25 Best Stores To Buy Prom Dresses Online in 2022

best prom dress stores

Prom night is one of the most highlighted events which girls eagerly await for. However, dressing up for prom is not the only price you have to pay for one of the unforgettable nights in your life. You have the cost of shoes, hair, makeup, and most probably a few fun activities after the prom. Irrespective of how elaborate you want your prom night to be, the cost of the prom dress can put your monthly budget back by a huge margin. This is where you might want to look into the best prom dress stores, which can help you find some cost-effective options. 

Top Stores to Purchase Prom Dresses

When you are looking for basic prom dresses, you have a lot at stake. Prom is all about savoring your achievements and celebrating the future life you want to pursue. It is a night of celebration with friends who have seen you go through everything to reach where you are. So, if you are looking for prom dresses, you need to find out the best prom dress stores. Why? You don’t want to compromise your look on one of the most important occasions in your life. Here are some of the top choices to purchase your prom dress. 

1. J.J’s House

J.J’s House

J.J’s House is one of the best answers for the question ‘what stores sell prom dresses,’ considering the massive array of dresses it offers for different occasions. You can explore one of the biggest collections of prom dresses with the custom-made option offering better value. 


2. Amazon 


Amazon is also one of the best prom dress stores with a varied range of dresses and prices. You could use the reviews to find out some great picks to dress up for prom night. 


3. Teuta Matoshi

Teuta Matoshi

Discover the benefits of custom ‘made-to-order’ dresses to style up your prom night outfit. Teuta Matoshi has the most exquisitely beautiful dresses in the world, tailored for a modern princess.


4. Shein 


The best prom dress stores would also bring Shein to your attention as one of the top choices. You can pick a lace-up back, satin mermaid dress, or a tied, backless sequin prom dress from Shein for your big night. Shein is a great affordable option with a huge variety of options.


5. Nordstrom


Nordstrom is easily one of the best places for nice prom dresses with a classy touch of different creative designers. The variety on Nordstrom is endless so you’re definitely going to find one that suits your style.


6. Hebeos


Your options among the top prom dress shops online would also include Hebeos. Try on an A-line princess tulle applique, floor-length dress with long sleeves, or many other styles. 


7. FashionNova


There is no way you can ignore FashionNova, the favorite brand of Kylie Jenner while looking for the best prom dress stores. It features a collection of lucratively gorgeous gowns such as mesh dresses among their impressive variety.


8. Lulus 


It does not matter whether you are looking for a sequined dress, short dresses, or long dresses. Lulus has almost everything you need to dress up for prom at considerably lower costs. 




You could also choose ASOS as one of the best places to shop for basic prom dresses. ASOS offers a wide range of stylish dresses in a wide variety of sizes with better affordability. 


10. Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing

The collection of prom dresses on Pretty Little Thing has many notable products with varying options. Most important of all, you could also find the accessories to match your prom night outfit.


11. Revolve


Revolve qualifies as one of the best prom dress stores with some chic options that come from renowned designers. Make your looks appear as if they have been crafted by a celebrity stylist.


12. Missguided


Missguided is also one of the reliable prom dress shops online, selling trendy dresses that you can wear with style and panache to your prom. You can discover many dresses to wear for prom as well as for other occasions later in life. 


13. Boohoo


If you want to find an easy platform to shop for prom dresses on, Boohoo can be your pick. There are many perfect dresses, suits, and jumpsuits that you can wear again after prom night. You could also discover some exclusive pieces such as sophisticated lace dresses and cute slip dresses. 


14. Princess Polly

Princess Polly

Princess Polly also makes it to the list of best prom dress stores with various options to style up your looks for prom. Most important of all, you don’t have to go through all the casual options to find the one suitable for you. It is basically a formal dress shop that includes long as well as short dresses tailored for prom.


15. Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal

Bring something unique to your prom outfit with some of the edgy dresses for prom, along with jumpsuits and mini dresses available on Nasty Gal.


16. House of CB

House of CB

Your prom night dress could be a lot more fashionable, with House of CB offering some sensuous dresses and gowns with an expensive-looking aesthetic. 


17. Shopbop


Shopbop brings some of the best additions among nice prom dresses from high-end designers as well as more affordable alternatives.


18. Lucy In The Sky

Lucy In The Sky

As one of the best prom dress stores, Lucy In The Sky brings an exclusive collection of prom dresses with unique design variations. 


19. Eloquii


Your search for the best plus-size dresses for prom should take you to Eloquii. It has a wide variety of sizes ranging from 14 to 28 making sure you can buy the dress you want. 


20. Macy’s 


Macy’s is also one of the best prom dress stores capable of expertly curating gorgeous dresses from different designers. You don’t have to go through different websites to craft the perfect prom night look, just visit Macy’s. 


21. Prom Girl 

Prom Girl


Tailor your own Disney princess look with the selected gowns on PromGirl to have the best prom night you imagined. 


22. Windsor


Visiting the Windsor Store could be a step in the right direction to find your desired prom dress from a curated assortment of dresses. 


23. Etsy


The best advantage of Etsy as one of the best prom dress stores is that it is basically a collection of shops with their individual owners all over the world. Speak of variation in style and designs; you have it all for your prom night with Etsy.



24. Fame & Partners

Fame & Partners

Fame & Partners is also a credible destination for occasion dresses with an exclusive chic appeal. With the facility of customization, you can have the exact look you dreamed of for your prom night. 


25. Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway

You could also go with sustainable options among the best prom dress stores like “Rent the Runway.” You could just get your favorite prom night dress on a rental without any upfront costs. 


Tips to Shop for Prom Dresses

Here are some helpful tips you should follow while shopping for prom dresses.

  • Make sure that you have an open mind regarding your choices for prom night.
  • Measure yourself before you start shopping.
  • Look at the fit of the dress on the waist and shoulders as well as the length. 
  • Order a few different options because you don’t know what will work best.
  • Take note of the quality and fabric of the dress.
  • Make sure the dress fits in with your school regulations.      


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