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8 Cutest Reformation Dresses for Spring 2022

A few brands have the ability to drive new initiatives in their respective industries. Reformation is one of the top brands in a fashion that took the initiative to be sustainable even before ‘sustainable fashion’ became ‘cool.’ Today, the demand for the best Reformation dresses reflects largely on their unique feminine style, and also their sustainability. Tracing back to its origins in 2009, Reformation has successfully turned into a global fashion brand today. 

The brand has been thriving largely on its feminine-style offerings alongside the brand’s vision for sustainability. Most importantly, celebrities such as Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Emily Ratajkowski, and Meghan Markle are Reformation loyalists. Are Reformation dresses comfortable? Surely, yes. As a matter of fact, the brand offers high-quality chic clothing, which offers the extra value you seek in fashion. 

Top Choices in Best Reformation Dresses for Spring Season

Reformation has not garnered popularity solely for its sustainable offerings. The best Reformation dresses have a unique feminine style that is flattering and chic, with beautiful thought-out cuts and prints. Furthermore, the brand maintains a consistent focus on ensuring transparent operations along with an emphasis on the adoption of new technology.

Topped with great marketing initiatives and a focus on inclusive sizing, Reformation tapped into the mainstream fashion scene quite effectively. Do you want to find the best Reformation red dress for your closet this spring? Here are some of the top choices in the best offerings among dresses on Reformation for your closet.

1. Gitane Linen Dress

The Gitane linen dress is a perfect Reformation long dress for the spring season, especially in the Corsica blue floral print. You cannot help but notice the dainty aesthetics of the dress with its long sleeves and an adorable floral print. The smocked bodice alongside the side slit detailing in the skirt and the puff sleeves create the perfect feminine silhouette. 

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2. Juliette Dress

The Juliette dress is also one of the best Reformation dresses you would love for the spring season. The midi length dress comes in a slim-fit design and a relaxed skirt alongside adjustable tie straps. You can notice some other striking details, such as the sweetheart neckline and smocked back bodice in the Juliette dress. It is definitely one of the most beautiful midi dresses you can wear on special occasions. Most importantly, the adorable floral print reflects everything beautiful about spring in a flattering, feminine silhouette.

3. Hugh Dress

If you want a Reformation black dress, then the Hugh dress might be the perfect pick for you. The Hugh dress in black features a formal 60s style silhouette with a fitted bodice, collared neckline, and button details. On top of it, the center front buttons easily attract attention and sophistication to the Hugh dress. The classic little black dress can serve as one of your best Reformation dresses for days that are neither too cold nor too warm. Most importantly, the versatility of the dress opens multiple avenues for styling without compromising on the ‘trendy’ aspect.

4. Mica Dress

The Mica dress is another example of a Reformation long dress tailored for modern fashion preferences. You cannot undermine how dark florals serve as an exceptional choice for outfits in transitional seasons like spring. The dark floral print brings the floral prints of summer and the dark colors of winter together in one piece. On top of it, the unique tiered design of the sleeves alongside the flattering shape of the dress works for almost any body shape. 

5. Leighton Dress

You can also find glamorous picks among the best Reformation dresses for your spring wardrobe, like the Leighton dress. The ankle length dress in forest green color features a turtleneck design and a high slit detailing at one side. The slim-fit dress tailored from soft and stretchy knit fabric provides the comfort you seek in the spring season. The Leighton dress is obviously a bodycon favorite for night outs, where the slit detailing introduces glamour in a comparatively simple dress.

6. Kenzie Dress

The Kenzie dress offers a solid answer to ‘Are Reformation dresses comfortable?’ alongside showing how stylish they can be. The short dress comes in a slim-fit design across the bust and features an empire waist alongside a full skirt. A smocked back bodice works effectively to accommodate different bust sizes. You cannot undermine the aesthetic appeal of the floral prints in the mini dress alongside the princess cut and bold shoulder design.

7. Arklow Dress

Another example of top choices among the best Reformation dresses would point to the Arklow dress. The slightly fitted bodice of the dress, alongside its relaxed skirt and a fitted waist, add a clear definition to the dress. The dress offers a structured and comfortable outfit complemented perfectly with floral prints and a dainty feel. You can also notice how the straight neckline and the stunning silk fabric elevate the appearance of the outfit for the spring season. The Arklow dress is obviously a top favorite for anyone seeking the perfect wow dress for spring season events.


8. Stevi Dress

The Stevi dress is an ideal pick for people who don’t love mini dresses or maxi dresses. It features a slim fit in the bodice alongside the skirt featuring a more relaxed fit. With the smocking detail on the neckline, the dress also offers a high slit in its design for breathability and some glamour. The smocking detail at the sleeve opening also serves as a crucial highlight for the 70s style dress, which helps give you a great shape. 

Tips to Shop for Best Reformation Dresses

Here are some tips you need to take into consideration while shopping for the best Reformation dresses right now.

  • Explore the website of Reformation for dresses according to your preferences and taste in fashion. You should pick the length you love, the print, and the overall shape.
  • Keep in mind that Reformation dresses often run small so try to read reviews online about the model you are interested in and compare your measurements to their size guide.
  • Reformation dresses are pricy, so make sure you pick a dress you have many chances of wearing.
  • Follow the washing instructions to make sure the dress lasts for a long time.

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