19 Best Period Underwear to Buy in 2022 for a Sustainable Period

best menstrual underwear
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Periods are responsible for a lot of waste and ecological harm, and therefore many women find themselves looking for sustainable period solutions. When women are searching for good period absorbers, they need to meet many criteria to be considered a worthy solution. The criteria include absorbability, durability, ease of use, eco-factors, cost, discretion, comfort, and more. The collection of the best menstrual underwear available right now is a promising example of using innovation to solve common issues.

Luckily, female innovation has always had some interesting solutions up its sleeve for the general good. What is menstrual underwear, and what are the choices you have? Let us find the answers to these questions now.

Top Choices in Best Menstrual Panties

Menstruation is an integral aspect of the life of every woman. Over the years, different types of sanitary practices have evolved to help women carry on with their lives as normal during menstruation. Disposable menstruation pads, tampons, menstrual cups, and now menstrual panties– there are a lot of possibilities for creating new and sustainable solutions for menstrual health. 

Unlike disposable sanitary pads, you don’t have to throw away menstrual underwear, you just wash them after use. Furthermore, They look and feel just like ordinary panties and can hold a large amount of liquid without leaking. Thanks to their re-usability, the best menstrual underwear offers the ideal foundation for the development of new and eco-friendly solutions for menstrual health. 

Let us find out some of the best picks in period panties for women, which you should try out right now. 

      1. Thinx Period Proof Hiphugger

The best menstrual underwear brand and, in fact, one of the pioneers of menstrual underwear, Thinx offers a wide variety of functional period underwear with different absorption levels. The stylish lace waistband and the hipster fit are an added bonus that makes them not only practical but also cute and comfortable. 

      2. Dorina Moon Hipster Period Pants

The hipster period pants by Dorina Moon qualify as one of the best alternatives to cheap period panties. You get the value of high absorbency and anti-bacterial technology in the design of these period pants. Most importantly, they are also suitable for wearing after pregnancy

      3. Modibodi Seamfree Full Brief

You can get a comfortable and smooth finish in this highly reliable seamless fit offering you secure protection. The slim lining and high absorbing capacity, alongside leak-proof abilities, make this option one of the best menstrual underwear for you. 

      4. Modibodi Seamfree Bikini

If you want to know ‘What underwear is best for periods?’, then you will find the answer in the Seamfree bikini panties by Modibodi. The bikini is a classic cut that will work well with anything you wear, and the in-built lining safeguards against bladder and period leaks. 


      5. Periodaisle Bikini

Make the most of the innovative technology and style statement incorporated in these bikini-style panties. The Truetex technology accompanying the leak-proof lining will help you feel dry and comfortable. 

      6. Bambody Period Panties

Your search for best period panties for women could also take you to Bambody period panties which offer maximum protection. The absorbent middle layer, along with an additional layer, provides security against leaks. In addition, the comfortable design allows flexibility of movement. 

      7. Knix Leakproof Boyshort

Another promising choice in best menstrual underwear would be the Knix Leakproof Boyshort. The boyshort underwear comes with the benefit of patented leakproof technology with the added value of comfort. 

      8. Proof Hipster Underwear

You could also end your search for cheap period panties with the Leakproof Hipster underwear. The Hipster underwear offers additional coverage with a high absorbency core to offer comprehensive leak protection. Make the most of the unique patented technology that draws away moisture from your body. 

      9. Dear Kates Ada Brief Full

Try the Ada Brief Full for its high-waist design that reflects a feminine yet playful aesthetic. The striking highlights of this period underwear include the breathable fabric alongside the ease of wicking moisture and removal of stains.

      10. Knix Essential High Rise Thong

The choice of best menstrual underwear could also include the essential high-rise thong by Knix. This underwear is perfect for lighter days, with the benefit of a smooth and comfortable fit along with the seamless design that is invisible under clothes. The fabric has been tailored for a flattering shape that is initially snug and later relaxes for a perfect fit. 

      11. Knix Super Leakproof Dream Short

Get a cozy and comfortable sleep with the Knix Super Leakproof Dream short. These sleep bottoms come with leak-proof technology and a body-hugging fit that makes them suitable as a night solution.


You could also discover different types of activewear in the menstrual underwear revolution. Apart from menstrual panties, you can also look at period activewear as next-generation eco-friendly period solutions. Here are some of the top picks in menstrual activewear.

      12. Modibodi 7/8 Recycled Active Legging

Achieve your fitness goals irrespective of your period with the highly absorbent leak-proof gusset in this active legging. The high waist design and custom fit also satisfy the ideal criteria for activewear which lets you move around freely.

      13. Adidas Training Period Proof Leggings

The most interesting highlight of Adidas Training period-proof leggings is the power-mesh pocket and the great fit. Workouts during periods can be easier with the highly absorbent in-build pad and the leak proof membrane.


      14. Dear Kates Go Commando Yoga

The Go Commando Yoga full-length pants can also support the best menstrual underwear with ease. You get a full-length cut along with the benefits of better pull and four-way stretch alongside triple-layered breathable fabric.


      15. Knix Good to Go Seamless Legging

Knix Good to Go seamless legging features a full-length cut without any seams. In addition, the high rise design alongside the ribbed waistband offers adequate flexibility for a seamless, body-hugging finish.

      16. Cora Period Bikini Style Absorbent Underwear

The Cora period bikini is another addition to the best menstrual panties available in the market now. You can find the breathable cotton fabric alongside the soft waistband as the selling points of this bikini.


The best menstrual underwear designs have also made it possible for women to hit the beach or the pool without hesitation. Take a look at some of the top choices in menstrual swimwear, which you must try right now. 

      17. Modibodi Hi-waist Bikini Brief

Enjoy the full-coverage bikini briefs, designed with the assurance of complete coverage with a thick waistband for support. The flattering design is chlorine resistant and is suitable only for light to moderate flow days.

      18. Modibodi One Piece Swimwear

Rediscover freedom in a completely new way with the minimal design in this one-piece swimwear. The in-built lining for fluid absorption alongside staving off-odors makes it a natural choice for the days when you want to hit the pool and feel secure.

      19. Knix Leakproof High Rise Swim Bottom

Chill out in the pool with high-rise bottoms sitting effortlessly at our natural waist. You get the value of medium bum coverage with the completely lined and non-dig leg opening. It features in-built protection while offering the feel of a normal suit. 

Tips to Buy Menstrual Underwear 

Here are some tips to help you buy the best menstrual underwear.

  • There are many companies offering great menstrual panties, and the way to pick between all of them is to read reviews, learn about the fabrics, decide on the right cut for you, and choose the one that fits your budget.
  • Pick the cuts that will suit your style needs but don’t forget to pay attention to absorption ability.
  • Menstrual underwear are a great solution but they require some adjustment. Before you commit to buying 10 panties, start with one and see how you like it.
  • Go for multiple types of underwear, including swimwear and activewear, so you can feel completely like yourself all month long.   


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