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Top 20 Lingerie Brands in 2022 That You Must Shop For!

Online shopping is undoubtedly convenient and a flexible choice to shop for fashion. You have many online portals to shop for fashion from the convenience of your home. At the same time, you can explore a wide assortment of product choices on different online platforms. If you have been searching for the best lingerie brands online, then you might have come across one or a few top names. 

However, it is also important to note that shopping for lingerie can be a tricky exercise with so many platforms. Even if one brand might look appealing for its features, you could not undermine the others with their unique highlights. So, it is highly crucial to know about the top lingerie brands you can trust for some exceptional additions in undergarments for your wardrobe. 

Top Lingerie Brands You Can Choose Now

The sheer variety of online sources to shop for lingerie can be quite overwhelming, especially for beginners in online shopping. Therefore, it is important to find affordable lingerie brands which offer stylish lingerie with trendy designs albeit at lower costs. Most importantly, you should try to discover the unique highlights associated with each brand. With a clear impression of the reason to shop from the best lingerie brands, you can easily choose the ideal brand according to your requirements. Here are some of the top entries among lingerie brands that have a versatile range of products for every woman. 

1. Aerie

One of the first choices among lingerie brands for women would point you towards Aerie. The best thing about Aerie is that you would find a lot of options in lingerie basics. Aerie tones down on its sexy offerings, albeit with exceptional value in quality and pricing. 


Another top destination that you would love among the best lingerie brands would obviously refer to ASOS. It serves as a one-stop-shop for all your lingerie shopping needs. You could explore the offerings of a wide range of brands on ASOS. Furthermore, you can find many trustworthy, affordable picks in lingerie on ASOS. On top of it, ASOS also provides reviews for all products, which helps you select a suitable product. 

3. Savage X Fenty

Rihanna’s signature lingerie line, Savage X Fenty is also one of the popular lingerie brands for its size-inclusive offerings. It offers an exclusive collection of sexy lingerie pieces in a wide range of size choices. You can explore many styles, including leather pasties, super sweet lace pieces, and saucy corsets on Savage X Fenty. 

4. Adore Me

Adore Me is one of the top lingerie brands that believe in helping every woman find lingerie according to their taste. The best highlight about Adore Me as one of the best lingerie brands right now is the affordable pricing. You can choose from over 600 different stylish sets alongside basics as well as trend-driven, and sexy designs of lingerie. 

5. Cosabella

Cosabella is one of the most renowned lingerie brands for women with exceptional Italian craftsmanship in their offerings. The brand has maintained its reputation for manufacturing fashionable and high-quality lingerie from the best available materials. You can find a diverse assortment of bra designs, such as nursing and training bras. Cosabella also offers panties with flattering silhouettes, shapewear, bodysuits, robes, and slips. 

6. Free People

If you want to move away from the conventional picks from best lingerie brands, then Free People might be a favorable alternative. The portal offers many promising choices in lingerie, including lacy undergarments, colorful bralettes, and even cozy sleepwear. 

7. Pretty Little Thing

Your search for affordable lingerie brands can lead you to Pretty Little Thing, which has many cute lingerie alternatives. You can discover cute additions to your wardrobe at affordable prices without any doubt. 

8. Shein 

Another top destination for exploring some of the best lingerie brands would take you to Shein. Shein is a great shopping platform where you can find affordable options in lingerie with a wide assortment of choices. You could also explore different styles of lingerie according to your style preferences and discover the best picks.

9. Amazon 

You could also find many popular lingerie brands on the world’s leading online marketplace, i.e., Amazon. The positive points of Amazon include the availability of many brands alongside a variety of styles and designs in lingerie. However, the best thing about Amazon is the abundance of promising deals on different products on the platform.

10. Nordstrom

Quality is one of the foremost aspects which people look for in the best lingerie brands. Nordstrom stands true to the test of quality with some exceptional lingerie designs tailored from high-quality materials. In addition, Nordstrom also offers the choice of shopping for lingerie from different popular brands at great prices.

11. Revolve

Revolve is also one of the notable additions among lingerie brands for women for its boutique-like pieces. The platform offers you some unique, innovative, and trendy designs in lingerie alongside the opportunity to familiarize yourself with more brands. 

12. Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur has been an iconic and globally renowned brand for lingerie. Popular for its luxury offerings, Agent Provocateur provides a wide range of products, including premium lingerie as well as everyday underwear. Although it does not qualify among affordable lingerie brands, Agent Provocateur offers inimitable designs with quality craftsmanship.    

13. Torrid 

If you look for the best lingerie brand for plus size women, then you are most likely to come across Torrid. The brand offers special-occasion lingerie as well as casual everyday options. 

14. Intimissimi

Your search for the best lingerie brands for basic undergarments might find the right answers at Intimissimi. It offers a trustworthy destination for many stylish and affordable options, including intricate lace bralettes and supportive push-up bras. 

15. For Love & Lemons

The strappy designs of For Love & Lemons have been creating quite a stir all over social media. You can find unique highlights in their lingerie designs, such as ornate fastenings alongside vibrant colors. 

16. Third Love

Do you want to find the lingerie brand that will also help you find the right size of undergarments? Third Love helps you find the perfect undergarment size within seconds with a FitFinder test on the website. You could discover a wide range of offerings, including strapless bras, nursing bras, t-shirt bras, and many more on the platform. 

17. Liberte

Another top addition among affordable lingerie brands would draw you to Liberte. Another top highlight of Liberte refers to the size-inclusive offerings which cater to different sizes. You could find a curated collection of elegant lacy underwear and bras on Liberte tailored for modern taste.

18. Bluebella

You would barely find any best lingerie brands with affordable offerings like Bluebella. The brand offers pieces that are not necessarily sexy or functional from traditional perspectives. On the contrary, Bluebella lingerie helps you express your personal style with a distinctive empowering statement. 

19. Hanky Panky

Visit the website of Hanky Panky, and you can discover a massive collection of various underwear options. You can find some exceptional pieces in the lingerie section of the website, including bodysuits, slips, and teddies. 

20. Honeydew Intimates

Honeydew Intimates is also one of the top lingerie brands known for the combination of comfort, playful colors, and sex appeal in its lingerie. If you are seeking sexy silhouettes with advanced styles like a thong and garter set, then Honeydew Intimates is your right pick.

Tips to Shop for Lingerie for Women

Here are some tips to help you shop for lingerie from the best brands. 

  • One of the foremost things you need to do while shopping for lingerie is finding the right size. 
  • You need to do adequate research on the different lingerie brands that are active now and their offerings. 
  • Try different styles to ensure you find the right pick for you. 
  • Lingerie is all about feeling great in your own skin, so choose whatever makes you feel that way.   

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