10 Best Easy to Wear White Jeans for Every Body Type

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White jeans are probably one of the best options to add to your wardrobe, especially for the summer season. White jeans and a top always feel like vacation wear or a special occasion outfit. However, choosing the best white jeans for women can be a difficult task. Even the ladies with a keen sense of fashion can struggle to find a well-fitting pair of white jeans. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time on research and evaluation anymore. Finding the ideal white jeans which could elevate your style and your summer outfits has become much easier now. 

Why are White Jeans A Wardrobe Staple?

The decision to add white jeans to your summer wardrobe is definitely a good one. How can you be so sure of that? As a matter of fact, the white jeans style comes with many prolific benefits you have not thought of before. First of all, they look expensive and contrary to popular belief, they can be very flattering. The white color of the jeans works favorably in the summertime and can elevate simple looks like a white t-shirt and jeans outfit. Most importantly, you could find substantially conscious options and upgrade your wardrobe ethically. 

Best Women’s White Jeans

Now that we’ve established the importance of women’s white jeans, especially during the summer season, you might be eager to find the best white jeans for yourself. Here are some of the best white jeans for women, which you can add a classic touch to your summer wardrobe.

      1. Zara Flared White Jeans

The first choice of chic white jeans outfits would be Zara’s high-waist jeans with flared legs. The flare leg is in style right now and the stretchy thick fabric provides comfort and a slimming effect at the same time. The ideal styling suggestions with the high-waist flared white jeans would be a blue and white poplin shirt and nude heeled sandals.

      2. Zara Regular Fit Jeans

If you want to go with the easiest jeans to style then you should pick up a pair of regular-fit white jeans like these ones from Zara. The high-waist design, thick denim and cropped length make these jeans a staple you will wear for years to come. Try styling these jeans with a one-shoulder top or bodysuit and chunky loafers.

      3. Mom Fit Jeans

When you think of classics we all love, you must think of mom-fit jeans, and the white Zara version is one of the best white jeans for women. The high-waist design, tapered leg, and minimal stretch make these jeans form-fitting and flattering. Style these white jeans with a crop top or a linen-blend white shirt with flat sandals and you got the perfect casual look for summer. 

      4. Mango Ankle-length Straight-fit Jeans

The ankle-length straight-fit jeans made of 99% cotton are everything you need in white jeans. It is not see-through, it is comfortable, flattering, and versatile. The medium waist and the straight fit design offer a classic yet modern look for summer. You can pair these jeans with a knitted tank top, mules, and a black or brown designer belt

      5. Shein Split Hem Vintage Straight Jeans

The split-hem vintage straight jeans feature a high-waist design and split down the legs that are a throwback to the 90’. This white jeans style is perfect for a 90’s inspired look, paired with a halter top and sneakers


    6. Shein Baggy Jeans

Just when you thought that the baggy jeans trend is limited to blue jeans, you discover some of the best white jeans for women in this design. The high-waist baggy jeans are perfectly loose and compatible for the summer season. You could pair these jeans with a crop top and platform sandals along with a cute shoulder bag for the perfect summer look.       


      7. Straight Jeans

Women’s white jeans from the house of Levi’s are also a great choice, especially for an everyday casual outfit. The medium-waist design and the 2% stretch in these jeans make them comfortable and not constricting. Most importantly, Levi’s straight jeans offer the classic look and feel, and they will pair perfectly with a t-shirt and flat sandals.

      8. Levi’s Loose Cargo Jeans

Loose cargo white jeans from Levi’s could also be one of the must have purchases among the best white jeans for women. You could style it with a white/blue/nude linen shirt and ballet flats.

      9. Anine Bing Sonya Jeans

Get your hands on the desirable off-white Sonya jeans from Anine Bing, fabricated from mid-weight, non-stretch denim fabric. The ankle-length slim silhouette with a high-rise design will suit many different body types and work with almost all the tops you own. You can wear it with a simple tank top and a blazer along with thong sandals and a tote bag. 

      10. Shein Plus-size Straight Leg Jeans

The best women’s white jeans for plus-size women are these high-waist straight-leg jeans. These got great reviews from shoppers around the world so you can be sure they are a good find. The styling options for these straight-leg jeans would be a crop top, preferably in a bold color, and a pair of flat sandals. 

Tips for Purchasing White Jeans

White jeans could be an exceptional addition to your summer wardrobe, and the different options available demonstrate their popularity. However, you must be careful when choosing the best white jeans for women. Here are some tips to help you in your quest.  

  • The fabric is the foremost factor you should consider while purchasing white jeans. You can find 100% cotton jeans that will feel less comfy but flatter your shape, or go for an elastin addition that will ensure the jeans aren’t stiff. 
  • Read the reviews to make sure the jeans aren’t see through.
  • The rise is also one of the crucial factors while choosing a pair of white jeans for summer. You can go with a tummy flattening high rise, or a trendy low rise, it is up to you.
  • Fit is also something to keep in mind. There are skinny styles, classic straight fit, loose and baggy options, and fit and flares. When looking for white jeans, think of the way you want to style them, what shoes you will wear with it, your shape, the climate in your country,  the trends this summer, and how comfortable you want to feel.
  • White jeans work best without any distressing details as they look more resort-wear and classic in their non-distressed form.


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