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The Best Louis Vuitton Bags That Are Worth Investing In

Any individual who loves fashion would obviously have a clear impression of the top brands in the industry. One of the common names in modern fashion lingo, i.e. Louis Vuitton, has a long-lasting reputation in creating stylish designer bags. You can have the best Louis Vuitton bag and never worry about styling your outfits with a luxury accessory. As a matter of fact, the brand of Louis Vuitton itself is a statement of luxury, and it is more of a status symbol.

Wearing anything from Louis Vuitton in your outfits is not only a matter of style but also your social status and luxury. However, many of you may have doubts about shopping for the top Louis Vuitton bags, considering the price tags attached to them. Well, luxury has a price. On the other hand, one would wonder whether it is reasonable to invest in a costly Louis Vuitton bag.

Choosing the Best Pick from Louis Vuitton Bags

The unbelievably high costs of the most popular Louis Vuitton bags can turn down your spirits for owning a designer bag. On the other hand, you need to understand that you are investing in Louis Vuitton bags for quality and status. The brand image of Louis Vuitton relies mostly on quality and innovation in style.

Even if you decided to buy a Louis Vuitton bag, you still need to discover which is the best Louis Vuitton bag, making the job tougher. Therefore, you need to look for specific factors before investing in a costly LV handbag. First of all, you need to check whether the bag is a timeless piece or an offshoot of fading trends.

Next, you must check the quality of the material for durability and whether it would increase in terms of value. In addition, you should also check whether the Louis Vuitton iconic bags offer you practical use.

Best Choices in Louis Vuitton Bags

With so many important factors for choosing the most popular bags by Louis Vuitton, you must also focus on the color and vintage styling elements. Some of the recommended options for the best Louis Vuitton bag include timeless bags such as the pochette, speedy, neverfull, and alma. You should also opt for leather bags that offer better durability in comparison to suede and fabric material.

In addition, vintage bags could offer the best chance to purchase top Louis Vuitton bags at bargain prices. You can grab a slightly used bag for almost half the price of the new bag, thereby landing up a promising deal. Here are some of the top entries among Louis Vuitton bags that are worth every penny of your investment.

1. Pochette Metis

The classic Pochette Metis, with its signature monogram reverse print, delivers a timeless appeal and is probably the best Louis Vuitton bag for casual everyday use. You can notice how the size of the bag makes it practical as well as pretty. At the same time, the classic satchel silhouette of the bag studded with gold-tone hardware and the signature S-lock closure make the bag appealing to every fashion lover.

2. Neverfull MM

The Neverfull MM tote is another noticeable addition among Louis Vuitton iconic bags for its heritage details in a timeless design. It serves as the ideal entry bag for those who seek to add a luxury designer bag to their closet. With a reasonable price and practical design tailored for everyday use, the Neverfull MM is a trusted favorite among luxury handbags. Interestingly, the Neverfull MM style handbag has been popular for many decades and will continue to be in the future.

3. Pochette Accessories

The Pochette Accessories handbag also serves as a promising answer to “Which LV bag is worth buying?” for its stylish style. You can trust such a classic handbag to elevate evening outfits, and it is also reasonably priced. The gold-tone accents in the cute handbag alongside the striking Damier Azur canvas give you the best Louis Vuitton bag for everyday outfits as well as night out looks, at a great price.

4. Lockme Ever BB

The Lockme Ever style of bags from Louis Vuitton also features some of the best LV bags worth buying. You can easily trust the elegant Lockme Ever BB bag to stay relevant even after 10 years from now. Designed with a graphic flap and sleek shape, the Lockme Ever BB bag in black offers a versatile accessory choice. You can style the bag with almost any type of outfit without any concerns about wear and tear. 

5. LV New Wave Chain Bag

The New Wave chain bag by LV is another recent addition among the most popular Louis Vuitton bags for various reasons. You get the exceptional style value in this bag which brings the best of a classic Chanel bag and a Saint Laurent Lulu bag. The classic style is versatile, so you can wear it in many colors and looks. The design of the bag works perfectly when you wear it crossbody or on the shoulder. On top of it, it has a great resale value on the second-hand market for its timeless design.

6. Speedy Bandouliere 20

You could not miss out on Speedy in your search for the best Louis Vuitton bag, and the Speedy Bandouliere 20 proves the same. The Speedy handbag style has been one of the popular offerings by LV for decades and features an ageless style. In the new version, you have a shorter variant of the signature Speedy travel bag. Interestingly, you can choose from a few size variations according to whatever works for your style preferences. You can wear the Speedy Bandouliere 20 in multiple ways by using the detachable strap.

7. Louis Vuitton Monogram Multi Color Alma Hand Bag Noir M92646

If you are looking for “Which LV bag is worth buying?” on a tight budget, then you should try second-hand LV bags. The best thing about second-hand LV bags is that you can grab a good deal on bags that are still popular today. On the other hand, you could always land up with unique vintage pieces like the LV monogram multicolor Alma handbag. The classic model is still on shopping shelves around the world. However, the vintage print plays a crucial role in elevating its value.

Tips to Shop for Louis Vuitton Bags

Here are some tips you should keep in mind while shopping for the best Louis Vuitton bag of your choice.

  • Choose trustworthy second-hand retailers if you want to purchase vintage LV bags.
  • Classic styles like the Alma, Neverfull, Pochette, and Speedy are great picks because they will keep their relevance for decades and won’t be outdated.
  • Pick versatile colors like nude, black, brown, or classic LV monogram styles, and also opt for a practical size to get the most use out of your Louis Vuitton bag.

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