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The 16 Best Ugg Boots and Shoes to Buy Now

Looking for some stylish Ugg boots to shop during the festive season? Check out the collection of best Uggs for your footwear collection here!

The early 2000s witnessed the rise of Ugg boots to the top as a status symbol in terms of style. Teenage girls and celebrities sported Uggs with yoga pants, velour sweatsuits, and even jeans for effortlessly chic outfits. As a matter of fact, the furry boots with the comfy sheepskin lining were a mandatory addition to every woman’s Christmas shopping list. 

Just like every other fashion trend, the best Uggs had to fade away in the whirlpool of new, emerging trends. However, Uggs are slowly making a comeback in the modern fashion scene with new aesthetics while retaining their true essence. Many fashion industry experts have expressed positive views on the resurrection of Uggs and their influence on consumers. So, you should definitely look for some stylish Ugg boots to enhance your wardrobe.

Best Stylish Uggs You Can Buy Right Now

The basic design qualities of Uggs have been the primary drivers of their comeback. Apart from their classic appeal, Uggs also offer a warm and comfy alternative for leather boots. On top of it, supermodels and celebrities wear the best Ugg slippers in their casual everyday outfits or while running errands. If supermodels and celebrities can sport Uggs in style, we can do it too. You will discover a wide range of options in style and color when you look for the best Uggs to buy for your wardrobe. Let us find out some of the trendiest picks among Uggs for your footwear collection. 

1. UGG Neumel Lace Up Ankle Boots in Chestnut

The chestnut colored ankle boots with a rounded toe design serve as an ideal example of best Uggs spiced up with a new lace-up style.

2. UGG Classic Mini II Black Boots

A pair of mini Uggs in black also offer you a promising choice for your footwear collection. The sheepskin insole alongside the Ugg Treadlite sole with a pull-on style work wonders in a minimal and flattering aesthetic.

3. UGG Funkette Flatform Slippers in Chestnut

The Funkette Flatform slippers in chestnut color are also another glaring example of stylish Ugg boots with a distinct statement. The platform furry slippers are the perfect example of a true Ugg masterpiece, without any doubt. 

4. UGG Scuffette II Slippers in Chestnut

The Scuffette II slippers became a huge hit during the COVID lockdown as lounging favorites. Interestingly, they are still the best Uggs you can have for your desired style and warmth. 


5. UGG Classic Short II Ankle Boots in Chestnut

The Classic Short II ankle boots featuring a cleated tread are also a classic choice loved by women. On top of it, you have the classic Uggs color, i.e., chestnut, for a refined appearance of the shoes.

6. UGG Oh Yeah Logo Double Strap Sandals in Magnolia 

You can also pick up a pair of trendy Uggs in an adorable magnolia color, just like top fashion influencers. The logo detailing on the double strap sandals renders a cool and vibrant appearance with the classic Uggs style. 

7. UGG Classic Clear Mini Ankle Boots in Black

You can discover many solutions to your doubts about ‘where is the best place to buy Ugg boots’, for example, Asos or Nordstrom. The classic clear mini ankle boots in black are a top example of how to blend style and durability while offering a new look. 

8. UGG Fluff Yeah Fluffy Slide in Natural

The collection of the best Uggs to buy right now would also include the fluffy slides in natural color tone. Renowned fashion influencer, Hailey Bieber, sported a perfect outfit with these fluffy slides and a blazer dress. What’s holding you back?

9. UGG Classic II Genuine Shearling Lined Tall Boot

Grab one of the best Uggs with plush authentic shearling lining and a classic silhouette in a taller version. The Classic II Tall boots also offer the assurance of high levels of comfort. 

10. UGG Ansley Water Resistant Slipper

Uggs in the design of moccasin slippers strike a remarkable impression with the durable and water-resistant Ansley slippers. You can choose the Ansley slipper for your ideal footwear on days when you run errands, walk around campus, or even lounge at home. 

11. UGG Classic Cardy II Knit Boot

Explore a unique design among the best Uggs in a knitted version with the Classic Cardy II knit boot. The black color and the chunky sweater knit alongside a cuffed shaft serve some statement highlights in the knit Uggs. 

12. Ugg Judi Clog

Clogs are also trending choices in footwear right now, and Uggs give you adorable options to choose from. For example, you can check out the retro-style Judi clog tailored with the suede outsole and sheepskin lining.


13. Bailey Bow Tall II Boot

The Bailey Bow Tall II boot is easily one of the best Uggs with a distinctly attractive design highlight. Decorative satin bows alongside the back of the tall boots with water resistance in chestnut brown make the Uggs unbelievably adorable. 

14. Ugg Lynus High Top Platform Sneaker Boot

The Lynus high-top platform sneaker boot tailored from black suede is a great alternative to the best Ugg slippers. They offer a trendy warm sneaker for winter, especially for the ones who want something more subtle than the classic Uggs.

15. Ugg Cirsium Genuine Sheepskin High Top Sneaker Bootie

If you’re looking for the perfect combo between classic Uggs and a high-top sneaker design, the Cirsium sneaker bootie is your winner. The amiable chestnut color alongside the authentic sheepskin lining offering a desirably cozy fit definitely look like highlights of the best Uggs you would love. The beautiful lace-up design enhancement lends a distinct chic vibe to these upgraded Uggs. 

16. Ugg Adirondack III Tipped Waterproof Winter Boot with Faux Fur Trim

If you are planning a ski vacation, then the Adirondack II winter boots might be the best Uggs for you. The chic silhouette of the winter boots alongside non-wicking lace closure, cozy cushioned insole, and stylish faux-fur trim are some of the highlights you cannot miss. 

Tips to Shop for Uggs

Here are some of the credible tips to help you find the best Uggs for your footwear collection. 

  • The first thing you need to do before shopping for Uggs is a bit of research on “where is the best place to buy Ugg boots.” Learn about where you can find authentic Uggs (Asos, Nordstrom) because there are many dupes that might confuse you.
  • Secondly, browse all the possible options and choose the design you love most.
  • Choose a practical color that you can pair with as many outfits as possible, like chestnut or black.
  • Consider investing in a leather protector so your Uggs stay as good as new for a long time.

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