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8 Stylish & Trendy Jeans for Curvy Women

Women with gorgeous curves like Kim Kardashian surely have a great shape and the admiration of many. However, curvy girls often end up with a common problem while shopping for clothes. If you ask a lot of curvy women, you will find that their biggest problem is finding a pair of jeans that fit well, especially at the waist. Is it so difficult to find a pair of stylish jeans for curvy women in an era of inclusive fashion?

Well, the admired shape of curvy women takes the blame, especially considering the fact that they have smaller waists and bigger hips. Even if a classic pair of jeans fit perfectly on the hips for curvy girls, there is often a gap at the waist. In such cases, you should try looking for ‘curvy’ labeled jeans tailored specifically for curvy body types.

Best Choices in Curvy Jeans for Women 

Curvy jeans have evolved as one of the promising answers for curvy women seeking a pair of stylish jeans. Many brands have created new denim offerings specifically focused on curvy body types to ensure a better fit. In addition, you can also explore a lot of variety in the choices of the best curvy jeans for women. For example, you can find skinny jeans and flared jeans in many curvy lines. A pair of skinny jeans for curvy girls would accent the curves perfectly with their tight fit. You can also make the most of flared jeans as the wide bottom could easily balance the wide hips of curvy women.

On the other hand, straight leg jeans and baggy styles in jeans for curvy women are challenging picks. For example, they do not accent the shape of curvy women, and the non-stretchable denim fabric does not flatter the curves. However, you can always trust a curated pick of best curvy jeans to find the best picks for your wardrobe. Here are some of the top choices in jeans for a gorgeous woman with curves like you. 

1. Good American Good Waist High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans

The Good American brand, established by Khloe Kardashian, is a curvy targeted jeans brand. Good Waist high waist ankle skinny jeans in blue with lightly distressed details is a top choice in high waisted curvy jeans for women. Good American has built a strong reputation for offering clothing for curvy women that actually fit well. The brand works on tailoring their jeans precisely to fit the curvy body shape. The Good Waist jeans feature a gap-proof waistband, while the super-stretchable fabric takes care of the fit on the hips and legs. 

2. Madewell Curvy Stovepipe Jeans

The next stop for choosing the best jeans for curvy women would be Madewell and their ‘curvy’ line of clothing. Madewell has designed the Curvy Stovepipe jeans with a skinny fit tailored for smaller waists while leaving room for the hips. The design of the jeans has been tailored to offer an hourglass shape with a casual feel.


3. Everlane The Curvy Cheeky Jean

The Curvy Cheeky Jean by Everlane is an improved take on the classic ‘cheeky’ style Everlane started with. As a matter of fact, over 500 reviews suggest how the Curvy Cheeky Jean is the best answer for “What jeans should curvy women wear?” for its perfect curvy fit. With an increased hip-to-waist ratio, these jeans eliminate the waist gap easily. The form-hugging fit of the jeans, along with specially engineered pockets, offer a bouncy, lifted look to the hips.

4. Shein SXY High Waist Curvy Jeans 

A pair of high waist curvy jeans in light wash blue color is definitely one of the top jeans for curvy women at a reasonable cost. You don’t have to dole out more than a hundred dollars for a pair of jeans that will suit your curvy figure. Shein offers a chic pair of high waist curvy jeans in its SXY collection, which has also earned positive reviews. Customers have hailed the Shein SXY high-waisted curvy jeans for their tailored fit to curvy figures with a smaller waist and large hips.           

5. Hollister Curvy Skinny Jeans in Mid Wash

If you are looking for the best skinny jeans for curvy women, then you can try a pair of curvy skinny jeans in mid wash blue from Hollister. The high waist jeans with a skinny fit come with a unique cut that allows additional room around the hips. With the additional room near the hips, the Hollister jeans have been tailored to flatter the shape of curvy women. Interestingly, you can choose such jeans for curvy women as a staple choice for everyday outfits.

6. A&F Curve Love 90s Ultra High Rise Straight Jeans

The Curve Love 90s ultra high-rise straight jeans from Abercrombie & Fitch reignite the vintage Y2K denim aesthetics. The signature Curve Love fit offers a higher rise sitting at the natural waist. On top of it, the refined details for a vintage feel in such jeans for curvy women show why it is a TikTok favorite. Tailored with a straight leg design, the Curve Love 90s ultra high rise jeans fit your curves effortlessly.

7. Fashion Nova Dare To Flare Jeans 

Fashion Nova has always been one of the frontrunners in responses to “What jeans should curvy women wear?” for its curvy-tailored collections. As a matter of fact, they are masters when it comes to designing jeans for women with curvy figures. Therefore, you can have the assurance of a perfect pair of curvy jeans from Fashionnova when you need them. The Dare to Flare jeans come with a flared design that offers the ideal balance between the wide bottoms and wide hips. The comfortable stretch fabric alongside the figure-hugging fit of the jeans makes them a must-have for curvy women.


8. Levi’s 721 High Rise Skinny Jeans in Mid Blue

Levi’s has always been a trustworthy name for buyers when it comes to jeans. The Levi’s 721 high rise skinny jeans are one of the best jeans for curvy women with a comfortable fit. The small waist and figure-hugging silhouette of the classic pair of curvy jeans are enough to add this pair to your closet.

Tips to Shop for Curvy Jeans

Here are some tips you should keep in mind while shopping for curvy jeans.

  • Look for online fashion retailers offering exclusive ‘curvy’ lines of jeans to find credible products. 
  • Review the products in terms of quality and design highlights which make them useful for curvy body shapes.
  • Use customer reviews to learn more about the fit of the curvy jeans of your choice.

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