How to Style Baggy Jeans?

baggy jeans
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If you thought that the cool baggy jeans from the 90s music videos are out of style, then you need to think twice. Today, the style of baggy jeans became the hottest trend and Gen Z made it the new “it jeans”. 

The trend of baggy jeans started in the 1990s, and it was largely associated with hip hop. On the other hand, there are many theories about the origin of baggy jeans. Freestyle dancers and breakdancers are the first New Yorkers to have been witnessed wearing baggy clothes. Towards the end of the 1980s, the trend of baggy jeans had spread throughout the rest of New York. Today, many people look for answers on how to style baggy jeans. The following discussion will help you find some helpful tips for styling up your baggy jeans.

The Hottest Baggy Jeans & How To Style Them

Cute baggy jeans alone would not be enough to make an outfit complete. It is important that you select the way you want to wear your baggy jeans and the ideal top to pair with them. The choice of shoes and accessories along with baggy jeans is also as important as the rest of the outfit. Here are some helpful suggestions to elevate your style when wearing baggy jeans. 

Our Jeans Picks 

First things first, let’s pick out some great baggy jeans options. Here are some ideas for jeans you can try out.

      1. Wide Leg Full Length Ripped Jeans

High-waist jeans with wide legs and front ripped detail not only give out a teenage vibe but also elongate your legs and make you look slimmer. The unfinished helm, along with the washed effect, fits perfectly in a casual outfit.

      2. Wide Leg Full-Length Jeans

This wide-leg jean is the classic baggy jean that is more sophisticated and chic. 

      3. Solid Color Full-Length Wide Leg Jeans

Try incorporating two trends at once, bold color and a baggy fit. It will go great with neutral colors but also paired with orange for a bold chic look.

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      4. Hi-Rise Wide Leg Cropped Jeans

Cropped jeans made of 100% cotton with a washed effect and high-waist design are great for summer and will go with everything in your closet.

      5. Mid-Rise Wide Leg Cropped Jeans

If the high-rise doesn’t suit you, then you can go with mid-rise baggy jeans. This pair from the house of Tommy Hilfiger has a preppy vibe and branded patch details.

      6. 90s-Inspired Super Wide Leg Jeans

High-rise 90s-inspired baggy jeans with belt loops and a regular fit on the waist will take you back to the ’90s and will pair great with crochet tops or a Zara bodysuit.

      7. Organic Cotton Wide Leg High Rise Jeans

This And Other Stories jeans have a great cut and a bonus of organic cotton material.

      8. Loose Wide High Jeans

The simple design makes this H&M baggy jean chic and timeless. 

      9. Wide High Jeans

If you want a more edgy look this is a great option thanks to the distressed details. 

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Wide Leg Pants

Remember that you don’t have to adhere religiously to jeans to get the perfect baggy look. This is why the next suggestions are a selection of different styles of pants you can choose for baggy outfits.

      10. Select Wide Leg Pants According to Your Style

Wide-leg pants and trousers are a great alternative to jeans, they can be more comfortable because they are not 100% denim, and can be worn to work or date night as well thanks to their sophisticated silhouette. The choice of fabric allows for versatility, and a print can add more style or edge. 

Pairing It Up

Once you have the right jeans or pants for your baggy outfit, you need the right shirt or top to pair with them. Here are some suggestions you can try out.

      11. Suggestions for Tops and Shirts with Baggy Jeans

Styling baggy jeans can be difficult because the wideness of the jeans needs to be balanced out with a more fitted top to avoid looking bigger or frumpy. The best options to pair with wide-leg bottoms are a halterneck bodysuit, or crop tops because they show the figure. If you want a more classic look then basic linen or silk shirt are great options. 

Accessorizing is Important

The ideal baggy style outfit is bland without accessories. So, it is important to remember the essentials you would need with the outfit, such as heeled sandals (because baggy jeans often run long), a cute baguette bag, and a pair of chunky rectangle sunglasses. 

Tips to Style up Baggy Jeans 

Baggy jeans are inspired by the 90s and still are relevant in contemporary fashion. Here are some styling tips and ideas for baggy jeans.

  • First, think about which way you want to wear it, do you want to build a casual outfit, a work-appropriate look, or a night out statement. Distressed and washed effects will go great in a casual look with one shoulder tank top or bodysuit. If you want a more sophisticated look then go with trousers and pair them with a button-down shirt or a corset-style top.
  • Look for a pair that will work with your body type and style preferences. You can go with a low, mid, or high waist. You can also go with ankle or full length (better for Petites). You can also go with a printed version or a classic blue with no-wash, it is up to you.
  • Shoes are tricky with wide legs because they tend to run long. That is why a great heeled sandal will work perfectly. If you want to wear it casually with sneakers you can cut it to the desired length to make it a frayed hem look, or buy an ankle-length in advance.


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