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Cutest Clothes to Buy from Tik Tokers Favorite Brand, Cider

The newly emerging brands in fashion are introducing waves of change in the world of fashion. Some of them are advocating sustainable clothing aggressively with their new collections, while some are focused on offering trendy pieces. Cider is one of the top new brands that has gained considerable momentum in recent times. As a result, people have been looking for the best Cider clothes to style up their wardrobes with trendy additions.

Interestingly, Cider has gained popularity largely due to TikTok. With an emphasis on cute outfit choices, Cider offers some of the best trendy picks for Gen Z. If you have been searching for Cider clothing reviews, then you might have heard about the unique style of clothes it offers. The following article will help you discover some of the top choices from Cider, the favorite brand of TikTok creators.

The Best Cider Clothes for You

Cider has been one of the top preferences of content creators on TikTok owing to the cute style of its offerings. Many people wonder, “is Cider clothing legit” due to the variety of choices they find on the platform and the affordable prices. However, you can rest assured that Cider is a legit retailer and you can find trendy pieces there. Cider offers clothes with a romantic feel, vibrant colors alongside using a wide range of prints.

On top of it, the prices of the best Cider clothes are considerably low and within reach of an average fashion shopper. Furthermore, the brand has also introduced a new plus size collection to encourage inclusivity. With so much being said about Cider, it is reasonable to wonder about the top choices from the brand’s offerings. Let us take a look at some of the best picks from the cute and trendy clothes offered by Cider.

1. Floral Puff Sleeve Mini Dress

A puff sleeve mini dress in beige featuring a floral pattern is a promising choice for your wardrobe. The long-sleeved mini dress with a straight fit and square neckline also features pleated detailing for a cute aesthetic. Going by Cider clothing reviews, you cannot help but notice how the floral pattern and puff sleeves incorporate a vintage style element in the mini dress. The dress is an ideal pick for romantic dates, especially in the spring season. 

2. Wavy Retro Straight Leg Trousers

Cider has never shied away from prints and patterns, and some of the best Cider clothes offer credible proof for the same. A pair of high waist straight-leg trousers in multicolor wavy retro print brings a new perspective on using prints. Cider has cleverly infused the Y2K vibes in the retro straight leg trousers without compromising on their trendy appeal. 


3. Heart Pattern Knit Top

A heart pattern knit top with a relaxed fit, and short sleeves is also another top choice to find answers to ‘is Cider clothing legit’ without trying hard. The ruffled trims in the top complement the cute heart prints for any preppy outfit. You can wear it open or closed, and it would still look cute. The top is a promising wardrobe staple for spring and summer that you can easily style with many bottoms in your wardrobe. 

4. Lace Trim Slit Dress

You can choose a solid red lace trim slit dress as one of the top picks in best Cider clothes for night outs. The sexy dress features design elements inspired by fashion trends of the 90s, albeit with a modern twist. For example, the lace trim and asymmetric hem can turn all eyes in the room towards you. 

5. Floral Patchy Knit Tank Top

The floral knit tank top in yellow with a slim fit and knotted spaghetti straps is also a top choice for those who love the vintage vibes in their looks. You can choose such cute tops on the basis of Cider clothing reviews to elevate the aesthetics of any casual jeans outfit. Pair the cute top with wide leg jeans and a pair of trendy sneakers to assemble cute outfits. 

6. Family Ties Pleated Mini Skirt

A high waist mini skirt featuring a plaid pattern design also qualifies among the best Cider clothes tailored for modern looks. The cute and preppy mini skirt is an effortless choice for outfits that can make a formidable statement. Combine the skirt with a matching double-breasted blazer, and you can easily achieve a distinct look, just like Cher in Clueless. 

7. Star Pattern Denim Jeans

You must also try out a pair of unique jeans from the offerings on Cider with the star pattern denim jeans. The regular high waist jeans in denim bring something interesting to the table with their unique star pattern detailing. Pair the jeans with a simple t-shirt for an everyday look.

8. Tie Front Knitted Tee

The tie front knitted tee in ivory color with short sleeves is another answer to ‘is Cider clothing legit’ and many other similar doubts. You can trust the knitted fabric of the tee and its trendy and romantic design for assembling chic outfits with simple additions. A classic black mini skirt is all you need to style up the tie front knitted tee. 

9. Pearl Slit Flare Leg Trousers

Flared trousers are a huge hit among TikTok creators, especially for the 70s style aesthetic they offer. Grab a pair of flare leg trousers with slits at the side featuring pearl embellishments. You can combine the trousers with a cute Cider shirt dress or a slim fit crop top and style up cute night outlooks. 


10. Lace Ruched Slit Long Skirt

Long skirts are also one of the popular fashion trends in 2022, especially for their sophisticated appeal. You can get a regular long skirt made of satin fabric with ruched detailing at the side and lace trims. On top of it, the pink color also elevates the vintage vibes in this long skirt. 

11. Ditsy Floral Corset Tank Top

The ditsy floral corset tank top incorporates one of the renowned fashion trends popularized by TikTok, i.e., corset tops. You can choose such entries in best Cider clothes to wear with jeans for a sexy, yet effortless look. Wear the tank top comfortably with any type of outfit for spring or summer. 

12. Ditsy Floral Square Neck Mini Dress

A square neck mini dress in yellow featuring a ditsy floral print is another top option in the best Cider shirt dress you can find. The regular fit of the mini dress alongside the ditsy floral pattern and square neckline gives you a 70s vibe that will elevate any spring or summer ensemble. 

13. Romantic Cable Knit Jacket

Another top addition in best Cider clothes would point towards a romantic cable-knit jacket in white. The cropped jacket with long sleeves features a trendy fur-trimmed spread collar. You can use the jacket for layering over a cute top or dress of your choice. Furthermore, you can just wear the jacket alone with a few buttons undone for a cute look. 

14. Love Clover Mini Skirt

The Love Clover mini skirt in pink featuring a heart pattern design is another top choice in the best Cider clothes for you. The slit mini skirt is undoubtedly a promising design highlight along the lines of popular fashion trends. Most importantly, you would barely face any difficulty in styling this cute mini skirt with different outfits. 

Tips to Shop for Clothes on Cider

Here are some pointers you should keep in mind before shopping for clothes on Cider. 

  • Learn more about the top trends in fashion right now, especially the ones that are popular on TikTok. You can find a clear idea of what to purchase by identifying the top trends. 
  • Read Cider clothing reviews carefully before making any decision on purchasing a specific top, dress, or skirt.
  • You should look for proper sizing and fabric quality as the decisive factors for identifying the best picks from Cider clothing.

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