Styling Tips For A Day At The Beach

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Some things make our summers perfect, and a beach vacation is one of them. Letting go of everything and chilling out on the beach might be the most fun thing to do in summer. So, when the talk of beach day the first thing that comes to mind is preparing the best women beach outfits. 

The first thing you need to think about when you plan a beach day or vacation is your swimwear choice. Once you have your selection ready, then it’s time to think about what to wear on top of the swimsuit, the shoes, and how to accessorize. So, let us find out some simple tips that will make you look gorgeous on any beach day. 

Tips to Style up Beach Outfits 

The question of styling an outfit for a beach day can be scary. We want to feel good in our own skin and be comfortable. To make sure that happens, create an outfit around the swimsuit that makes you feel chic, confident, and stylish. Here are some great options.  

      1. Hats

If you are planning to venture out on the beach when the sun shines bright, then you need a wide-brim sun hat or a cute and trendy bucket hat. Hats have always been a staple addition in women beach outfits, and are quite a classy accessory. 

      2. Crossbody Strap Striped Pareo Towel

There is no way you can skip packing a towel on a beach day. This option is great because it doesn’t take any room in your bag, so you can go with a smaller bag, and you don’t get sand everywhere.

      3. Fringed Shopper

A big trend this summer is fringe, and a chic way to hop on the trend is with a fringed shopping bag with textured, woven cotton fabric. With a design featuring two rope handles and fringes at short sides, it is all you need for packing your beach essentials.

      4. Necklaces

A great way to accessorize for a beach day is to use jewelry. These options will add tons of style to any swimsuit.

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      5. Pack of Bracelets 

A pack of bracelets is a perfect way to add style to any beach outfit. You can go with gold, wood, or simple woven thread.  

      6. Sunglasses

Make your beach fashion statement more trendy and chic with your sunglasses choice, go for a rectangle shape, or classic with a tortoiseshell design.

      7. Outfits

A Great and easy option for a beach day outfit is a co-ord in breezy fabrics. You can also hop on the crochet trend, and go with a dress or top that works perfectly over swimwear. A classic wrap style skirt is also a great option or even classic Levi’s shorts with a simple white tank top.

      8. Pool Shoes

The final addition recommended for your beach day outfit would be pairing the perfect shoes. You can go with a simple flip flop, or elevate your look with leather-look slides.

Tips to Looking Stylish on a Beach Day

Getting a day off and going to the beach feels like such a privilege. If you want to make your beach day perfect, here are some tips for finding the best women beach outfits. 

  • Pick your swimwear first. Go for something that makes you feel great and confident.
  • Once you have your swimsuit choice, it’s time to think about an outfit. If you went for a sexy bikini, you can go with the same theme, and team it up with a sheer crochet dress. You can also go with a fun co-ord, or basic shorts, there are great options to choose from.
  • Go with breathable fabrics and comfy shoes, you won’t regret that choice.
  • Don’t forget safety, a hat and sunscreen are a must!
  • Pack a bag with all you need- a towel (or go with the great Zara option mentioned above), water, a book, sunglasses, sunscreen, wallet, snacks, and a change of clothes.
  • Remember, accessories are the best way to elevate any look, including a beach day outfit. So, don’t forget a hat, jewelry, and your sunglasses.   


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