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The Best Winter Accessories According to Top Fashion Influencers

Accessories are not just add-ons to any outfit as they have a significant role in accenting your clothes. When it comes to dressing up for winter, there is no way you can avoid accessories. Why? You are more likely to be covered up in a lot of layers, and the right accessories can help you upgrade your look. However, the selection of winter accessories can be quite difficult, especially without any inspiration. 

You cannot just pick jewelry and other accessories that will hide under multiple layers. In some cases, the wrong choice of accessories can also make your outfit look a bit too much. What could be the possible ways to choose and wear winter accessories for women in chic outfits? Let us find the answer to the question in inspiration from top fashion influencers. 

Winter Accessory Ideas from Fashion Influencers

Fashion influencers always bring something new to the table in terms of their outfits. For winter fashion, many fashion influencers choose minimal outfits with gold jewelry as winter accessories that accent their looks. On top of it, they have the best options among designer bags and sunglasses. Some of the other common accessories you can find in winter outfits of fashion influencers include hats, scarves, or gloves. Here are some winter outfits of fashion influencers that can give you the inspiration needed for choosing the best accessories for the winter season. 

1. Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung winter wardrobe
PHOTO: @alexachung

Alexa Chung shows how effortlessly you can style up one of the must have winter accessories in a classy look. She sports a black beret as her choice of winter accessory in a French chic look

You can also grab a similar wool beret in black as an essential addition to your winter wardrobe. With a simple design, it can fit perfectly with any preppy winter outfit

2. Julie Sarinana

Julie Sarinana winter wardrobe
PHOTO: @sincerelyjules

Julie Sarinana stunned everyone in an all-out look at a ski resort with a beanie, Dior saddle bag, and warm gloves. 

Get a similar looking beanie to that adorned by Julie with a cable knit Pom Pom beanie in cream color. A pair of fluffy trim gloves in pink and a minimalist corduroy flap saddle bag can help you achieve the exact look. 

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3. Emma Chamberlain 

PHOTO: @emmachamberlain

Popular influencer Emma Chamberlain also has a strong command over selection of winter accessories like in this outfit. While attending an event, Emma dressed up in a cute denim two-piece and elevated her outfit with accessories. Gold earrings, gold hair clip, and a Louis Vuitton bag featuring gold accents- Emma went all out with the gold-tone in her accessories. In addition, she also matched her phone case with the color of the big trim. 

Recreate Emma’s accessory ensemble by picking up a two-tone saddle bag in khaki with gold accents alongside a premium metallic hair clip in gold color. You can also find more than just women’s winter hats and gloves by focusing on jewelry like Emma. Finally, add a plain iPhone case made of leather, just like Emma Chamberlain. 

4. Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni winter wardrobe
PHOTO: @chiaraferragni

Sometimes you don’t have to try too hard with winter accessories, and Chiara Ferragni shows the same. She has used a cute hair bow in black as her choice of accessory for adding a bit of drama. In addition, the hair bow clearly enhances the cute and preppy appeal in Chiara’s looks. 

You can also get a similar hair bow with a bow décor hair clip in black. It can be your preferred accessory choice for minimal winter outfits that need a wow factor. 

5. Camila Coelho

Camila Coelho winter wardrobe
PHOTO: @camilacoelho

Camila Coelho presents a chic take on cold weather essentials by emphasizing hats and jewelry. In this outfit, she sports a fur bucket hat alongside a lot of rings to elevate her winter look. 

Just like Camila, you can get a faux fur roll-back bucket hat in black as an essential addition to your winter accessories collection. Take inspiration from her look for jewelry and grab a set of three 14K gold-plated rings featuring a sleek aesthetic.

6. Olivia Palermo

PHOTO: @oliviapalermo

Olivia Palermo also brought her unique take on styling winter accessories for women in the most chic way possible. With a neutral colored sweater dress, Olivia shined in gold jewelry accents- two necklaces, one ring, and a bracelet. In addition, she also maintained minimal makeup and kept her hair back to allow more space for the jewelry. 

You can also have the same winter accessories as Olivia Palermo with a pack of two necklaces. One metal link necklace and a metal chain necklace with pearl charms, both in gold, are ideal counterparts for Olivia’s accessories. On top of it, you can add a sparkly bracelet in golden tone and a 14k gold plated ring featuring a teardrop crystal detailing. 

7. Caroline Daor

Caroline Daor winter staples
PHOTO: @carodaur

Another fashion influencer, Caroline Daor, showed the best way to use cold weather essentials to make sophisticated looks even better. All she did was add a designer bag and a belt alongside keeping other accessories to the minimum. Basically, she has avoided anything that distracts attention from her outfit. 

You can go with a rectangular buckle belt in black just like Caroline. In addition, you can pick a Steve Madden crossbody bag in white with metal logo detailing. 

8. Leonie Hanne

PHOTO: @leoniehanne

Leonie Hanne incorporates glamour in a night-out look with a careful selection of winter accessories like sparkly heels and a silver pouch bag. In addition, the big statement earrings complement her all-black outfit to render the ‘wow’ effect. Interestingly, the sparkly details add a distinct feature to the all-black outfit for winter. 

You can have the same silver pouch bag as Leonie with a roll-top clutch in metallic silver. For the choice of footwear, you can grab a pair of transparent heeled shoes with rhinestone detailing and a pointed-toe design. Finally, you also need the rhinestone décor hoop earrings to recreate Leonie’s look. 

9. Danielle Bernstein

Danielle winter staples
PHOTO: @weworewhat

Casual outfits and winter accessories make the perfect match, and Danielle proves the same. She just uses white boots that match her sweater, sunglasses, delicate jewelry, and YSL bag.  

Pick up the same accessories as Danielle with Aviator sunglasses and an oversized croc embossed shoulder bag in gray. You would also need to add jewelry like Danielle and pick double hoop earrings alongside a gold-tone necklace with a cupid pendant and rope chain. Finish with a set of 14k gold-plated twist design rings in your collection of winter accessories for glamorous yet casual outfits.

10. Julie Sarinana

PHOTO: @sincerelyjules

Julie Sarinana brings another unique look with must have winter accessories that blend well with the outfit colors. You can see how the accessory colors match with the black and brown combination in her outfits. She has added a dark brown Bottega Veneta bag alongside a light brown scarf with brown tones. On top of it, she has picked black sunglasses and a black beanie to complement the black clothing in her outfit. 

A black beanie like Julie is an obvious favorite addition to women’s winter hats and gloves collections. Pick a pair of oversized frame sunglasses like Julie, a large leather tote shoulder bag, and a plaid print scarf. All of these accessories inspired by Julie’s looks can also work with other winter outfits. 

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11. Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni winter staples
PHOTO: @chiaraferragni

Chiara elevates the warmth in her winter outfit with accessories like a Louis Vuitton bag with shearling trim. In addition, she has also added a pair of sparkly earrings for a luxurious element in her look. 

Grab a contrast trim flap shoulder bag and zircon heart drop earrings as the best picks for recreating Chiara’s selection of accessories. 

12. Jeanne Damas

Jeanne Damas winter wardrobe
PHOTO: @jeannedamas

Jeanne Damas shows the best example of minimalism in French women’s outfits, especially in terms of accessories. She has opted only for a white-collar accent, which adds femininity and preppy vibes to her casual, basic look. 

You can also elevate simple jeans and a black sweater outfit with an oversized collar as your accessory. 

Tips to Shop for Winter Accessories

Here are some pointers you should keep in mind while shopping for winter accessories.

  • Hats and gloves are important accessories that you will use often so keep a few options of each, in different colors and styles. 
  • Jewelry is a costly investment when you are shopping for winter accessories. Check out gold plated options on websites like Asos or Shein for a more affordable option.
  • quality accessories can elevate any outfit with ease. Try to invest in one quality accessory like a bag or scarf and make them your statement piece.

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