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7 Casual Ways to Dress Down a Suit

Suits have emerged as a mainstream fashion choice in recent times, continuing their timeless run. While many thought that suits were a thing of the past, they have become popular wardrobe staples today. Many women love to wear suits, and there are many reasons to do the same. If you are wondering about suits becoming too ‘corporate’ in looks, then the best casual suits for women and a few styling tips can solve the problem.

The best thing about suits is their versatility. You can wear them to work, casual everyday outfits, and even nighttime outfits. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about a suit looking too formal for everyday occasions when you style them in the right manner. 

Best Pointers for Styling Casual Looks with Suits

The trend of wearing casual suits with jeans has become a popular choice in recent times. However, your doubts regarding styling your suits have a solid impact on how you use them. For example, the shape of the suit has a huge significance in how you can style it. If the blazer is closer to the body and features a classic tailored fit, then it would look more like a professional outfit choice. On the other hand, an oversized blazer will look more casual.

Similarly, the colour of the suit and the accessories you pair with it also play a crucial role in achieving a casual look with suits. In addition, you should also look for the aspect of fit to find the best casual suits for women, as oversized fit appears more casual. If you want to know how you can make a suit look more casual, then you can try some of the following guidelines.

1. Try on Sneakers

The most obvious recommendation among answers to “How do you style a suit casually?” would refer to sneakers. You can wear your suit with sneakers for the guaranteed assurance of more casual vibes in your outfit.

PHOTO: @haileybstyle

Take a look at Hailey Bieber’s look in a suit, which looks casual with the white trainers.

PHOTO: @hoskelsa

Elsa Hosk sets some sophisticated chic fashion goals in her casual suit look with matching low-top sneakers. 

PHOTO: @emratateam

The formal look of Emrata finds a subtle elevation with the white sneakers in her outfit. 

2. Use a T-shirt or Crop Top

You can get a casual look with a suit jacket easily by pairing it with a t-shirt or crop top. The crop top or t-shirt can help in balancing the professional elements in the suit. In addition, a casual top such as a white t-shirt or a crop top can make the outfit more appealing, modern, and casual.

PHOTO: @hzara.outfits

Choose a cropped tube top underneath a green suit jacket for a more casual aesthetic.

PHOTO: @hoskelsa

A simple round neckline white t-shirt can be quite appealing underneath a beige suit. Paired with colorful sneakers, the suit and t-shirt combination offers an effortlessly casual outfit.

PHOTO: @emratateam

Wear a crop top underneath a suit jacket and distressed jeans for a rugged and trendy vibe in your outfit. 

PHOTO: @carodaur

Go for a cropped tank top with spaghetti straps in black underneath a formal suit in beige for a casual vibe. 

3. Pick Your Accessories Wisely

Any discussion on styling the best casual suits for women would obviously draw attention to accessories. You must choose accessories that can transform your suit from professional wear to cool and trendy casual wear. Make sure you choose casual shoes such as chunky boots, sandals or loafers, and sneakers.

They are great picks for making a suit look more casual. In addition, you can style casual suits with jeans by accessorizing them with a casual tote or adorable crossbody bag. Furthermore, you can also look for some chic and fun additions such as headbands, hats, sunglasses, and colored pieces.

PHOTO: @kendallohnews 

Kendall has opted for the combination of a blazer with sandals and a big tote, which showcase casual vibes profoundly.

PHOTO: @pernilleteisbaek

Pernille Teisbaek has selected bright colors as an interesting way of making her look appear less formal and ‘serious. 

4. Wear the Suit Pieces Separately

You can try styling the best casual suits for women in a casual way by wearing the two suit pieces separately. Try wearing the blazer with a skirt, shorts, or your favorite pair of jeans. Similarly, you can also come up with interesting looks by combining tailored pants in a suit with casual tops. 

PHOTO: @zara.outfits

Pair your suit blazer with distressed ankle-length jeans and a simple white t-shirt along with black and white trainers for a casual look.

PHOTO: @zara.outfits

You can also try a casual look with suit jacket by pairing it with high-waist shorts and a basic button-down shirt. Complement the look with an oversized shoulder bag and trendy sunglasses

PHOTO: @zara.outfits

Another interesting way of creating the best casual suits for women involves wearing a skirt and round-neck top. As you can notice, the accessories stand out prominently in this casual look in a suit. 

PHOTO: @lydiajanetomlinson

You can wear the tailored pants in a suit with a simple white top and a sweater over your shoulders for a preppy vibe. The sneakers and the bag accent the casual look of a suit perfectly. 

5. Look for Colors

The easiest way to answer “How do you style a suit casually?” refers to color. As a matter of fact, color is the simplest way to make your suit appear less formal. You can choose suits in different colors according to your preference for more fashionable and casual looks. 

PHOTO: @zara.outfits

A suit in green color is definitely one of the most adorable picks among casual suits for women. 

PHOTO: @zara.outfits


If you love pink, then you cannot avoid the interesting shade of pink in the best casual suits for women with a preppy element. 

PHOTO: @zara.outfits


You can also go for a suit in ocean blue color for a relaxed and chilled-out casual vibe. 

6. Wear Blazers over Joggers

Another common suggestion among the pointers for styling a casual look with a suit jacket refers to wearing a blazer over joggers. Interestingly, joggers can tone down the professionalism in a suit to a humongous extent. 

PHOTO: @haileybstyle

Hailey Bieber shows how you can have the best casual suits for women just by wearing them with joggers. She rocks this look in a casual suit blazer and joggers alongside white sneakers

PHOTO: @shaymitchell

Shay Mitchell sets some serious fashion goals with suits in this look with the ankle-length joggers in white. 


7. Choose Suits with Less Structure

The final recommendation among pointers for styling casual looks with suits would refer to picking suits with a less structured feel. You can explore a wide range of suit styles in the market. Some of them look more suited for work outfits, while others are less ‘serious’ and feature fun elements. For example, a shorts and blazer combo suit or a crop style suit and even a flowy type suit can be great choices for styling a casual look with a suit jacket and pants. 

PHOTO: @asos

The drawstring waist pants and the white round-neck crop top are a great alternative to the tailored pants and shirt combo.

PHOTO: @asos

This suit with the tie detailing in the top along with the waist cutout detailing is a perfect example of a casual suit with less structure. 

Tips to Shop for the Best Casual Suits for Women

Here are some of the best tips for buying casual suits for women. 

  • Check for all the elements that make a suit more casual looking- shape, color, fit.
  • Style the suit in a casual manner by pairing it with casual accessories or wearing the blazer with jeans.
  • Think of all the possible styling options you will get out of the suit before purchasing it. 

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