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The 24 Best Work Pants for Heading Back to the Office

Want to achieve a classy yet chic look with your work pants? Check out the best choices in work pants for women.

Preparing yourself for work every morning is surely one of the most challenging tasks for obvious reasons. You are preparing for a whole day ahead of you, filled with the rigors of professional responsibilities. At the same time, you need to come up with the best outfits for work so that will prepare you for taking on any challenge while looking presentable. 

While you are seeking some best ideas for work outfits, you would definitely have to find some work pants for women which fit effortlessly with your classic work tops. However, choosing a pair of work pants could be quite difficult when you don’t have the right guidance. Let us find out some of the answers to your search for women’s work pants. 

Best Choices in Work Pants for Women

The first thing you would wonder about when building your office outfit is the answer to where to find womens work pants. You can find many online sources with some of the best picks among work pants for women. However, you need to identify the two distinct categories of work pant styles and the best picks in each one. Here is an outline of some of the best women’s work pants you can find in two distinct styles.

Tailored Alternatives

One of the first choices among women’s work pants with pockets would be tailored options. The tailored alternatives among work pants could be the right picks for workplaces with a specific dress code. In addition, dressing in a classier work outfit also becomes easier with tailored work pants for women. Here are some of the top picks you could find useful for your workplace outfits.

1. DAZY Solid Plicated Tailored Pants

A pair of solid tailored pants in black is one of the top choices in women’s casual pants for work for their effortless design and comfortable fit. 

2. Shein Slant Pocket Crop Tailored Pants

You could also choose the slant pocket tailored pants cropped at the hem as work pants for their distinctive style. The pants feature an explicitly formal vibe, which aligns perfectly with almost any type of work outfit

3. Shein Solid Pleated Belted Pants

Solid pleated belted pants could also be another best pick among women’s work pants with pockets. The beige color is a great addition to your professional wardrobe that fits with many neutral outfits

4. Zara High Waist Plaid Pants

You can also add a pair of high-waist pants in plaid beige with side pockets and a straight-leg design to your collection of work clothes. You can even pair it with the matching blazer and add a simple black top and get yourself a sophisticated chic look.

5. Zara High Waist pants

Another common choice among women’s casual pants for work would include high waist pants with pronounced seams. With the classic gray color, the high waist pants are a convenient option to dress up for work. 


6. Zara Menswear Style Straight-Leg Pants

The high waist menswear style pants in green with a straight leg fit and classic design details also qualify as great choices in women’s work pants with pockets

7. H&M Wide-leg Creased Pants 

Wide-leg pants in woven fabric with front pleats and straight leg design in dark taupe color are a great comfy yet chic option. 

8. H&M Dress Pants

Dress pants have always been an effortless choice of work pants for women. You can have a pair of high waist dress pants in powder pink as a vital addition to your work wardrobe.

9. River Island Tailored Pleated Trousers in Beige

The pleated trousers in beige look exceptionally formal with a tailored look and a flattering tapered fit. 

10. Mango Pleat Straight Trousers

You can always trust a pair of straight tailored trousers to work best as work pants for women. The pleated detailing adds a distinctive design highlight to these classic trousers.

11. Mango Cotton Wide Leg Pants

A pair of wide-leg cotton pants in blue with a long design could also be a prolific addition to your work outfits. The light blue color is unique and less common when it comes to work pants, and that makes these pants stand out.

12. Mango Pleat Detail Pants

Your work wardrobe could also include straight-leg, long design pants with pleat detailing in black. 

Elevated Casual Options

Apart from the highly formal tailored options, you can also go with elevated casual options in work pants for women. Workplaces with flexible dress codes might include favorable options like dark wash jeans, slacks, and pants with a stretchy waistband, cropped pants, or thick leggings. However, you should be careful in avoiding clothes with distressing, raw hems, see-through clothes, excessively tight pants, and loud patterns. Here are some elevated casual options, including women’s slacks for work which you can try out.

13. Zara Mini Flare Pants

The flared legs and elastic waistband in the high waist mini flare pants in black offer a casual choice that is very French chic meets the workplace.

14. Zara Jogger Waist Pants

One of the best choices in women’s slacks for work would be the mid-rise tapered jogger waist pants. The stretchy waist is comfortable, while the gray color and tailored look suits professional environments effectively.

15. Zara Slit Hem Leggings

You can also find another casual choice in work pants for women with the slit hem leggings. The high-waist leggings feature slit detailing and flared leg design with false front pockets. The thick fabric and smart design assure it will be proper for work.


16. Mango Flare Crop Pants

A pair of flare crop pants made of cotton-blend fabric with medium rise is also a great choice in women’s casual pants for work.

17. H&M Slacks

You could find one of the top picks in women’s slacks for work with H&M ankle-length slacks in black. 

18. H&M Crease-front Leggings

The crease-front leggings tailored from viscose-blend jersey fabric also offer a functional and trendy choice among work pants for women.

19. H&M Flared Stretch Pants

Dress up for work in a casually stylish tone with the dark beige-colored pants with flared design from the knees. The stretchable fabric alongside the high waist design adds subtle yet clearly noticeable design highlights for work pants.

20. H&M Wide-cut Side-slit Pants

The wide-cut side-slit pants in light gray color also offer a perfect option for loose outfits. 

21. H&M Flared High Jeans

H&M is easily one of the best answers for where to find womens work pants with elevated casual alternatives. The flared high jeans in dark denim blue on H&M clearly showcase the blend of classic and trendy elements. 

22. Levi’s Tailor High Loose Tapered Jeans in Soft Structure Caviar

The mid-rise, tapered fit jeans with soft structuring is also a fine pick among work pants for women.

23. Mango Side Slit Slim Jeans

The side slit slim jeans in black with a medium waist and flared design can also help you strike a balance between fashion and professionalism.

24. Mango High Waist Straight Jeans

The high waist straight jeans made of black denim also offer a proven wardrobe staple for work outfits. It can work well with almost any fundamental pick among work clothes like a poplin shirt and blazer.

Tips to Shop for Work Pants 

Here are some interesting tips for shopping for work pants for women.

  • Select the categories of styles according to your work environment, i.e, casual or formal.
  • Work clothes need to fit with your style, be comfortable for long hours, and present you at your best, so keep that in mind before shopping.
  • Pick breathable fabrics for comfort. Skip polyester and nylon that might make you sweaty and hot.
  • Go for neutral colors that will fit well with any top you have and stay relevant for years. 

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