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14 Celebrity Hairstyles You Can Try

Grooming is one of the essential practices in the life of any individual. We want to look our best with the latest trendy clothes and the cutest nail art. However, the clothes you wear can only make you look good to a certain extent. You must also pay attention to hair styling and makeup to ensure a perfectly flawless look with any outfit. Interestingly, the best celebrity hairstyles can serve as a great inspiration for anyone who has doubts about styling their hair. What are the top celebrity hairstyles you can try for yourself? Let us find out. 

Top Celebrity Hairstyles You Can Try

Celebrities have always been one of the biggest sources of inspiration when it comes to fashion. Many celebrities have defined fashion trends in the past and continue to do so today. In addition, the hairstyles of celebrities have also been adored thanks to fashion magazines and the paparazzi publishing celeb photos from different occasions. People look up to celebrities for new and trending hairstyles that they can adopt. Here are some of the famous haircuts female celebrities have sported, and you can too. 

1. Jennifer Aniston

best celebrity hairstyles
PHOTO: @jenniferaniston

Jennifer Aniston, famous for starring as the cute Rachel Green from the 90s sitcom FRIENDS, knows how to rule hearts with her chic hairstyle. She has maintained her unique style, and now she even has her own hair brand. Jennifer sports a flawless mid-length highlighted hairstyle, which is practically one of the best inspirations for hair styling. Jennifer has one of the best celebrity hairstyles, and she blows her hair to add volume alongside layers to make them appear bouncy. 

2. Khloe Kardashian

khloe kardashian hairstyles
PHOTO: @khloekardashian

You cannot deny the beauty of Khloe Kardashian, and her trendy hairstyles that millions around the world adore. She shows some of the trending celebrity hairstyles with frequent changes in her hair. Sometimes she opts for extensions, while on certain occasions, she chooses different colors. For example, you can notice how in this picture she has curly blond hair for a Barbie-like look. 

3. Emily Ratajkowski

famous haircuts female
PHOTO: @emrata

In your search for celebrity hairstyles females can adopt is still going, you will find an answer in Emily Ratajkowski’s look. She has naturally brown hair and she keeps her hair as natural as possible. Emily’s hairstyle looks completely natural (with subtle highlights maybe), and anyone can try it. You can notice the perfect layering in her hairstyle, which offers a better ease of maintenance alongside making your hair look healthier and full. 


4. Hailey Bieber

celebrity hairstyles female
PHOTO: @haileybieber

Hailey showcases another choice of best celebrity hairstyles with her summer hairstyle in brown. She has accented her brown hair with a few highlights framing her face. The highlights play a vital role in making her face glow in this hairstyle. While Hailey has opted for the blonde hair look for a long time, the brown layered look is nothing short of amazing. 

5. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez hairstyle
PHOTO: @selenagomez

Selena Gomez is also one of the top celebrities people look up to for famous haircuts. Her hairstyling choices express confidence and femininity. Selena has one of the famous haircuts female celebrities can have with her beautiful wavy dark hair. Now, she sports a bob, which is an obviously chic and modern look every woman around the world would love to adopt. 

6. Kate Middleton

kate middleton
PHOTO: @katemiddletonphotos

The Duchess of Cambridge is obviously an inspiration to millions worldwide with the royal element in her looks. If you are looking for the best celebrity hairstyles, the hairstyle of Kate Middleton can offer the inspiration you need to style your own hair. She has thick long brown hair and chooses slight waves in most cases as her top styling option. In addition, Kate also uses highlights to her advantage to make her face glow. 

7. Sydney Sweeney

PHOTO: @sydney_sweeney

The Hollywood star, Sydney Sweeney, is everybody’s sweetheart after her Netflix TV show became a worldwide phenomenon. She gives inspiration for one of the top celebrity hairstyles female audiences would love to try. Sydney actually shows that strawberry blondes can be more fun than regular blondes, with the adorable wavy hair and trendy curtain bangs. 

8. Rihanna

Rihanna Style
PHOTO: @justjared

Another prominent style inspiration, especially for her rebellious fashion choices, is Rihanna shows you how to style your hair with glamor. As a matter of fact, you can notice how Rihanna looks radiant due to her shiny long black hair. The styling choice of Rihanna for wearing her hair half up and completely straightened is an easy inspiration to try out.

9. Addison Rae

Addison Rae
PHOTO: @addisonraee

The next entry among the best celebrity hairstyles you should try out now would point at Addison Rae. She showcases an interesting example of using highlights and waves for styling your hair in a chic manner. Addison has set some serious hair goals with this style.

10. Kaia Gerber

Kaia Gerber Style
PHOTO: @justjared


Kaia Gerber serves another interesting idea for styling thin hair. She wears a shoulder-length hairdo with distinct layers adding up volume to her overall look. She also keeps her natural color that suits her skin tone and features.

11. Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes
PHOTO: @justjared

Katie Holmes also sets another example of trending celebrity hairstyles with her long bob and shiny brown hair. You cannot help but envy her hairstyle, which looks effortlessly healthy. Katie’s hairstyle is an easy choice for anyone who wants a simple hairstyle that would stand out. 


12. Lily Collins

best celebrity hairstyles
PHOTO: @justjared

Lily Collins sports bangs in a preppy look that elevates her appearance with a glowing aesthetic. The new hairstyle works out great and is one of the best celebrity hairstyles you can try out. Just like Lily, you can maintain a natural hair color while choosing the reliable approach of minimal styling.

13. Taylor Swift

taylor swift hairstyle
PHOTO: @taylorswift

The sweetheart of millions worldwide, Taylor Swift, shows the best way to style up bangs. You would definitely love the way she has opted for a fuller style of bangs. On top of it, the longer blonde hair complements the bangs to create a completely chic and appealing hairstyle. 

14. Zendaya

best celebrity hairstyles
PHOTO: @zendaya

Zendaya is not just your random teenage Hollywood star, especially when you look at her various outfit choices. She is an absolute superstar and a sight of beauty in her looks with long brown curly hair. Zendaya has one of the best celebrity hairstyles with curly hair, which she cuts into different lengths. Her cut adds volume to her hair while facilitating better movement. In addition, the highlights in her hairstyle also accent her look further.

Tips to Style Your Hair Like a Celebrity

Here are some tips you should keep in mind before you start styling your hair like celebrities.

  • Check as many celebrity hairstyles as you can before you finalize the style you want.
  • Choose a hairstyle that suits your hair. A style can look amazing on one person and not so great on others- it depends on the type of hair you have, the color, the condition of it, the length, and the volume.
  • Don’t go for hairstyles that require a lot of maintenance and trips to the hair salon. Celebs have personal hair stylists that make sure they look great all the time, but most of us don’t.

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