The Best Designer Bag Dupes of 2022 Part 2

designer bag dupes ideas in 2021
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As you all liked our collection of best designer bag dupes of 2022 part 1, here we bring part 2 of the best designer bag dupes ideas in 2022. 

Designer bags are obviously one of the top priorities you will find in the shopping list of women. Designer handbags can elevate your style and make even the simplest of outfits look great. While every woman desires to have the best collection of designer handbags, it is difficult to have all of them on a budget. Therefore, many women are looking for designer bag dupes ideas in 2022 to spice up their wardrobes without blowing a hole in their pocket. Let us find some of the most affordable dupes of popular designer handbags. 

Top Picks among Designer Handbag Dupes in 2022

The foremost barrier in purchasing a good designer handbag is the cost. The advantages of premium design, material, and features come at a premium price, and it can be difficult for those with limited financial resources to purchase designer bags. However, you can always avail affordable designer dupes for cheap without much difference in design and overall aesthetics. Here is an outline of some of the best dupes for popular designer handbags that you can purchase right now.

      1. Bottega Veneta Chain Pouch Shoulder Bag

The Bottega Veneta chain pouch shoulder bag offers a promising mix of premium craftsmanship along with modern design. The unique shape of the bag, the gold-tone hardware, and the chunky chain make this bag truly an exemplar of luxury. You can start your designer dupe handbags collection by opting for a similar minimalist chain bag with ruched detail, resembling the original perfectly and at a fraction of the price.

      2. Saint Laurent Shopper Tote Bag

The large shopper tote bag from Saint Laurent features fine Italian craftsmanship along with the formidable quality of the black textured leather. With a large and unstructured shape, the shopper tote bag comes with a gold-tone ‘YSL’ charm. You can discover an affordable dupe for this designer bag in the H&M shopper bag made from grained faux leather. Pick one in black, and you might struggle to see the difference when compared to the original.

      3. Prada 2005 Re-Nylon Bag

Another top choice when looking for designer bag dupes ideas in 2022 would obviously point to the Prada 2005 Re-Nylon bag. The metal hardware and removable chain handle are some of the striking highlights of this designer handbag. Furthermore, the Saffiano trim in the handbag lends a unique visual appeal to the bag. 

The ideal choice of a dupe for the Prada 2005 Re-Nylon bag would be a cross-body bag from Steve Madden. Featuring a braided cross-body strap, you could also discover a detachable zip pouch and chain detail like you see in the original. In addition, the silver-tone hardware is another further similarity.

      4. Louis Vuitton NEVERFULL MM

The Neverfull MM tote is also another reason to find affordable designer dupes for cheap as it brings a timeless design. Crafted with a flexible Monogram canvas featuring natural cowhide trim, the Neverfull MM bag is the epitome of functionality and style. The best choice of a dupe for this designer bag would refer to a geometric graphic tote bag that matches the monogram of the original, as well as the shape and leather trim.

      5. Jimmy Choo Bon Bon Mini Bag

The Jimmy Choo Bon Bon mini bag comes is made from a silk-blend material in fuchsia pink. With the miniature design and gold-tone hardware alongside crystal embellishments, this mini bag is a must-have for every stylish woman. The best designer bag dupes ideas in 2022 for the Bon Bon mini bag would focus on a silk fuchsia bag from Zara. The silk dupe bag has a similar shape, color, and satin fabric, but it does have a more minimalist design in comparison to the original.

      6. Jimmy Choo Mini Varenne Bowling Bag

The mini Varenne bowling bag by Jimmy Choo comes in a gracious black color with two rounded top handles. You can find striking details in this bag such as the crocodile-effect pattern, logo engraving, and the adjustable, detachable shoulder strap. The best dupe for the mini Varenne bowling bag would be Zara’s animal-embossed mini-bowling bag in black. 

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      7. Celine Medium Classic Bag

When looking for designer bag dupes ideas in 2022 you can’t ignore the coveted classic medium bag by Celine. Crafted from natural calfskin, the tan-colored bag also features a detachable leather strap. Most importantly, you have the signature metal clasp closure as the best visual highlight in the bag. If you find it too pricey, then you could pick up a similar classic square bag with a metal décor flap closure. 

      8. JW Anderson Nano Cap Bag

The Nano cap bag by JW Anderson showcases an innovative and playful take on designer handbags. The Nano cap bag in pecan brown with a thin strap is a great addition to any wardrobe and a style statement. The contrast stitching highlights are dominantly visible in the aesthetics of the bag. If you want the statement without the splurge, try the very similar cap-design bag featuring some tassels as decorative highlights. 

      9. Loewe Balloon Small Leather Bucket Bag          

Another great choice among designer bag dupes ideas in 2022 is the stylishly crafted balloon bag from Loewe. The classic bucket shape, along with the adjustable shoulder strap, makes the designer bag very versatile for use. The most promising dupe for this designer bag would obviously refer to an almost identical drawstring bucket bag from Shein

      10. Small Dior Book Tote Bag

The small book tote bag from the house of Christian Dior features blue Dior oblique embroidery as its foremost highlight. This bag is one of the most desirable items in the Dior collections of recent years, not just because of its exquisite design but also thanks to its functionality. You could come across the best dupes for popular designer handbags like the Dior book tote in the Shein letter graphic tote bag. The letter graphic tote bag resembles the original closely in terms of design and functionality, and at a fraction of the price.

      11. Saint Laurent Uptown Monogram-plaque Shoulder Bag

The Saint Laurent Uptown monogram-plaque shoulder bag is also a promising choice among designer handbags worth investing in. The beige-colored bag featuring the monogram plaque along with the detailed leather trim can be a timeless addition to your handbag collection. If you like the style but not the price, go with Mango’s fabric and leather contrast bag with a cross-body design and a long adjustable strap that resembles the chicness of the original.

      12. Celine Sangle Bucket Bag

The Sangle bucket bag made of grained calfskin in black color and featuring a woolen shoulder strap is also an attractive minimal design from Celine. You can find unique highlights such as an inner hook closure alongside flat pockets on the bag’s exterior. If you are looking for a more affordable bag, just pick up an oversized tote bag in a similar design and color, and you have the ideal dupe for the original.

Tips to Purchase Designer Handbag Dupes in 2022

Even if you find the ideal designer bag dupes ideas in 2022, there are many other concerns to address. Here are some helpful pointers to find great designer bag dupes.

  • Rely on research and employ all your resources in finding the dupes with their respective originals.
  • Check for the degree of similarity between the dupe and the original to see if you are making the right purchase.
  • Do not fixate on the price, as designer bag dupes can also be pricey in some cases. Always focus on the value you get with designer bag dupes, i.e., designer bags at low costs.       


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