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The 12 Cutest Big Collar Sweaters to Buy Now

The element of change is the only thing that is certain in life as well as in the fashion world. We are witnessing new trends every day, and some of the old trends are making a comeback. Among the many promising trends which have returned from the past, the big collar sweaters have become a notable highlight. 

Furthermore, the big collar trend has been associated frequently with a preppy style, and today it has become an easily accessible instrument for reiterating old-school simplicity. The big collar trend suits casual wear alongside offering options with professional and polished aesthetics for different outfits. With the winter season just around the corner, it is reasonable to wonder about the possibilities of adding a sweater with big collar into your wardrobe. 

Top High Collar Sweater Picks You Should Buy Now

While the big collar trend is quite popular now, it is reasonable to wonder how good it will look with a sweater. Well, you can find your answer in the fact that the high collar sweater trend is super popular and loved by many. All you need to do is find the right choice of a big collared sweater according to your style. Here are some of the best picks among big collared sweaters for this winter season for you. 

1. Shein Colorblock Peter Pan Collar Sweater

If you are troubled about “How do you put on a collar sweater?”, then you need to take a look at the colorblock Peter Pan collar sweater in white. The casual aesthetic of the sweater is enhanced by a distinct element in the form of the big Peter Pan collar detailing.

2. DAZY Argyle Knit Drop Shoulder Sweater

An argyle knit drop shoulder sweater in khaki color is also a big collar sweater you would love to wear this winter. The adorable argyle knit pattern is a striking highlight for casual outfits you might have planned for the winter. 

3. Shein Collar Pearl Detail Drop Shoulder Sweater

You can also pick a long sleeve drop shoulder sweater with a big collar design. Interestingly, you could discover a unique design highlight in the high collar sweater with the pearl detailing on the collar. 

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4. Shein Contrast Statement Collar Crop Sweater

One of the unique choices among big collar sweaters would also include a cropped sweater with a contrast statement collar. You can notice that the statement collar is capable of adding significant improvements to casual winter outfits. 

5. Fashion Union Fluffy Cropped Knit with Diamante Buttons and Collar

Another promising option of a big collar sweater would obviously direct you towards a fluffy cropped knit sweater. The high collar design of the sweater alongside the diamante buttons could easily help in elevating your looks with grace. 

6. River Island Plaid Sweater with Broderie Collar Detail in Pink

A pink plaid sweater with broderie collar detail is also one of the top choices for a high collar sweater in your wardrobe. The oversized broderie collar with eyelet detailing and the ribbed trim serve as unique design highlights in the plaid sweater. 

7. New Look Embroidered Collar Sweater in Light Blue

When you face doubts about questions like “How do you put on a collar sweater?” you should try to look for simple choices. Think of an embroidered collar sweater in light blue. The long sleeves and fitted cuffs, along with the regular fit, offer you the desired levels of comfort. Furthermore, the embroidered collar also accents the vibrant aesthetic rendered by the light blue color of the sweater. 

8. Zara Printed Bib Collar Sweater

You can also try a printed sweater with floral vibes as your choice of big collar sweater for the winter. The bib collar is detailed in yellow and looks exceptionally cute with the multicolor floral prints on the sweater. 

9. ASTR the Label Pemberley Cardigan

The Pemberley cardigan from ASTR the Label is also one of the top choices in a sweater with big collar. The taupe color lends a casual appearance to the cardigan, with the ribbed edges making a striking impression. Furthermore, the long sleeves and button placket also serve as ideal highlights for functionality in wearing a big collar sweater. However, the removable eyelet collar in white is easily a prominent attraction in the Pemberley cardigan, which sets a unique precedent. 

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10. Mango Removable Babydoll Collar Sweater

You could also pick up a knitted fabric sweater featuring a wool blend fabric in light or pastel grey color. The removable big collar sweater features a babydoll style collar which accents the overall aesthetic of the outfit. Most importantly, a short design alongside dropped shoulder seams and cable knit finishing serve as prominent design highlights. 

11. Cider Light Yellow Floral Trim Cardigan

Try on something special other than a high collar zip sweater with a floral trim cardigan in light yellow. The loose fit and long sleeve design of the cardigan make it a suitable big collared sweater for everyday outfits. The floral trim collar in white showcases a classic reiteration of the big collar trend. It could easily fit any type of preppy outfit you may have in mind for the winter. Think of something like a plaid skirt and a cropped top to go with the floral trim cardigan. 

12. Cider Contrast Color Sweater

Your search for a high collar sweater could also take you to choices such as a contrast color sweater in purple. The oversized white collar serves as an eye-catching element in an otherwise simple design for a sweater. Most importantly, the long sleeves and the relaxed fit make the contrast color sweater more appealing for comfortable outfits. 

Tips to Shop for Big Collar Sweaters

Here are some tips which can help you shop for the best big collar sweaters.

  • The big collar trend has become a classic and is easily found on many online platforms such as Zara, Asos, Shein, and others. Just type the words “big collar”, “peter pan collar” or “collared sweater” and go through the results until you find what you love.
  • You can also search only for a collar (a detachable style) and add it to existing sweaters in your winter wardrobe.
  • The big collar sweater works amazingly well with preppy style looks like a pleated mini skirt or checked pants.               

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