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Plus-Size Looks to Steal from Ashley Graham’s Wardrobe

The conventional precedents in fashion-focused largely on catering to the seemingly “perfect” bodies fashion designers think a woman should have. As the fashion landscape continues evolving at a steady pace, new and inclusive options are making their mark in mainstream fashion. The popularity of plus size model ashley graham is a clear example of how fashion has turned more inclusive.

While there are many plus size models, Ashley has crafted a niche identity for her unique styles. As of now, she is the only plus-size woman sought after by top brands such as H&M and Forever 21. She also graced the Sports Illustrated cover as the first curvy model. Considering the identity of Ashley Graham as a plus-size model and fashion influencer, it is reasonable to look up to her for style inspiration. How does Ashley get it right when it comes to plus-size clothing? 

The popularity of plus size model Ashley Graham on Instagram and her adorable outfits are some of the biggest highlights in modern fashion. You can find many outfit ideas from the looks of Ashley Graham to dress up in cute outfits like her. Ashley loves casual outfits as well as dresses. Interestingly, she can pull off any look with ease, and that makes her more appealing as a plus-size fashion influencer. Let us review some of her top looks of Ashley Graham to find the easiest ways to recreate them. 

  • Spring Look

ashley graham spring look
PHOTOS: @ashleygrahamtr

If you look at Ashley Graham body measurements and her spring looks, then you might discover a new way to look chic in plus-size clothing that is unapologetic. Ashley has successfully incorporated some notable trends in spring fashion and made a coherent look. First of all, you can notice the crochet shorts in a perfect, flattering length and the unbuttoned cardigan. You cannot help but notice how the unbuttoned cardigan makes her look sexy and cool. 

The monochrome look by plus size model Ashley Graham looks quite expensive with vibes of sophistication. The other important highlights in Ashley’s spring look are the Fendi baguette bag, and JW Anderson slides. In addition, Ashley has opted for an early 2000s hairstyle with 2 front bits framing her face. 

You can recreate this spring look with a few simple choices. Don’t worry about questions like “How much does Ashley Graham weight?” when you can recreate her outfits according to your sizing preferences. Start with a pair of shorts you love and blend them with a cardigan in a matching color that you leave half open. Finally, you can complete your Ashley Graham look with cute and trending accessories


  • Monochrome Look 

Ashley Graham Monochrome Look 
PHOTOS: @ashleygrahamtr

In this look of plus size model Ashley Graham, she wears the monochrome look again with a chic vibe. The monochrome outfit looks more put together, especially with the different additions in it. You can notice the basic base layer of the outfit featuring joggers, a tank top, and sneakers. However, the leather bag and shirt jacket play a crucial role in elevating the look. Ashley has also opted for jewellery as accessories alongside natural hair styling and makeup. 

You don’t have to care about Ashley Graham body measurements to recreate the monochrome look in any size. Interestingly, you can recreate this look easily with the clothes you already have in your closet. Pair them up in monochrome and balanced outfits for one of the best looks inspired by Ashley Graham. 

  • Zoom Meetings Look

plus size model Ashley Graham Zoom Meetings Look
PHOTOS: @ashleygrahamtr

The next look of plus size model Ashley Graham is an example of how plus-size women could dress perfectly for Zoom meetings. You can also wear Ashley’s look in a casual outfit which fits well in any plus-size woman’s wardrobe. Ashley sports black leggings designed with front slit detailing at the hem. 

The cute stone sweater on the top accents the leggings, while the V-neck lets adequate space for showing her gold necklaces. She has opted for minimal makeup in this look, which appears adorable on camera. Most importantly, Ashley delivers a laid-back and effortless look that you can recreate with ease. 

  • Casual Date Look

plus size model ashley graham
PHOTO: @ashleygrahamtr

In another one of her stunning looks, Ashley shows why you shouldn’t bother about “how much does Ashley Graham weight?” because she rocks a trendy look just like any straight sized model would (if not better). Ashley loves to wear the look quite often, generally with shirts in different colors. The look shows how you can dress cute while still feeling comfy.

With the combination of classic biker shorts and an oversized button-down shirt, Ashley gives us a stunning plus-size fashion inspiration. The heels in this look of plus size model Ashley Graham transform the look from casual to date night appropriate. On the contrary, you can choose sneakers with this look for activities that require you to keep running around all day. 

The look of Ashley Graham is an example of how an outfit could elongate the appearance of your legs for a classy aesthetic. In terms of accessories, Ashley has grabbed a Bottega Veneta pouch bag alongside some jewellery. 


  • Oversized Trendy Look

plus size model ashely graham body measurements
PHOTO: @ashleygrahamtr

The final look of plus size model Ashley Graham on Instagram shows her in a TikTok video. She wears a trendy outfit with a preppy element just like the ones smaller-sized women would wear. The trendy cargo pants, along with the cropped cardigan, are a great outfit choice for plus-sized women with a love for trends. 

Ashley has balanced the oversized fit of the two items in her outfit with a crop top to flaunt her curves. Interestingly, you can recreate this look of plus size model Ashley Graham for any type of body shape. What’s more interesting is that the outfit would look amazing even if you are not a plus-sized woman. 

Tips to Shop for Plus Size Clothes

Here are some important pointers you should take into account while shopping for plus size clothes

  • The variety of stores selling plus-sized clothing is getting better every year. You have stores that specialize in plus size clothing, but also many high street options that have a plus size line. You can find plus size gems on Shein, Asos, Mango, H&M, Cider, Fashion Nova, and others.
  • Don’t allow narrow minded people to tell you what to wear! Wear trends and styles you love without any restrictions. 
  • Never miss the reviews, product details, and sizing specifications of plus size clothing as they can tell you more about the piece of clothing. 
  • Follow plus size influencers for styling ideas and overall inspiration.

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