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15 Amazing Advantages of Buying Vintage & Second Hand Clothes

Wondering if you should buy vintage and second hand clothes? Here’re the top benefits of shopping vintage collections; check now.

Vintage items have a unique value, especially owing to the distinct elements in their designs, which are hard to find today. The demand for vintage shopping in fashion has grown by substantial margins in recent times, with a particular emphasis on sustainability. You don’t want your fashion choices to affect the lives of future generations, and sustainability helps in making fashion responsible. 

However, the thought of purchasing old and second-hand items often overshadows the benefits of shopping vintage clothes and accessories. Why? The primary reason for such assumptions arises from various misconceptions about vintage items. The following discussion helps you understand the true value of vintage shopping and how it can serve beneficial implications.

Advantages of Shopping Vintage

One of the first things that come to mind when you think of vintage products is that the products are old. You might assume that vintage items could not offer the desired quality found in new items, but the opposite is true most of the time. Let’s take a look at the advantages of second hand products not only for you but also for the world around you. 

For starters, you can save a lot of money as well as help the planet by purchasing vintage items. On top of it, vintage fashion gives you some exceptional choices to craft your unique style of outfits. Here are some of the top benefits of shopping vintage fashion choices that can clear your misconceptions about second hand shopping. 

1. Save the Environment

One of the foremost answers for “Why is it good to buy vintage?” would refer to the benefits for the environment. The impact of the fashion industry on the environment has been sliding in a negative direction for quite a long time. So, you can contribute in your own way to reduce waste and damage to the planet by shopping for vintage items. 

2. Better Quality 

Another promising entry among advantages of second hand products in fashion would refer to the improvements in quality. In comparison to the clothes you find today, vintage clothes have better quality materials. For example, the most common choices of fabric in fast fashion today include acrylic, polyester, or nylon. 

On the other hand, clothes designed in the previous decades were tailored for enduring the test of time. The use of quality fabric such as wool and cotton alongside the intricate detailing in the quality of sewing provided better quality. Therefore, you can have the assurance of high quality when you buy vintage items in fashion. 

3. Supporting the People

Fast fashion might look quite appealing with so many new and trendy choices arriving in stores every week. However, the availability of new items at low prices often comes at a high cost in the exploitation of workers. The workers of fast fashion manufacturers do not have fair working conditions, and shopping for fast fashion makes you responsible for the plight of workers. On the contrary, the benefits of shopping vintage can ensure that your fashion choices do not harm other people. 

4. Reducing Waste

The massive fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to waste in our environment. Manufacturing and processing huge amounts of fabric every day for fast fashion generally involves the use of many chemicals. To worsen the situation, manufacturers dispose of the waste in such a manner that affects third-world citizens. So, vintage shopping benefits could help in preventing the unnecessary disposal of waste in third-world countries.

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5. Vintage is Stylish 

Many people have doubts about “Why is it good to buy vintage?” as they think of vintage items as outdated. However, old fashion trends are making a comeback in the modern fashion landscape, with vintage clothing presenting a unique appeal. You could easily incorporate vintage items in your outfits while balancing them with your own style. 

6. Encounter with Culture

The next promising mention among benefits of shopping vintage would refer to the possibilities for cultural encounters. Vintage shopping or second hand shopping gives you the ideal opportunities for spending a day, generally in foreign countries, learning about their culture. You can have a great time browsing through the vintage stores while also seeking some great bargains. 

7. Historical Significance

The list of vintage shopping benefits would also bring the historical significance of vintage items into consideration. The historical value of a piece of clothing or accessory makes it unique. So, vintage shopping also helps you incorporate a piece of history in your wardrobe and preserve a memory of the past. 

8. Stand Out from the Crowd

Second hand and vintage shopping serve as a promising approach for maintaining your own unique style. While people turn towards the trends, you can set some new standards of fashion in your looks with vintage items. The benefits of shopping vintage could easily help you elevate your looks in modern outfits with just one vintage item. 

9. Second Hand Is Not Always Old

The advantages of second hand products often fade into the background of assumptions that they are old items. As a matter of fact, second hand clothes and accessories necessarily don’t mean that they are old. Second hand clothes could also feature contemporary styles and trends. People buy clothes only to never wear them, and such clothes can be great picks in thrift stores. You can discover some trendy clothes with second hand shopping at considerably low prices. 

10. Endless Selection

The benefits of shopping vintage also reflect on the comprehensive and endless selection of second hand items in fashion. You will discover clothes, accessories, and shoes with distinct styles and designs from different decades. On top of it, you can browse through the endless vintage collections on different online platforms. 

11. Creativity for Your Style

Vintage shopping also encourages you to light up your creativity. Shopping for second hand items would help you think about how you can incorporate an item you love in modern outfits. You can also come up with new input on altering vintage pieces for an ideal fit with your style. 

12. Price Benefits

You would obviously come across the point of cost-effective purchases in benefits of shopping vintage clothes, accessories, and shoes. Vintage shopping helps you choose designer clothing and accessories at considerably low prices. So, vintage shopping not only gives you the benefit of low prices but also access to exceptional vintage products. 

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13. Give Back to the Community

Some second hand stores donate a specific portion of their sales for charity. As a result, shopping for vintage fashion pieces from such stores gives you a chance to give back to the community. 

14. Easy Opportunities for Experiments

The benefits of shopping vintage also allow you to experiment with your style a great deal. With a wide range of unique designs, vintage items give you endless possibilities for styling your outfits with new looks. Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about the cost of trying on a new style and you buy second hand.

15. Ready to Wear Options

Vintage clothes such as second hand jeans from Levi’s would be ready to wear. You don’t have to invest any effort in breaking in a new pair of jeans as someone else would have already done that for you. 

Tips to Shop for Vintage Clothes and Accessories

Here are some important pointers that can help you shop for vintage fashion. 

  • Choose suitable online stores known for vintage clothes, accessories, and shoes. 
  • There are price variations when it comes to second hand and vintage stores, so you can pick the store that sells at a price point you are comfortable with.
  • Vintage items sometimes come with certain defects, so you have to look for the defects in the product before purchasing them.    
  • When you buy second hand, take some chances and experiment with new styles and trends.    

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