10 Affordable, Stylish Workwear Clothes That Will Make Your Co-workers Jealous

Affordable Work Clothes for Women
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Looking for some chic and classy work outfits in your budget? Here we bring the list of top choices in affordable work clothes for women.

Workwear fashion has become a focal point of attention after the millennials and Gen-Z’s joined the workforce. The importance of dressing professionally yet chic for a job interview or your first day at the job cannot be undermined. However, your everyday workwear wardrobe should reflect your job type and requirements, the office atmosphere, how comfortable you want to be, and your personality. 

In the present times, professional outfits are more about professionalism being reflected in the outfit rather than the formal workplace dressing codes. Our workwear wardrobe needs to be a decent size because we spend most of our days at work and need to wear something different each day. As a result, many are eager to try out affordable work clothes for women through various online platforms and stores. Let us find out some of the top picks among cost-effective work clothes for women you should get right now. 

Top Choices in Affordable Professional Clothing for Women

The days of finding work clothes & office attire for women, which are restricted only to workplaces, are gone. Now, women want stylish yet formal work clothes which they can wear conveniently and look chic outside of work. The preferences of women for professional clothing have also tilted towards improved functionality and comfort. 

So, it is important to find affordable work clothes for women that are comfortable, chic, and not boring. At the same time, it is also important to focus on making the outfits work for events other than work. Here are some helpful ideas for work outfits for women in 2022. 

Outfit 1- Zara beige trousers and H&M blue striped buttoned down shirt

High-waist pants have become one of the staple additions in women’s professional clothing in the present times. A great choice to add to any workwear wardrobe will be Zara’s classic beige trousers with seams at the front. Pair up the high-waist pants with an oversized cotton shirt in blue with white stripes, and wear it tucked in the pants, with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow.

Outfit 2- And Other Stories Blazer Dress

Sometimes finding stylish work outfits ideas in 2022 is not as difficult as you think. Try out the And Other Stories sleeveless blazer dress in beige with front button closure and a wrap front design. The blazer dress is great for summer since it is not too tight and comfortable to wear. With such an appealing minimal design, the blazer dress could also be a perfect pick for your night-outs.

Outfit 3- Zara full length pants in brown, Zara halterneck bodysuit in black and an H&M button down shirt in black

If you want to purchase affordable work clothes for women and also want them to be the perfect pick for a casual outing then we have an interesting idea. Begin with the Zara full-length, high-waist, straight-leg pants with side pockets and pleat detail in the front in brown. Complement the pants with a halterneck bodysuit from Zara in black, and wear a linen blend black button down shirt on top. Make sure that the overshirt is open and the sleeves are rolled up, that way you look put together and chic at the same time, and when you are done with work, take the button down shirt off and you get a more casual and sexy look. 

Outfit 4- Zara black high waisted pants, H&M button down sleeveless shirt, and an oversized blazer in Camel

Another promising suggestion to get started with work clothes & office attire for women would be high-waist pants in a classic fit and color (black). Top it up with a relaxed fit, sleeveless cotton shirt in black with accented shoulders. To finish this look and add some color and warmth, choose an oversized blazer in camel. 

Outfit 5- Zara slit leggings in camel and H&M oversized poplin shirt in white

High-waist leggings with slits at the bottom could also be one of the best additions to affordable work clothes for women. The chic design elevates the leggings and makes them work appropriate. The ideal companion for the high-waist leggings with slit hem detail would be an oversized poplin shirt dress in white. Choose one in woven cotton fabric with dropped shoulders, and a removable tie belt at the waist.


Outfit 6- H&M pleated knee length skirt in light beige with the ASOS volume sleeves white button down shirt

A knee length pleated skirt is also one of the mandatory additions to women’s professional clothing. The best top to pair with the pleated skirt would be a button down cotton shirt in white with balloon sleeves. 

Outfit 7- Mango Midi Shirt Dress in Black or Beige

You could also avoid the need to go through multiple options among stylish work outfits ideas in 2022 by picking up a cotton shirt dress in black or beige. The mid length and cotton fabric make this dress work appropriate, while the tie waist cinches your waist and adds style. This dress can also work well in casual events and thanks to the timeless design will never go out of style.

Outfit 8- Shein tailored pants on grey with H&M ribbed t-shirt in white

Women can also blend sophistication, elegance, and professionalism with the high waisted grey tailored pants and ribbed, sleeveless, round neck t-shirt top. The top adds a bit of casualness to the pants and makes this look cooler. 

Outfit 9- H&M beige dress pants, JDY white shirt and H&M crop sweater vest

Dress pants in light beige color could also be one of the most affordable work clothes for women. Pick up high-waist, front pleated dress pants with side pockets and tapered fit at the legs. You should then try on a regular fit, white cotton shirt with a short sweater vest in white underneath on top. The vest will add a preppy feel to the look and warmth as well. 

Outfit 10- Zara high rise skinny jeans, H&M ribbed polo shirt and H&M beige blazer

Outfit ideas with affordable work clothes for women could also include skinny high-rise jeans in a dark color. The slit details at the hem make the skinny jeans more sophisticated and work appropriate. Pair the jeans with a ribbed knit shirt in black and add a light beige blazer on top.

Tips for Purchasing Work Clothes for Women

You can easily find some of the best affordable work clothes for women with a bit of research. However, the following pointers could ensure that you land up with a valuable and stylish deal on your work clothes. 

  • There are different types of professional outfits for women, such as casual, smart casual, business professional, business casual, and business formal. Make sure you are looking for the right clothes for your professional needs.
  • Look for clothes you can wear outside of work as well, and make sure you choose a comfortable fit and a breathable fabric. 
  • Rather than following the trends blindly, when it comes to workwear, stick with classics. 
  • Try to build a capsule workwear wardrobe so all the clothes you buy work well together and you don’t need to keep buying more.
  • Neutral colors are a girl’s best friend when it comes to workwear because they are easy to style and work well all year round.


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