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6 Best Ways to Wear A Blazer Dress

Blazer dresses have formed a new trend in women’s fashion nowadays. Let’s check out the guide on the right selection of a blazer dress for women.

New designs and trends have been the driving force behind modern fashion. Unconventional styles have transformed into wardrobe staples all over the world, thereby pointing towards the innumerable possibilities in fashion. The blazer dress is one of the perfect examples of using a menswear classic to elevate your style effortlessly. 

With the right selection of blazer dress for women, you can easily create a stunning look. The classy style of the blazer dresses could also add glamour to your outfits. On the other hand, you might have some doubts about styling up a blazer dress. Let us find some promising answers for your troubles in dressing up a blazer dress.

Helpful Tips for Styling up Blazer Dresses for Women

If you are looking for a sophisticated, chic, and sexy outfit, then a black blazer dress might be your best pick. However, you also need to consider the fact that you can find many design variations for blazer dresses. First of all, you can find blazer dresses with different lengths, fits, sleeve lengths, fabric thickness, colors, and other factors. 

Furthermore, you also need to pick the style of blazer dress which suits your preferences. Among all these factors, you can definitely encounter confusion about selecting a blazer dress for women and styling it. The following pointers might help you find some ways to dress up in a blazer dress outfit with grace.

1. The Oversized Fit

One of the trusted recommendations among blazer dress outfits would definitely refer to the oversized fit. You can have a modern look with an oversized blazer dress. Just one or two sizes up (or an oversized fit) could easily help you adorn one of the classiest outfits with blazer dresses. 

The one-piece flap detail belted blazer dress could be one of the foremost picks in blazer dresses for you. With a tailored design, the belted blazer dress with flap detailing adds up vibes of sophistication to your looks. 

You can also pick up a blazer dress for women like the pinstripe mix blazer dress in black. The notched lapels, chest and side pockets, and most interestingly, the mixed pin-stripe design blend sex appeal with a formal feel. 

2. Chic Work Outfits

You can easily trust a blazer dress for chic work outfits. All you have to do is pay attention to the length of the blazer dress outfits for work. Make sure that your blazer dress is not too short or tight. Furthermore, you can consider adding some leggings with the blazer dress for flawlessly professional attire. You can easily find the answers to the question “where to buy blazer dress” when browsing through your favorite online retailers like Zara, Asos, Shein, and others. 

A solid blazer dress in black with surplice neck knot detail is a prolific addition to a chic work outfit. 

You could also go with a puff sleeve belted blazer dress with gingham print and lapel neckline for work outfits. 

The striped print belted black blazer dress with lapel neckline can also be one of the promising choices for outfits you want to wear to work. 

You can also choose a belted blazer mini dress with long sleeves and Don Windowpane pattern along with a pair of leggings to assemble a stunning work outfit.



3. Outfits for Outdoor Events

Another interesting way to use a blazer dress for women is for outdoor events. You can wear blazer dresses when you are going out with your friends to the club and even as a wedding guest outfit. Interestingly, you can find the perfect balance between sexy and sophisticated with the blazer dress. Just choose short blazer dresses with a figure-hugging design to add glamour to your looks. 

Grab a double-breasted mini blazer dress with a plunging neckline in black for a perfect going-out outfit


A draped blazer dress in dark khaki with long sleeves, shoulder pads, and V-neck lapel collar can also work exceptionally well for grabbing attention at outdoor events. 


You could choose a mocha diamond blazer dress for a contemporary and sophisticated look. The double-breasted blazer dress for women can be a great wedding guest outfit when paired with ankle-high boots. 


4. Try Other Colors

The most common choice of colors in blazer dress outfits is black. However, you can also try other colors of your choice for spicing up your wardrobe. 

You can start with a white blazer dress featuring cut-out detail at the back. 


A waist cutout blazer dress for women in purple is also one of the top choices for moving beyond black. 


You could also choose a raspberry-colored cutout blazer dress featuring cut-out detail at the waist. The double-breasted V-neck design, slit cuffs, and long sleeves look exceptionally beautiful in the vibrant raspberry hue. 


5. Sleeveless Alternatives

You can also choose a sleeveless blazer dress for women as a great option for summer and even as layering pieces for winter. The versatility of sleeveless blazer dresses is one of the foremost reasons for adding one to your wardrobe. 

Sleeveless blazer dress in beige with peak lapel collar and wrap front design with regular fit can be the perfect choice for casual blazer dress outfits.


A double-breasted sleeveless black blazer dress is a versatile piece you will be wearing all winter long.


The belted waistcoat dress with a vest style design in black also shows how a sleeveless blazer dress could look unbelievably sexy when paired with heeled boots.


A sleeveless jacket dress in gray mélange with a short, fitted design also works perfectly for casual outfits. You can wear it open as another layer or add a waist belt for a more fitted look.



6. Look for Attractive Details

The most interesting recommendation for “where to buy blazer dress” would point you towards platforms that offer blazer dresses with unique highlights. You could try looking for interesting highlights in a blazer dress for women, such as feathers or cutouts. Such elements can easily improve the aesthetic appeal of a classic blazer dress. 

A black blazer dress with fuzzy cuffs in a half sleeve design shows a distinct design element with the cuffs. 


You can think of a blazer dress with twist cutout detail at the waist as an example of using interesting design elements in blazer dresses.


A houndstooth blazer dress in a black and white pattern could also present a distinct highlight in its design. 


Another interesting choice of a blazer dress for women with interesting details would be one with cutout detail at the waist in lilac color. 


Tips to Shop for Blazer Dresses for Women

Here are some interesting tips to help you shop for the perfect blazer dress for women.

  • Write “blazer dress” at the search bar of your favorite online retailer and choose the one that suits your desires most. 
  • Look for inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram to learn different ways to style your blazer dress. 
  • A blazer dress is a versatile piece that can be worn in many different ways and for different occasions- it can be great for work as well as a night out. You can wear the blazer with a belt, add leggings, wear it open, style it with different shoes, and it will look completely different.      

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