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4 Most Popular Black and White Outfit Ideas to Try in 2022

Do you feel black and white outfit ideas are mundane? It’s not! Here we bring the most popular and stylish black and white outfits for women, you must check.

You can always discover something unique for your wardrobe when you are open to experiments. The new outfit combinations and trends in fashion are creating many new choices for the modern woman’s wardrobe. However, some of the classic fashion trends have an interesting way of making their way back. Each generation has its on spin on classics and therefore makes them more modern and trendy for the current time.

For example, the trend of black and white outfits for women is one of those classic looks. The classic black and white combination works perfectly in different types of looks and styles. Some of you may have concerns about adopting the black and white clothing style, thinking it might look too formal or business like. However, you can always find some easy ways to style casual and trendy black and white outfit combinations by choosing the right items. 

Best Ideas for Black and White Outfits for Women

The foremost aspect about black and white outfits is that they don’t require too much effort. On the other hand, one may think that black and white outfits would look more “corporate” or lawyer-like. Here are some ideas you can try for cute black and white outfits for women by styling the right items. 

  • Outfit 1

Choose a pair of faux leather leggings in black. The high waist leggings with slit detailing at the hem and side zipper make a big statement in one of the best black and white outfits you would love. Now add a striped knit sweater in off-white color with black stripes. The thick knit, round neck long-sleeved sweater offers the perfect comfortable companion to the leggings. You have the basics for the black and white outfit ready. Therefore, the choice of footwear and accessories are the finishing touch.

Pick up a pair of chunky heeled knee-high boots in black with a side zipper closure for a bold statement. Top up your overall look with a visor beret made from knitted fabric with a printed design. The next additions among accessories for such black and white outfits for women would be sunglasses and a handbag. Try trendy square frame sunglasses in black just like Kendall Jenner loves to wear. Choose a quilted shoulder bag in white with a quilted shoulder strap. You can see how all the items work perfectly with each other to create a chic and bold outfit. 


  • Outfit 2

The ideas for cute black and white outfits can also bring in some promising choices for your wardrobe. Grab a pair of high waist cropped straight jeans in white, tailored from denim-style cotton fabric. The straight design, medium-waist design, and frayed hem add resort-style highlights in the cropped jeans. The ideal companion for the jeans is a basic round-neck t-shirt with an asymmetric hem and short sleeves. You can notice how the black and white stripes on the t-shirt match perfectly with the aesthetic of the white jeans

Layering is an interesting choice for styling black and white outfits for women, and you can apply the same here. Pick an oversized double-breasted jacket in black featuring a full-cut design with pronounced shoulders. For the choice of footwear in this outfit, you can pick a chunky sole loafer in black. The slip-on style design of the loafer alongside the chunky sole with a moulded tread elevates the fashion statement of this outfit effortlessly. Add a pom-pom décor satchel bag and a 14k gold-plated snake chain necklace as the accessories, and you have a cute, chic black and white outfit. 

  • Outfit 3

You can also try preppy choices for casual black and white outfits, such as a textured button-front skirt. Start with a black high waist skirt with split hem detailing and faux-pearl button detailing. Add a white shirt over the skirt and this time, pick one with an oversized collar. The regular design details of the white shirt, such as long sleeves, button placket, and button cuffs, ensure the right combination for the black skirt. The next addition in this choice of black and white outfits for women is a crew neck sweater in black with long sleeves. The crewneck design also features rib detailing and a laidback shape with breathable fabric. 

In terms of the choice of footwear, you can pick a pair of classic Converse sneakers in black with a high-top design. The wavy platform sole alongside exaggerated jagged tread elevates your look by incorporating trendy vibes. If you are thinking of accessories for black and white clothing style in this outfit, a black wool beret would be a good choice. Finally, you can complete the look with a curved black shoulder bag with buckle detailing featuring 90s vibes


  • Outfit 4

Sometimes you need to think of out-of-the-box solutions to style black and white outfits for women that will never go out of style. Think of a trendy choice like a single-breasted shirt dress in white with a patched pocket. Now, add on top a layer of black V-neck sweater dress for the ultimate school girl vibe. Complement your cute black and white outfits like this one with the right choice of footwear. You can try a mid-knee-high boots in white leather as the perfect choice for the black and white combination. 

Add a pair of hoop earrings with a thick tube design in gold-tone, and a quilted chain strap shoulder bag. The quilted chain strap shoulder bag in black offers a formidable elevation to your looks in this outfit. The final addition to this outfit would be a pair of acrylic frame sunglasses, and you are done with a chic and preppy black and white outfit. 

Tips to Shop for Black and White Outfits

Here are some tips to keep in mind while you are shopping for black and white outfits for women

  • The first thing you need to keep in mind while shopping for black and white outfits is that this is a classic that can be styled in many different ways. Black and white outfits don’t mean black pants and a white button down, you have endless possibilities, including incorporating patterns and prints.
  • Try taking inspiration from Pinterest girls or your favorite influencer. Sometimes a look you see on others can fit you perfectly (even if you modify it a bit).
  • Look for the best products that will last long because a classic look like this needs to look timeless, not cheap.

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