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The Best TikTok Fashion Hacks worth Trying

Fashion is a mysteriously intriguing world if you take a closer look at how it works. The commonly accepted fashion choices today might become obsolete tomorrow. At the same time, trends from yesteryears are garnering attention from current fashion enthusiasts in large numbers. However, one of the common things that have been a unique highlight in the world of fashion would be adaptability. The recent trend of TikTok fashion hacks is a perfect example to prove the same. Humans have always had the tendency to tailor their outfits according to their style preferences. If something doesn’t fit, you can make some adjustments to make sure that it does. The different fashion hacks on TikTok are some promising suggestions for adjustments that can make your outfits look better in the easiest and fastest way possible. 

Best Picks from TikTok Fashion Hacks for You

While one would be reasonably excited to find more about TikTok clothes hacks and the best ways to elevate their style, it is important to look for hacks that actually work. You cannot follow random suggestions because many of them are just not great. On the contrary, you must look for creators with innovative approaches to styling clothes, as well as fixing and using them in new ways. You should seek credible TikTok fashion hacks that can actually help you resolve a fashion dilemma. Here is an outline of some innovative fashion hacks sourced from popular content creators on TikTok. 

1. Fitting Hacks

@carolinafreixa Fashion hacks! #fashionhacks #tutorial #fashioninspo #outfitinspo #hack ♬ Let Me Blow Ya Mind Showmusik Remix – Showmusik Sounds

The video shows some of the best TikTok styling tips you can try for outfit inspiration. Try tucking your sweater inside a sports bra for a cropped aesthetic with no bulkiness. You can also go with styling tips for dresses from this video such as cinching the sides of your dress with a safety pin to make the waist fit better. If you are struggling with loose jeans, then you can try TikTok fashion hacks like looping your button through a further belt loop for a tighter fit. You can also use hair ties on both sides of an oversized hoodie and tuck them in for a cropped fit. 

2. The 3-color Rule

@loveyoumariemuch #styletip #styletips #stylehacks #fashionhacks #outfithacks ♬ Muawk – 𝗠𝗨𝗔𝗪𝗞

You can also find TikTok fashion hacks every girl must know such as the three-color rule for styling. The three-color rule basically shows how you can use colors as the best tool to create the most stylish looks. Think of a brown-black-white combination or a blue-black-white combination to keep your color game on top. Other promising color combinations in the three-color rule include beige-black-white and blue-beige-white. 

3. Switching Summer Outfits to Autumn Outfits

@fashioninflux ad ☀️ Summer outfits ➡️ Autumn outfits 🍂 with @veryuk #veryuk #autumnoutfits #outfitinspo #autumnstyle ♬ original sound – fashioninflux

The trending TikTok fashion hacks are also great sources of inspiration for transitioning your outfits from one season to another. You can find interesting tips for switching your summer outfits to autumn outfits with simple modifications in this TikTok video. For example, a cute tennis skirt and a white tank top with white sneakers might be a good outfit choice for summer, but with a few tweaks, it will look great all year round. Just add a beige sweater and a shoulder bag to switch to a cute autumn look. 

Similarly, a tiered shirt dress in blue combined with high waist straight leg denim jeans and pointed-toe flats works great for summer outfits. Tuck in the shirt dress and leave a few buttons undone and add a white tank top or bodysuit for an autumn outfit.  

If wide leg tailored pants and strappy top is ideal for summer outfits, you can just add a shacket in plaid pattern to transition into an autumn look. One of the common themes in such TikTok styling tips is the addition of layers for the autumn season outfits.  

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4. Styling Hacks for Fall Season Outfits

@inmyseams #fallfashion #stylehacks #fashionhacks #styletip ♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) – 山口夕依

Another interesting aspect about TikTok clothes hacks is the option of finding hacks for particular seasons. You can try some of the proven fashion hacks in this TikTok video for fall season outfits. This Tik Tok teaches us new ways of styling a simple button down shirt that we all have in our closet as a staple piece. The new and innovative way of wearing the white shirt is to leave two buttons on the top and undo the rest at the bottom. Gather the shirt at the back and tuck it inside your bra for a sleeker crop top look. You can also save some money on a designer headband by picking up a regular headband and wrapping a scarf around it for a feminine look. 

The third hack is all about the modern way of wearing a cardigan, with only one button done at the top. For a cute preppy look on a budget, you can try adding a basic cropped top over an oversized shirt instead of a sweater vest. Most importantly, TikTok fashion hacks also show that you can convert a regular black bag into a designer looking piece with few simple modifications. 

5. Wearing Button-up Shirts

@carolinafreixa Ways to wear a button up shirt! #buttonup #waystowear #fashionhacks #outfitideas ♬ Bills, Bills, Bills – Destiny’s Child

The list of TikTok fashion hacks every girl must know also includes picks like this video showing 4 ways to wear button-up shirts. You can make a tie front detailing by unbuttoning a few lower buttons and tying them up in a knot. Also, try wearing the shirt in reverse and tie it at the back for a unique look. You can also style a button-up shirt with a wrap front aesthetic by pulling the plackets on opposite sides. Another interesting way to wear a button-up shirt is by unbuttoning a few buttons at the bottom, gathering them at the back and tucking them in. 

6. Wear Skirts During Winter

@kerina.wang Them: wtf how do u wear skirts in the winter? Me: *pulls skin* Them: 👁👄👁 #tightshack #winterhack #fashionhack #style #fyp ♬ original sound – Kerina Wang

You can also discover many promising TikTok fashion hacks for the winter season, like in this video. Many people have trouble finding out how to wear skirts during winter. Start with a pair of skin-tone fleece tights and then add a pair of sheer black tights over them to keep you warm and stylish. Get a strappy black crop top and put on the skirt of your choice along with a sweater for a chic and cute winter outfit

7. Wear Backless Dress without Bra Lines

@joannakutkina feeling myself @peachyshapewear snatched this dress! Use code “JOANNA10” to get 10% off! #peachypartner #forthegirls #fashionhack #dress #beforeaf ♬ original sound – Ian Asher

The sheer variety of TikTok clothes hacks never fails to impress with the suggestions you can find with them. This TikTok video solves one of the most challenging styling issues for women who love to wear backless dresses. You can easily avoid visible bra lines in a backless dress with a nude bodysuit with a structured backless bra like the creator in this video. The backless design and low plunge of the bra alongside padded support and crotched closure give you functional support while being invisible. 

8. Styling a Jacquemus Style Crop Top

@fashioninflux Because it’s v spenny for that tiny top 🥲🙊 JACQUEMUS inspo! Idea by @kerryannemarlin ❤️ #jacquemus #fashionhack #designerinspireditems #outfitideas ♬ original sound – Sickickmusic

Many ladies love a Jacquemus style crop top for its unique looks but only a few can afford it. You can find TikTok fashion hacks for styling a tiny long-sleeved crop top design just like the designer version. You can try the DIY method for styling a Jacquemus style top effortlessly. Just unbutton the top and attach both sides with a safety pin to create a sensuously chic look. 

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9. General Outfit Hacks

@whatverowears Fashion hacks that can come in handy ✨ #fashionhacks #styletips #fashiontricks #CatPerson ♬ original sound – Veronika

TikTok videos such as this one come in handy for women who struggle with nagging issues in assembling their outfits. For example, if the zipper of your favorite jeans always goes down, you can take a key ring and attach it to the zipper. Now, button over the key ring and you have the perfect way to wear your favorite jeans without the fear of them coming undone. TikTok fashion hacks also show how you can avoid the annoying gaps that often occur between buttons with ease.

10. Bra Hack for Open Back Tops 

@kristinakacheeva Try this hack! #hack #hacks #stylehacks #fashionhacks #styletips #diy #diyhacks #diyfashion #clothinghacks #girltips #girlhacks #brahack #lifehack ♬ WHOLE LOTTA MONEY – BIA

The collection of TikTok styling tips like the one in this video can elevate your outfits with simple hacks. You can find an exceptional bra hack for wearing bras with an open back top. All you have to do is unclip the straps in the back. Now, take the straps over your shoulders and then under the arms. Bring the straps towards the front and clip them together to make the bra practically invisible.

Tips for Styling up Outfits with TikTok Fashion Hacks

You can use the following tips to make the most of the styling tips and fashion hacks in TikTok videos. 

  • Write “fashion hacks” at the search bar and browse through the results to find those that are relevant for you. 
  • Pay close attention to the video to make sure you understand each hack and can recreate it with ease.
  • Follow content creators with unique, simple, and stylish fashion hacks and read comments to learn what others think of it.     

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