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The Best Fashion Items You Should Be Buying Used Instead of New

Second-hand clothes might seem like an odd choice when you want to spice up your wardrobe with new additions. You would obviously think that second-hand clothes and accessories might taint your style considering the fact that they have been used already. However, vintage fashion is becoming more popular than ever, with many old branded pieces being considered as the “new luxury.” So, if you are looking for second-hand items in fashion, you don’t have to bear the burden of guilt. Many people, including celebrities, are dressing up in vintage clothes. Let us find out some of the items you should look for when you want to buy second-hand clothes.

Best Picks in Second Hand Items You Should Buy

Although vintage pieces in fashion have a unique appeal to them, it is quite difficult to find suitable picks. Why? The obvious answer points out the wide variety of choices among second-hand clothes and accessories you can find. As a result, you can land up with confusing options when you want to purchase second-hand apparel and accessories. In such cases, all you need to do is look for expert suggestions. Here are some of the staple choices you should look for among second-hand items to enhance your wardrobe. 

1. Jeans

Jeans are timeless additions to any woman’s wardrobe for their distinct inimitable look. If you have any doubts about how to get second-hand clothes, then you can definitely start with jeans. Interestingly, you don’t have to look at countless brands to find good quality vintage jeans when you have Levis. The pioneer of jeans offers some exceptional choices among vintage jeans with the best cuts and worn-out aesthetics. 

You can go with a pair of high-waist ankle-length vintage jeans like Madison Beer with a denim jacket and a crop top. 

Madison Beer Vintage Jeans
PHOTO: @madisonbeercloset

You could also choose second-hand items like Kylie Jenner with a pair of vintage Levis jeans. 

second hand items
PHOTO: @kyliejennercloset

Hailey Bieber also shows how to do vintage shopping for jeans with a pair of 80s inspired long shorts. 

second hand apparel
PHOTO: @haileyrbiebercloset

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2. Trendy Aesthetics from the Past

The best suggestion for second-hand shopping points directly towards revisiting the trendy aesthetics from the past. You can re-embrace the Y2K style along with 90s clothes and accessories or even go far back to 60s dresses and 70s prints, among many other choices. As a matter of fact, you can easily elevate your style and capitalize on any trend by choosing the originals instead of the modern re-make. 

See how Bella Hadid makes a statement with a vintage 90s mesh skirt with Hindu deity print and a triangle string Marrakech bikini top matching the same colors. The vintage spray print flares also look like second-hand items that are easy to style today. For an accessory, she chose vintage Chanel rimless sunglasses that made a huge comeback this year.    

Bella Hadid Vintage Look
PHOTO: @bellakhadidcloset

This Emma Chamberlain vintage outfit shows how to incorporate 70s prints with 90s denim with her dead stock collared top and vintage cropped Ralph Lauren jeans. 

second hand items
PHOTO: @closetofemmachambie

Addison Rae sports a cool summer beach look with a rare vintage Dior muscle tank top with a graphic print in green. She paired the top with modern bikini bottoms that work perfectly together.

second hand items
PHOTO: @theaddisonrarecloset

3. Shoes

Shoes are another common entry among second-hand items you should purchase. Second-hand shoes might not look like viable options, and many people share the same doubts. In such cases, you need to understand that there is a wide range of vintage finds in shoes, especially from some of the top brands. Interestingly, vintage shoes could add a unique vibe to any type of outfit and help you elevate your looks effortlessly. 

The Christian Lacroix bobble bow detail in the thong kitten heel sandals worn by Kylie Jenner is nothing short of cuteness personified. 

Christian Lacroix bobble bow detail
PHOTO: @kyliejennercloset

Kylie also shows the best use of second-hand shopping with a pair of Slingback pumps from Chanel with straps and ladybird motifs on the upper. 

second hand items
PHOTO: @kyliejenner

4. Bags

Another top choice among second-hand items you should consider buying now would refer to bags. They are the most preferred item you would love to buy among vintage accessories. You can find a wide range of beautiful vintage bags tailored from high-quality materials with timeless designs. The bags which were popular additions to women’s wardrobes in the yesteryears are also coming back in style. Interestingly, high-end vintage bags are available at cost-effective prices. Therefore, you can get your hands on the original designer handbags within your budget and get the luxurious appeal effortlessly. 

Bella Hadid gives a credible answer to the question of how to get second-hand clothes and accessories and wear them effortlessly with her vintage MiuMiu leather purse. The embossing detail and the glazing exterior of the handbag can definitely elevate many looks.

Bella Hadid Vintage Bags
PHOTO: @bellakhadidcloset

Emma Chamberlain chose a vintage Dior mini shoulder bag with Rasta motifs and logo detailing for a cute and stylish vintage inspired Y2K look. 

second hand items
PHOTO: @closetofemmachambie

Kylie Jenner Paired an iconic Jean Paul Gaultier maxi strapless dress with a stunning Bottega Veneta mini velvet evening with a floral handle. She created the perfect look that looks contemporary and chic.

second hand items
PHOTO: @kyliejennercloset


5. Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most trustworthy second-hand items you can rely on for elevating your style. You wouldn’t find any difference in the aesthetic value of jewelry even after decades, especially due to its timeless nature. Furthermore, it is important to remember that high-quality jewelry ages well over the course of time. With the right selection of vintage jewelry, you could give a stylish twist to any type of modern outfit. 

Look at how well Emma Chamberlain accessorized her custom corset with vintage gold and emerald necklace and green emerald ring inspired by the 80s. The vintage jewelry she wears looks completely new, especially paired with her beaded bracelets.

Emma Chamberlain Jewelry
PHOTO: @closetofemmachambie

Madison Beer shows an exclusive selection in second-hand apparel with a vintage crystal CC necklace by Chanel. The vintage necklace works well with all the modern items she’s wearing and adds a touch of class.

second hand items
PHOTO: @madisonbeercloset

You can also choose minimal design jewelry like the vintage large CC dangle clip-on earrings from Chanel like Kylie Jenner. 

second hand apparel
PHOTO: @kyliejennercloset

6. Sunglasses

The final entry among second-hand items you could purchase would obviously refer to another wardrobe staple, i.e., sunglasses. They are the most flexible and easily available items that will help you turn back time and revisit specific eras.

Style up your outfits like Kim Kardashian with a pair of vintage Diamante sunglasses from Versace.

second hand items
PHOTO: @styleforkimk

You can also revisit the Y2K era with rhinestone-studded sunglasses by Fendi, like the ones donned by Kylie Jenner.

Kylie Jenner Sunglasses
PHOTO: @kyliejennercloset


Tips to Shop for Second Hand Clothes and Accessories

Here are some tips to help you buy second-hand clothes and accessories

  • The foremost suggestion to shop for second-hand clothes and accessories refers directly to seeking timeless pieces. 
  • You could rely on curated websites and celebrity inspiration as your ideal second-hand clothes and accessories guide.
  • Always keep an open mind when it comes to vintage pieces, you never know what gem you’ll find and where.        
  • Sizing differs when it comes to vintage clothes and shoes, so make sure you try the items on or ask for exact measurements.

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