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19 Best Polka Dot Dresses for All Seasons and Occasions

The polka dot print might look like a fashion choice suited for women of the past thanks to its vintage-like appeal. However, the timeless trend offers some great choices for chic and versatile outfits. Polka dots are easily one of the best classic fashion trends loved by women all over the world. The best thing about polka dot dresses would be the numerous variations for styling them. 

You can easily wear a polka dot dress as a sundress as well as an appealing winter night out outfit. Furthermore, you have many options in the design of polka dot dresses in terms of fit, size of the dots, and colors. If you are on the lookout for some best picks in women’s polka dot dress collections, then you might face a lot of confusion. 

Best Polka Dot Dresses for Your Wardrobe

One of the recommended ways to find the best polka dot dress for your wardrobe is to look for different categories. Everyone has different style preferences, and they look for specific aspects in the type of clothing they choose that align with their style preferences. Let us take a look at some assorted picks of polka dot dresses from different categories of common style preferences. 

Summer Dresses

Polka dots have always been a preferred choice for summer outfits, especially for their vintage aesthetic appeal. Here are some of the best choices of a women’s polka dot dress for summer.

1. DAZY Polka Dot Button Front Shirt Dress

A yellow polka dot dress in a romantic style with additional details such as a ruffled neckline and eyelet embroidery is a reliable choice for casual summer outfits.

2. Shein V-neck Polka Dot Ruffle Hem Dress

You could also choose a brown belted A-line dress with small white dots print as one of the best polka dot dresses for your summer wardrobe.

3. Shein Tie Neck Polka Dot Sleeveless A-line Dress

A tie-neck sleeveless polka dot dress with an A-line design and flounce hem is an easy choice for summer outfits. 

4. ASOS DESIGN Strappy Sundress with Tiered Frill Detail in Stone and Black Polka Dot

The strappy black and white polka dot dress with frill details and regular fit is also an ideal summer outfit. 

5. ASOS DESIGN Cupped Maxi Dress with Splits in Sage Green Spot Print

Summer outfits with polka dot dresses need to be cute, and luckily the sage green print might do the trick. Take a cupped maxi dress with side split details and scoop back for a cute and casual summer outfit choice. 

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6. ASOS DESIGN Button-through Midi Tea Dress in Rust Dot

You could also go with a midi-length tea dress with rust dot print and faux button placket detailing for summer events like a picnic.


Many would assume that fall and winter season outfits are more aligned towards solid darker colors and fewer prints. However, polka dot dresses could also help you assemble some great winter outfits. Let us see some of the best choices of winter polka dot dresses.

7. Shein Polka Dot Print Ruffle Hem Dress

Black dresses with polka dot prints are a great solution for blending darker colors with the polka dot trend. A boho-style casual polka dot dress in black with a ruffled hem would be a fine example of the same.

8. Shein Polka Dot Knot Side Dress

Winter outfits with a black and white polka dress look elegant. Now, add an interesting knot side detailing in a black polka dress, and you have an elegant winter outfit. 

9. Shein Polka Dot Ruffle Trim Belted A-line Dress

A casual polka dot dress in dusty pink could also be one of the best winter polka dot dresses. It definitely looked cute with a flounce sleeve and belted detailing alongside its ruffle trim.

10. Zara Polka Dot Dress

The renowned global fashion retailer Zara also has an interesting choice for you in its polka dot dress collection. The black V-neck Zara polka dot dress with long sleeves and smocked elastic waist offers a sophisticated choice for winter outfits. 

11. Fashion Union Mini Smock Dress with Pussy Bow and Tiered Sleeves in Brown Dots

Make your winter outfits classier with a brown polka dot print with a smock style design. The pussy-bow tie detailing and elastic cuffs are attractive design highlights in a women’s polka dot dress for fall/winter season. 

12. ASOS DESIGN Shirred Tiered Maxi Dress in Mono Polka Dot

A shirred tiered maxi dress in black with mono polka dot print reflects the perfect blend of contemporary fashion trends and the classic polka dot trend. 

Night Out/Wedding Guest Outfits

You might have apprehensions about wearing polka dot dresses for night outs or as wedding guest outfits. However, the following picks might help you discover some classic night out outfits that feature polka dots as a key design element.

13. Shein Polka Dot Print Ruffle Hem Dress

The common perception about choosing a polka dot print dress for a night-out dress is that it might look a bit casual. However, a black knee-length casual polka dot dress with a sweetheart neckline and slit hem gives you the perfect pick for night-outs. 

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14. ASOS DESIGN Tiered Pleated Maxi Dress in Polka Dot Print

Wear a cute and unique wedding guest outfit with a purple polka dot dress. The blouson sleeves and tiered hem are the striking details in this pick among polka dot dresses for wedding guests.

15. Missord Sweetheart Neck Polka Dot Fitted Dress

You can also go with a red polka dot dress with an elegant, fitted style for night outs and weddings. The sweetheart neckline alongside the long puffed sleeves adds characteristic highlights to the dress. 

16. Shein Polka Dot Lantern Sleeve Drawstring Ruffle Hem Dress

A black sexy polka dot dress could also be a great pick in polka dot dresses for night-outs. The pencil-shaped hem and waist cut-out detailing is enough to set the temperatures soaring on a night out.

Preppy/Soft Girl Aesthetics

There is no doubt that polka dot prints look cute. So, it is quite obvious that you can have some promising choices in polka dot dresses for preppy/soft girl aesthetics. Let us find the best polka dot dress with a preppy aesthetic for you. 

17. DAZY Contrast Statement Collar Polka Dot Dress

The black and white polka dot dress with a contrast statement collar in white alongside a ruffled hem leaves nothing to doubt when it comes to preppy outfits

18. PARTHEA Contrast Collar Puff Sleeve Polka Dot Dress

Choose a pink contrast collar polka dot dress as one of the most glamorously cute polka dot dresses for you. The A-line design and flared hem alongside the statement Peter Pan collar detailing are the striking design highlights in this dress. 

19. Zara Polka Dot Print Dress

You can also find another gem in the Zara polka dot dress collection for preppy or soft girl outfits. The long sleeve dress with a black and white polka dot print and a pleated skirt is proof for the same.

Tips to Shop for Polka Dot Dresses

Here are some important tips that will help you in your quest for the best polka dot print dresses.

  • You need to consider the season and the event you are going to wear the dress to. A summer polka dot dress can be more light in color with bigger dots, and a winter one should be a bit darker and have more minimal dots.
  • Take inspiration from social media influencers and popular fashion blogs for tips on styling a polka dot dress.     
  • Polka dots are a timeless design, think for example of Julia Roberts in Pretty woman wearing the brown and white polka dot dress. This dress would look just as modern today thanks to the timeless design.

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