

The Polo set adorned by Chiara Ferragni clearly shows the value of bringing vintage pieces from renowned brands and re-inventing them. The once polo top became a cute two-piece, perfect for summer. The pink outfit works perfectly with the choice of accessories like a Louis Vuitton clutch pouch bag. 

12. Elsa Hosk Suede Green Blouse

how celebrities dress vintage
PHOTO: @hoskelsa

Elsa Hosk shows another favorite example of how celebrities dress vintage in her Alabama mud blouse in suede green color. On top of it, she has added 90s Levis jeans with straight fit and denim dad sandals as her preferred choice of footwear. This is a great example of how easy it is to incorporate vintage pieces in a trendy look.

13. Madison Beer White Corset Top

Madison Beer White Corset Top
PHOTO: @styleofmadisonbeer

Madison Beer wears a vintage white corset top with a front zipper and pairs them perfectly with vintage Dickies that she rolled to make low waist. The vintage look aligns with modern fashion trends with the addition of a simple re-nylon 2000s shoulder bag from Prada

14. Madison Beer Psychedelic Cut-out Mini Dress

how celebrities dress vintage
PHOTO: @styleofmadisonbeer

Madison Beer once again shows how celebrities dress vintage with a unique and quirky choice. The 70s psychedelic cut-out mini dress paired up with a padlock detail gold-tone necklace and cute bracelet show how Madison excels at vintage dressing. 

Tips to Dress Up in Vintage like Celebrities

Here are some tips to help you figure out how celebrities dress vintage with style.

  • There are great Instagram accounts that show you exactly what celebrities wear and where they (or their stylist) bought their outfit from.
  • Use these accounts to learn about new vintage stores and of course how to style a vintage outfit.
  • Establish a clear plan about the type of outfits you want so that you can identify the celebrities who wear the same style.
  • Accessorizing could play a vital role in helping you ace vintage outfits like celebrities.


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