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14 Black Flare Pants to Wear Instead Of Leggings in the Winter

Flared trousers are one of the most notable trends that are now making a huge comeback. Flared pants have been around since the 1970s when people sported flares with utter conviction and panache. Just like the high waist denim, flared pants are making a comeback and there is no reason to resist them. A pair of black flare pants outfit has turned into a common choice for women’s wardrobes in the modern fashion scene.

Many old trends are coming back, especially Y2K clothing, and people are waiting for the resurgence of flared pants. On top of it, the demand for black flared leggings, yoga pants, and work trousers has been increasing profoundly in recent times. So, you must be eager to find some of the best black flare yoga pants and trousers for your wardrobe. 

Best Choices of Black Flared Pants

The first question that must be hovering around your mind right now would be related to the relevance of flared pants. Are black flare pants outfit in style? The answer is a yes and you could find flared pants as one of the fast-growing style choices in fashion. You can get the benefits of comfortable and unapologetically trendy looks with flared pants in today’s times. On the other hand, many people come up with doubts about what to wear with black flare pants outfit only to find the simplest solutions. Flared pants are quite versatile and allow a lot of options for pairing with other clothes. Choose the favorable options from flared pants, jeans, and leggings in the following list. 

1. Shein Split Hem Flare Leg Pants

You can choose a classic pair of hem flare leg pants in high waisted design such as the split hem flare leg pants in black. The black pants with flared legs feature tailoring details that offer a touch of versatility. These pants are a chic addition to any wardrobe and are easy to style in many different ways. 

2. Shein High Waist Contrast Stitch Flare Leg Jeans

Try something other than the trend of black flare yoga pants and go with a pair of flare jeans for the first time. The high waist flare leg jeans in black with contrast stitching details reflect the vibes of the early 2000s. With the resurgence of Y2K fashion trends, the black flared jeans have started to gain mainstream recognition. 

3. Shein High Waist Ribbed Knit Flare Leg Pants

A pair of ribbed knit black flare pants outfit featuring a high waist design also qualify as the ideal choice for winter outfits with a cozy vibe. The high waist ribbed knit flare leg pants offer a soft and comfy choice among flared pants. 

4. Stradivarius Velvet Flare Pants in Black

The selection of velvet flare pants in black is a top choice for black flare work pants for their refined aesthetics. As a matter of fact, you can always trust a good velvet option for winter outfits. 


5. Bershka Lace Up Detail Faux Leather Flare Pant in Black

Just when you thought that flared pants cannot get any better, the lace up detail faux leather flare pants can change your opinions. The lace up detailing alongside the leather flares can easily fit in any winter wardrobe as a chic alternative to leather look leggings. 

6. River Island Amelie Mid Rise Flare Jean in Black

Many of you might not like all the black flare pants outfit because you’re not into extreme flares. In such cases, you can go with options that offer a more subtle flare like the black mid-rise flared jeans from River Island. 

7. Zara Mini Flare Pants

Pick a classic pair of black mini flare pants with a high waist and elastic waistband from Zara. The elegant flares provide the ideal example of minimalism alongside better ease of styling. 

8. Zara Cropped Flare Jeans

The cropped flare jeans in black with mid-rise design and unfinished cuffs are also another top choice for flared pants looks. You can try the cropped version for a chic look with sock boots. 

9. Zara Flared Skinny Fit Corduroy Pants

Grab an absolutely gorgeous pair of skinny fit corduroy pants as one of the best flared pants for you. Interestingly, you can discover many promising benefits with such flared pants, especially for the winter season. The corduroy pants are made of a thicker fabric and serve as the ideal fit for winter season outfits. 

10. Zara Flared Pants

You can also look for black flare work pants such as a pair of black high waist pants with flared legs. The interesting highlight in these flared pants would be the extreme flare detailing, which adds a distinctive “wow” factor. So, you can use the black flared pants to sport a different and exciting look. 

11. Flared Pants with Side Slits

The pair of flared pants with side slits is also another example of stylish black flare pants outfit from Zara. With a high waist design and flared legs, the pants also feature side slits as a striking highlight. The elegant aesthetic of the pants alongside the slits plays a critical role in elevating their appearance. 

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12. H&M Flared Rhinestone-detail Leggings

A pair of flared leggings with rhinestone detailing also qualifies as a top alternative to stylish black flare yoga pants. The flare leggings feature cutout detailing at the side alongside rhinestone chain embellishments. The leggings give you a dressy option you can try in outfits for winter night outs. 

13. H&M Flared Pants

Another promising choice of black flare pants outfit in high waisted design would be a pair of high waist twill pants. The flared pants feature darts at the waist along with slit detailing at the hem. On top of it, the zipper also introduces an additional ‘wow’ factor to the pants. 

14. H&M Flared Leggings

Give rest to all your troubles about finding the perfect pair of flared pants with the flared jersey leggings from H&M. The high waist flared leggings offer a flattering aesthetic you can wear with grace and style. 

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Tips to Shop for Black Flared Pants

Here are some helpful pointers to shop for black flare pants outfit for your wardrobe. 

  • Flare pants are a great choice of pants for many body shapes such as an hourglass, athletic, broad shoulders, and more.
  • If you’re not sure about styling a flare, try a subtle option, and wear it just as you would any other black pants.
  • Black flare pants outfit can be appropriate for many occasions, it’s all about the style and shape of the pants you choose.

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