The Best Women’s Nike Sneakers You Can Buy Right Now

womens nike sneakers
PHOTO: @justinbieber, @kyliejenner

Want to justify your love for women’s Nike sneakers by buying some of the best ones? Here are the best Nike sneakers you should buy now.

The popularity of Nike sneakers has increased profoundly, and there are some good reasons for it. The company had introduced a wide range of new sneaker designs to the marketplace, with some of the notable names in sports endorsing the brand. Many of the notable basketball legends like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James have sported Nike sneakers, with many other celebrities also following the trend. 

Women’s Nike sneakers are getting a lot of attention in fashion circles around the world. Top fashion icons such as Hailey Bieber, Emrata, Bella Hadid, and Kylie Jenner have sported cool Nike sneakers with their outfits. So, there are even more reasons to go with one of the top brands and make your own fashion statement. 

Top Nike Sneakers for Women

Nike has introduced a wide range of casual and training sneakers with different models. Different models of Women’s Nike sneakers such as the Air Force 1 and Dunk Low have gained attention on Tik Tok, with many celebrities donning them in their various outfits. Most important of all, Nike sneakers continue to be desirable due to the value of quality and design they offer. You get the advantage of both style and comfort in Nike sneakers, and you could also discover a new way to style your outfits with each pair. Let us take a look at some of the best options among cool Nike sneakers you must have right now.     

  • Dunk Low

Dunk Low Nike Sneakers
PHOTO: @haileybieber

The women’s Dunk Low OG sneakers with purple pulse highlights are definitely an interesting choice of Nike casual sneakers. Dunk Low OG sneakers for women feature vintage vibes in the over-dyed leather, which delivers an authentic appeal to them. Kylie Jenner is a huge fan of this model and wears hers all the time. 

  • Dunk Low Disrupt

If you want to know how to style Nike sneakers, you need to choose the ideal picks. The Dunk Low Disrupt model includes some innovatively stylish models. You can go with the Nike Dunk Low Disrupt sneakers with a white, grey, and orange color combination. The contrasting panel detail and the extent of versatility in the sneakers make them great choices for every modern woman. You could also have the Nike Dunk Low Disrupt model sneakers with a white and pink color combination or a white and grey combination. 

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  • Air Force 1

Air Force 1 Nike Sneakers
PHOTO: @emratateam

The most popular model of women’s Nike sneakers would obviously take you to Air Force 1. The sheer variety of choices and the customized functionality in Air Force 1 sneakers for women is a favorable factor. You could try on a pair of Nike Air Force 1 Shadow trainers in beige with a barely green aesthetic. Another promising variation of the Air Force 1 Shadow trainers would be a pair with white gold and silver tones. 

Air Force 1 Shadow trainers have a low profile design as all the cool Nike sneakers, and you have the flexibility of lace-up fastening. In addition, the foam midsole enables air cushioning, while the concentric grip tread allows better stability. You could also mix up some color variations with the bright citron, doll, sail, and hydrogen blue highlights in Air Force 1 sneakers. The Air Force 1 Crater sneakers are also another promising addition among women’s Nike sneakers you would want. The white, grey, and orange color combination with the logo patch at the tongue keep everything minimal yet effortlessly stylish. 

  • Jordan

Another notable model of sneakers from Nike is Jordan, inspired by the legendary Michael Jordan. The Air Jordan OG is more than just black and white Nike sneakers for women’s wardrobes. The University Red and Midnight Navy highlight, along with the midsole sculpting and dimpled leather, elevate its look. You can also have a pair of women’s Air Jordan 14 x Aleali May with a fresh design featuring shades of light sand. 

The line of Nike Jordan sneakers also has the Jordan Zoom 92 trainers in white and multicolor design. Some of the striking highlights in the Jordan Zoom 92 trainers include the mid-cut design, contrast panels, and Zoom Air unit for improved cushioning.

  • Air Max 95

Your choice of women’s Nike sneakers should also include some Air Max 95 sneakers. The Air Max 95 trainers in sunset tones or the ones with black and green combination and even a pair with white and orange combination are some of the top choices. The Air Max 95 trainers draw inspiration for the design from the human body with a low-profile design. Some of the notable features of Air Max 95 trainers are the waffle grip tread and the foam midsole that features Max Air cushioning. 

  • Vapormax

Nike Air Vapormax is also one of the notable models you can choose other than black and white Nike sneakers for women’s collections. The Nike Air Vapormax 2020 trainers featured a striking purple and pink color combination. In the Nike Air Vapormax 2022 trainers, you can find highlights of light arctic pink, iced lilac, metallic silver, and summit white. The most striking detail of Vapormax sneakers is the use of recycled materials for a lightweight feel with soft cushioning. 

  • React Vision

The selection of women’s Nike sneakers also includes the React Vision sneakers, with distinct high-top and low-top design variants. React Vision sneakers by Nike bring a futuristic design to shape and the assurance of comfort with the signature ‘React’ midsole. The mix of bold colors, along with the mesh paneling and ridged rubber sole, are some of the notable details you can find in the React Vision sneakers.

  • Air Zoom

The answers to the question how to style Nike sneakers could also take you to the Air Zoom SuperRep 2 trainers. Air Zoom SuperRep 2 trainers are the ideal picks for women who love sprints, circuit training, and high-intensity exercises. The striking details of the Air Zoom sneakers include the low-profile design and flexible grip tread. Ribbed panels tightened around the foot offer better support during sudden movements, with the outer arc enabling multi-directional movement.


  • Court

Nike Court vintage trainers are also a promising option among Nike casual sneakers for every woman. The white sneakers feature minimal details, which enhance their style points easily. For example, textured tread allows better traction while the perforated detailing improves breathability. 

  • Blazer

Classy choices in women’s Nike sneakers would also refer to the Nike Blazer mid-77 trainers in black. The black and white detailing catches attention easily, while the high-top design brings back vintage vibes like never before. Another striking design element in the Nike Court vintage sneakers is the Herringbone grip tread along with the padded cuff. 

  • Air Max 270

The Nike Air Max 270 is one of the first additions in the lifestyle offerings of Air Max. You can have the value of comfort, attitude, and style combined in a pair of Air Max 270 sneakers. Drawing inspiration from the Air Max legends, the Air Max 270 brings an innovative and fresh, vibrant design to the table. 

Tips to Shop for Nike Sneakers

Here are some tips to help you shop for women’s Nike sneakers.

  • Think of the purpose for which you will use a pair of sneakers before purchasing them.
  • Look for inspiration on Tik Tok and Instagram and see how celebs and influencers rock their Nike sneakers.
  • Stick to a strict budget because trendy Nike shoes tend to balloon in price.   
  • If you are looking for more affordable options, try looking for second hand finds in good condition.   


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