Biggest Y2K Shoe Trends That Are Coming Back in Style

Y2K Shoes
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The trends among shoes keep changing just like other fashion trends. You have the choice of opting for new trends in shoes or going with classics that have been around for years. For example, Y2K shoes are coming back with the reemergence of Y2K fashion trends in recent times. The 2000s were definitely a prolific era that birthed pop culture and introduced controversial fashion statements. 

Although people haven’t completely adopted fashion trends inspired by the 2000s, the style of shoes inspired by the Y2K trends is definitely very popular. Let us find out some of the best picks among shoes inspired by the Y2K trend in the following discussion. 

Best Y2K Shoe Trends Making a Comeback

The Y2K shoe trends have been dominating the fashion scene for some time now. While you can wonder about their relevance 20 years later, there is no doubt they are increasing in popularity. So, here is an outline of some top Y2K trends in shoes that were popular in the 2000s and the modern items you can buy today. 

      1. Chunky Loafers

One of the first additions among Y2K shoes would obviously point towards chunky loafers with chain detail. Slip-on style chunky loafers were the ideal pick for formal outfits in the 2000s. You can opt for chunky heel loafers that combine feminine and masculine elements as a modern alternative for the Y2K chunky loafers look. 

      2. Hi-top Converse

Hi-top Converse trainers were always in style, but blew up in the late 90s and early 2000s and are to this day one of the best Y2K shoes. The best thing about Converse is that you don’t have to go with a boring plain design, you can choose a sunflower print or many other designs that suit your style. All-Stars give a casual vibe to any look, and will never go out of style.

      3. Clogs

Heeled Studded clogs or open-toe clogs with stud detail are also one of the top choices among Y2K shoes vintage alternatives. The studded clogs offer the perfect addition to summer and fall outfits with their simple design and high comfort levels. Clogs are another classic that keeps coming back in style every few years because they are well loved.

      4. Kitten Heel

The kitten heel design is also one of the most trendy Y2K shoes in 2022. The unique design of the kitten heel makes it perfect for everyday wear and a classy addition to any outfit. The modern twist in kitten heels today is the square toe design and thin straps.

      5. Strappy Shoes

Strappy leather sandals with stiletto heels might also be one of the best Y2K shoes that are making a comeback today. Luckily, the stiletto heel of the past got a bit more comfortable and classy, and options like block heels have also been added. In the present times, you can opt for square-toe strappy sandals with low or high heels. The design of the modern alternative to the Y2K style strappy shoes matches its predecessor effortlessly. 

      6. Clear Shoes

Clear shoes were also one of the prominent trends among Y2K shoes that we never thought would come back in style. In the YTK era, those were more of a children’s shoe or beach appropriate footwear. Well, count on Gucci to make clear shoes the most desirable shoe of 2022. The modern options of the clear shoe are much prettier than the ones we remember from the past, especially the Gucci dupe that has a Y2K shoes vintage vibe. Another option is to go for dressier, night-out clear heels that elongate the leg and compliment any look.


      7. Cowboy Boots

There is no way you can underestimate the popularity of cowboy boots in the 2000s. Cowboy boots have contributed a lot to Y2K fashion and iconic images from that time will prove it. The cowboy boots of today were brought back by celebs like Kendall Jenner and fashion influencers on Tik Tok. There is no limit to the ways you can wear this boots, for example, you can pair them with a floral mini dress or a matching shorts and top set.

      8. Platform Flip Flops 

Women’s platform sandals started to gain attention among Y2K shoes for being not so attractive, and not very high fashion. The Steve Madden classic platform flip flops were on everyone’s feet in the early 2000s and therefore became iconic. Nowadays, you have the chance to relive the same trend with better modern designs.  

      9. Square Toe Sandals

Another top choice among Y2K shoe trends would be the square toe sandals that dominated in the early 2000s and evolved ever since. These days you can choose chic options like Zara’s flat sandals with pearl highlights or the H&M minimal design. The modern alternative for the square-toe flats of the past is influenced by Bottega Veneta’s square toe aesthetics of recent years which makes them the best Y2K shoes you can find now. 

      10. Pointed Shoes

The trends in footwear fashion in the 2000s also included pointed shoes, in many different designs. In the present times, you can opt for nude pointed pumps or flats and relieve another Y2K shoes trend.

      11. Platform Slides

Platform slides made their way to Vogue in the 2000s because they were so trendy and coveted. The chunky look worked perfectly with YTK outfits such as baggy jeans and mesh tops. The modern alternative for Y2K shoes vintage platform slides would be the open-toe platform mules in chunky black faux leather. 

      12. Ballet Flats

Ballet flats were also one of the top choices among fashionistas during the 2000s. The classic style is always relevant, especially if you go for a minimal chic design.

Tips for Purchasing Y2K Shoes Today

You need to take a look at the following pointers while shopping for the best Y2K shoes online.

  • Ensure that you have your feet measurement at hand while shopping for shoes online.
  • Look at images from the late 90s and 2000s and see what you can find similar today.
  • Complete the YTK vibe with your clothes and accessories as well.
  • Because YTK is a trend that will pass, go for cheaper options that you can wear for a year or two. 


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