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Any person following the world of fashion would know about the rapid pace of changes in the way wardrobes shape up. New trends and new designs keep emerging every day, with styles from the past making a comeback. However, the wardrobe essentials women love to have in their closets are the foundation of fashion as we know it. Wardrobe essentials focus on the minimal items you need for day-to-day dressing. 

For example, imagine you have a stunning midi dress from satin with special details which you love to wear in style. However, you could not spend an entire afternoon lodged on your couch and reading your favorite novel in the dress. On the contrary, you would need a white t-shirt along with joggers or a pair of jeans. So, how could you find the basic wardrobe essentials that will elevate your style?

What Are Basic Wardrobe Essentials?

As you all know, there is no doubt about ‘what are basic wardrobe essentials’ when it comes to fashion choices. However, it can be quite difficult to find the best products for the wardrobe essentials women want in different categories. For example, you know that a pair of jeans is a wardrobe essential but what is the best brand to purchase is another question. Here is an outline of the wardrobe basics checklist you need to follow when you purchase wardrobe essentials. 

1. Timeless Pair of Jeans

The best thing about jeans as essential wardrobe pieces is the appeal of a timeless design. You can choose a pair of Levi’s Premium 501 original-fit jeans for women with a high-rise design and relaxed fit. Another promising choice in vintage jeans as wardrobe essentials would include a 90s-inspired high-waist, loose-fit pair of jeans. The distressed patches along with raw cuffs in the vintage 90s jeans from AGOLDE add further substance to them. You can also find a pair of high-rise, straight-leg jeans from RAG & BONE with dark denim color as one of the best basic wardrobe-essentials

2. Classic Trench Coat

Trench coats emerged as military outfits and dominate the fashion landscape today. As a matter of fact, some of the best trench coats from renowned brands could easily qualify as wardrobe essentials women would love to have for the winter. The stretch canvas trench coat from GANNI with a collared neck, storm flap, and welt front pockets is definitely a true classic. Isabel Marant brings a ‘Dipanima’-style belted canvas trench coat in beige that will suit your sophisticated fashion choices. 

The durable canvas, along with pleated shoulders and the framing with a gathered shawl collar, adds enough features to qualify as a wardrobe essential. Another top pick among basic wardrobe essentials like trench coats would take you to the Red Label twisted trench coat. From the house of Levi’s, the crystalline-blue colored trench coat features a modern take on heritage details with trench coats. 


3. Leather Jacket

You cannot make a list of wardrobe essentials women want now without adding a leather jacket to it. The Balfern leather biker jacket from ALLSAINTS offers the right blend of comfort in the buttery-soft leather with style. The silver-tone hardware, along with a buckle belt to adjust the fit, also works as formidable highlights of the jacket. You can also choose a women’s moto leather jacket by Michael Kors as one of the essential wardrobe pieces now. On the other hand, you can also choose a cropped variant like the cropped biker jacket from SANDRO. 

4. Leather Boots

Pick up a pair of high-heel leather boots in black with a pointed toe and stiletto heel design. On the other hand, you could also choose a heeled C Champ bootie from Toral with a suede upper. The western-inspired stitching alongside the pull-on style with the rubber tap heel makes them ideal wardrobe essentials women want to have. You can also choose a pair of Laguna boots from Sam Edelman in a cedarwood color. The platform lug soles, along with inset elastic gores and round toe design, bring durability and cuteness to the mix.

5. High-quality Leggings

A major share of the world’s working population has shifted to work from home. You need to trust your leggings as comfortable workwear now. At the same time, leggings are great for physical exercises and workouts. So, some of the wardrobe essentials women want in leggings can include the ANINE BING West pant. 

The West pant from ANINE BING comes with a unique pintuck design and stirrup hem. You can also pick a pair of black, high-waist midi leggings from ALO with the benefits of anti-chafing flatlock seams. Another favorable choice among leggings would be from the Lululemon Align collection, with the benefits of comfortable and lightweight fabric. 


6. Silk Shirt

You could wear a silk shirt with just about anything you can imagine and pull the best looks ever. As one of the basic wardrobe essentials, you can choose the Clean Silk Relaxed Shirt from Everlane. The classic details like point collar and round hem are ideally complemented by the polished and stylish design. 

The silk button-up blouse from Nordstrom Signature is also a great pick for incorporating lustrous silk into your wardrobe. Another possible choice among silk shirts in wardrobe essentials women want might refer to the Silk Crepe de Chine tank from St. John Collection. You have common highlights such as a low scoop neckline which makes the tank top ideal for layering. 

7. A Good Long Lasting Coat

No one could afford to miss out on a good and durable coat in a wardrobe basics checklist. Get the 101801 Iconic coat from Max Mara with the double-breasted design and the comfort of wool and cashmere-blend fabric. Go with simple choices like the straight-cut wool coat in beige with a long and structured design for formal outfits. Add some quirkiness to your wardrobe with the Minka coat from Ronny Kobo crafted from wool-blend fabric. The satin-lined melton fabric with the color-block design and the black and camel color variation adds promising details.

8. Seamless Underwear and Quality Bra

Seamless underwear is gaining popularity for the right reasons. They make different types of outfits look better without any creases or linings, thereby making them wardrobe essentials women want in the present times. The ‘Seamless Sculpt’ line of mid-rise briefs from SKIMS offers full coverage and core support with highly stretchable fabric. 

Another promising choice of wardrobe essentials in seamless underwear is the Minimalist bra from Commando. The smooth stretch-jersey fabric, along with soft triangle cups, makes the bra almost invisible. You could also go with the Lace Comfort Flex Underwire bra from CHANTELLE LINGERIE in black. The smooth and sleek design alongside the ultralight flex-foam, as well as finely knit fabric, add promising details. 

9. Blazer

Women today also love some blazers as wardrobe essentials for various types of occasions. The Madeline blazer from ANINE BING with a brushed weave fabric in black is a great pick for office outfits. You could also find the Farah Tweed Blazer from SANDRO as a cute choice thanks to its pink color. The texture variations in the oversized tweed blazer with the tonal buttons adding further detail make a perfect layering choice. The Olympia blazer from Frankie Shop made from faux leather with a loose fit is also a must-have in your everyday wardrobe-essentials.

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10. Cashmere Sweater

The final entry among wardrobe-essentials women must include a cashmere sweater. You could start with the Cashmere Square turtleneck sweater in camel color from Everlane, featuring an oversized silhouette. An oversized, cashmere-blend turtleneck from H&M in a light beige color with knitted wool and cashmere blend is also a basic wardrobe essential for the winter. The V-neck cashmere sweater from Nordstrom Signature in green timber color also adds a sophisticated touch to your essentials wardrobe. The soft cashmere, along with the relaxed silhouette, makes the sweater an ideal pick for the winter season.

Tips to Shop for Wardrobe Essentials

Here are some pointers to help you with purchasing wardrobe essentials for women.

  • Always begin shopping with a clear set of requirements in mind.
  • Pay adequate priorities to your preferences over the trends in style. 
  • The less you have in your wardrobe, the better it is. So, buy high-quality products after thorough review and comparisons. 
  • Make the most of product reviews to test how they would fare in your wardrobe, depending on your usage.    


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