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Get Her Look: 5 Outfits Inspired By Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is one of the biggest stars in the present times with a unique style of her own. Her outfits are popular in the world of fashion. The distinctive sense of style with her dyed acid green hair and playful streetwear are some of the striking highlights. In addition, you can notice many other aspects clearly in Billie Eilish outfits. She has introduced a unique blend of different trends with her eclectic style approach, both androgynous and ultra-feminine. 

Billie has adorned oversized streetwear-inspired silhouettes alongside incorporating some goth fashion and skate culture in her outfits. She had relatively simple style choices at the beginning of her career as an emerging sensation in the world of music. Over the years, Billie Eilish fashion style has been developing as a reflection of her playful, creative approach. 

Best Picks in Billie Eilish Outfits 

The unique style elements in Billie Eilish outfits can catch attention without any effort, and almost anyone would like to recreate her style. The best thing that can help you find some inspiration for dressing up like Billie Eilish is a clear overview of her style. Billie dresses up in outfits that are largely tomboy or grange in terms of style. 

She believes that covering up her body is her choice for shielding herself from the public’s opinions on her body. Furthermore, you could also find some ultra-feminine and sexy hints in Billie Eilish clothing with proven choices such as corset dresses and clothing with a bodycon fit. Here are some interesting ways to recreate the outfits of Billie Eilish effortlessly. 

  • Outfit 1

laid-back goth girl Billie Eilish outfit
PHOTO: @eilishoutfits

The laid-back goth girl outfit of Billie Eilish is one of the top picks among Billie Eilish best outfits you would love to recreate. Her oversized frayed hem sweater in off-white at a movie screening event clearly reflects her true style. If you want to recreate one of the cutest Billie Eilish outfits, this goth meets preppy chic look is a great choice. To start, pick a similar sweater, and pair it with a solid pleated mini skirt. In addition, add some chunky combat style over-the-knee zip-up boots.

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  • Outfit 2

billie eilish outfits
PHOTO: @billieeilish

You can find many simple answers for how to dress like Billie Eilish when you go through her different outfits. Her feminine, more form-fitting outfits are surely something to adore. There is no question this is one of the best Billie Eilish outfits. All you have to do to recreate this look is grab an asymmetrical hem bodycon dress with seam detailing. On top of it, you can also add minimalist lace-up front knee-high platform sock boots that Billie Eilish often wears.     


  • Outfit 3

cutout sweatpants Billie Eilish outfit
PHOTO: @eilishoutfits

Sending off some rugged teenager vibes, Billie Eilish outfits have always marked some unique highlights. You can have her classic street look with a pair of oversized slant pocket cutout sweatpants with distressed details. Now, you need to add a pocket drawstring hoodie with cartoon figure graphic print in black. 

The hoodie and the oversized sweatpants match perfectly with the rugged and stylishly intriguing look of Billie Eilish. In the end, you should also be careful in finding a matching pair of sneakers like the ones of Billie Eilish. The best choice for you, in this case, might point towards a pair of white lace-up front sneakers that resemble her expensive Nike’s. 

  • Outfit 4

billie eilish outfits
PHOTO: @eilishoutfits

The casual element in Billie Eilish fashion style also inspires many of her followers in making decisive fashion choices. The homely look of Billie, in which she poses cheerfully with her pet, is something that you can easily adapt to your everyday looks. Most important of all, the color scheme in her casual outfit is quite appealing and elevates the aesthetics of the outfit easily. 

The interesting fact about this outfit is that you can recreate it with simple choices. Start with a solid oversized t-shirt with drop shoulders (size up to get the slouchy look). Now, add a pair of rib knit biker shorts with a wider waistband for improved stretch and comfort. Finally, you can top off the look with a letter embroidered baseball cap just like the one Billie wears. 


  • Outfit 5

classic Billie Eilish outfit
PHOTO: @eilishoutfits

This is a classic example of Billie Eilish outfits, sexy yet grungy, trendy but timeless, and as always, very Billie in character. You can find some interesting choices in the outfit with Billie’s Angel Hoodie, leg garters, plaid skirt, and combat boots. Her look in this outfit looks inspired by a preppy goth style which fits well with the image of Billie in popular culture. Interestingly, you can find some easy alternatives for recreating the outfit with easy picks. 

Get a cute plaid pattern chain skirt with pleated detailing in red and green color tones. The next addition in your outfit for recreating this outfit of Billie Eilish would include a kangaroo pocket hooded sweatshirt with letter graphic print. In addition, you could also add footwear like a pair of buckle décor lace-up wedge boots like Billie Eilish. 

Tips to Shop for Clothes like Billie Eilish

The top picks in Billie Eilish best outfits can be quite easy to recreate. She has a prominent style, with goth and grunge influence, mixed with old Hollywood glam and preppy additions. Here are some reliable pointers that will help you shop for clothes like Billie Eilish.

  • The first thing that you should know about recreating Billie Eilish outfits is the foundation that you want to recreate. You need to identify the outfits you want to recreate so that you can find suitable picks in them. 
  • You need to look for affordable dupes, albeit good quality ones, so that you don’t look like you are wearing cheap knockoffs. 
  • Footwear and accessories are also important additions to the outfits donned by Billie Eilish. So, for example, you should invest in a chunky pair of combat knee high boots she wears a lot. The boots will make your looks more Billie-like instantly.
  • Look for the proper fit when you are shopping for dupes to match with the outfits of Billie Eilish. Billie often wears oversized clothes so sizing up is crucial.      

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