The Best Vintage Jeans for Women to Buy Online in 2022

Best Vintage Style Jeans For 2021
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When you look for the most versatile options in your wardrobe, jeans will obviously be one of the top picks. Irrespective of the time, place, and way of wearing, you could always find a pair of jeans suited to any occasion and mood. However, the growing demand for the best vintage style jeans for 2022 definitely calls for attention towards some of the best pieces among vintage jeans. On the other hand, many would wonder if it is possible to style old jeans in modern outfits. With old trends coming back in style, like YTK fashion, you should definitely invest in some vintage jeans. 

The Vintage Jeans Trend

The origins of jeans started as an outfit for work and were suitable for men as well as women. Some of the essential traits which made jeans stand out as suitable outfits for work include the simple and sturdy design and the uncomplicated manufacturing process. With an emphasis on offering durability and functionality rather than worrying about aesthetics, the affordable vintage jeans were crafted from cotton denim fabric. Cotton denim offered the desired value of durability, inexpensiveness, and versatility in the old jeans. 

Benefits of Purchasing Vintage Denim Jeans

Even if you look out for popular jeans brands when purchasing vintage jeans, you might still have concerns about them being old. So, what will you get with vintage jeans other than the fact that they come from the best vintage jean brands? Here are the top value benefits of vintage jeans.

  • Vintage jeans often have a worn fabric that imparts a unique character to each pair of jeans and adds comfort.
  • The different variants of vintage jeans also offer promising variations in terms of the silhouette, such as barrel-like legs or straight-leg silhouette.
  • Vintage jeans from different eras have different rises, thereby offering a better variety for those looking for low rise, high rise, or mid rise. 
  • Vintage jeans that are as modern today as they were decades ago are obviously classics and will never go out of style.
  • Most importantly, purchasing vintage jeans for womens also enables you to contribute towards environmental sustainability. How? Basically, you can reduce the environmental footprint of manufacturing one pair of jeans by purchasing vintage jeans.

Top Vintage Jeans for Women

You can start looking for the best vintage-style jeans for 2022 with Levi’s or many other notable brands. As a matter of fact, Levi’s is one of the earliest brands that made jeans, and some also consider Levi’s as the creator of jeans. They introduced their riveted denim workwear in 1873 after patenting the design. Over the years, many brands have come up with interesting designs and their own takes on jeans. 

As a result, the world was able to witness many variants of jeans over the years. Cool-blue jeans, flower highlights jeans, Americana jeans, designer denim jeans, low-rise jeans, baggy jeans, skinny jeans, and the list just goes on. There is no shortage of the best vintage jean brands offering their unique variations of the timeless fashion piece. You can try out the following recommendations if you want to have some exquisite vintage jeans in your wardrobe. 

     1. Levi’s 90s High-waist Mom Fit Jeans

Check out the vintage Levi’s jeans with the high-waist design and a tapered leg fit in a light wash blue color. 

     2. Levi’s Vintage Urban Jeans

The classic straight-leg style jeans from Levi’s made from 100% cotton denim is also one of the top vintage jeans womens picks.

     3. Wrangler Vintage Jeans

Another choice in best vintage style jeans for 2022 would be the original vintage jeans from Wrangler, featuring a unique finish.

     4. Levi’s Vintage Bootcut Jeans

The bootcut jeans trend is back with these essential vintage jeans from Levi’s, featuring distinct marks of wear and tear.


     5. RE/DONE 70s Straight Jeans

You could also go for one of the best vintage style jeans for 2022 from RE/DONE with the straight leg. 

     6. True Religion Bootcut Jeans

The low-rise flared, bootcut jeans from the early 2000s favorite, True Religion, also qualify as top choices among affordable vintage jeans

     7. Tommy Hilfiger Y2K Light Denim High-waist Jeans

Pick up a pair of early 1990s-inspired, blue Tommy Hilfiger high-waist jeans with the brand’s embroidered logo on the back pocket. 

     8. Versace Vintage Straight Leg Jeans

Make your wardrobe more functional with vintage straight-leg jeans from the house of Versace at very affordable prices.

     9. Wrangler Flared Leg Jeans

The old, loose-fit, flared-leg Wrangler jeans in stonewash can be your perfect choice for the best casual denim outfit.    

     10. Levi’s Vintage Mom Fit High-waist Jeans

Grab the vintage boyfriend-style jeans with the tapered leg fit. These Levi’s high-waisted, mom-fit jeans make good additions to any fashion lover’s wardrobe.

     11. Levi’s Vintage High-waist Relaxed Tapered Jeans

The Levi’s Mom-fit jeans with high-waist and relaxed tapered design are also one of the best vintage style jeans for 2022. Made of cotton, these vintage jeans come with a 5-pocket design, and it exemplifies the timeless vintage spirit of jeans.

     12. Levi’s Vintage Reworked Slim Leg Jeans

Vintage slim leg jeans with a reworked hem and high-waist fit from Levi’s might also be another great option among affordable vintage jeans. The classic appeal of these vintage jeans works as their biggest advantage. 

Tips for Purchasing the Best Affordable Vintage Jeans

With so many benefits, you might be excited to find the best vintage-style jeans for 2022 right now. You can follow the pointers mentioned below to ensure that you get your hands on the best pair of vintage jeans.

  • Check out the type of fabric, i.e., stretch or non-stretch, to make sure you feel comfortable with the fit. 
  • Measurements are important when it comes to vintage jeans, so measure yourself before shopping. Sizing varies considerably for vintage jeans as they are one-of-a-kind pieces. So, don’t be afraid to size up or down while ordering your pick.
  • Look for inspiration online and see how fashion bloggers style vintage jeans. Make sure you know how to incorporate your vintage finds with modern pieces.
  • Most importantly, stick with well known brands because they make high quality jeans that will always be in style. 
  • Don’t be afraid of alterations, if the jeans are long or a bit big, it is mostly an easy fix.


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