14 Affordable & Stylish Baby Clothing Brands in 2022

best place to buy baby clothes
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The joy of having a newborn baby in your arms is practically unexplainable in words. The arrival of a baby in your life brings lots of happiness, and at the same time, you have to start thinking of the best choices for your baby. This is one of the reasons for which new mothers are eager to find out the best place to buy baby clothes with promising benefits. 

Mothers are looking for safe, comfortable, and convenient options in clothing for their newborns, and that too with good deals. Mothers want clothing for their babies with the assurance of enhanced quality alongside the benefits of cost-effectiveness. Let us find out some of the top places where you can find inexpensive baby clothes, albeit without any compromises in quality. 

Best Places to Buy Baby Clothes

One of the first doubts that comes to the mind of mothers when looking for new clothes for their babies is about the place to obtain cheap baby clothes. While there are many platforms that claim to offer inexpensive baby clothes, you need to look for credible stores. As a mother, you would reasonably look for lower costs with high quality in the clothes you buy for your baby. So, you can find your answer to ‘where to buy cheap baby clothes’ in the following alternatives. 

1. H&M Baby

H&M kids fashion
PHOTO: @hm_kids

The reputation of H&M in the world of fashion is practically undeniable. Interestingly, H&M also offers you cheap baby clothes with the assurance of quality products. The H&M Baby line includes everything for newborns, baby girls, and baby boys. You have the option to filter searches based on new arrivals along with many promising alternatives in accessories, shoes as well as costumes. The biggest value advantage of H&M Baby as the best place to buy baby clothes is the incorporation of the biggest trends in fashion for newborns and toddlers. 

2. Zara Baby

Zara kids fashion
PHOTO: @zarakids

Another promising place which answers the question ‘where to buy cheap baby clothes’ is Zara Baby. The new product line from Zara brings a wide variety of offerings in fashion for newborn babies. In addition, you could also find many functionally stylish essentials for baby girls and baby boys with Zara Baby. Most importantly, you can get weekly updates about product collections on Zara Baby with something new for you to discover. 

3. Amazon

amazon kids fashion
PHOTO: @amazonfashion

You could not undermine the feasibility of choosing an option like Amazon as the best place to buy baby clothes. It is the largest online marketplace for all types of goods, and baby clothes are no exception. The interesting fact about shopping for cheap baby clothes on Amazon is that you have access to a wider variety of products. You can find product listings from individual designers and boutiques which could be interesting additions to your baby’s wardrobe, as well as bigger names. Amazon also offers effective product evaluation with the facility of customer reviews and detailed product descriptions. 


4. Carter’s

Carters kids fashion
PHOTO: @carters

The list of top places to buy inexpensive baby clothes would also feature the name Carter’s. As a matter of fact, Carter’s is the leading provider of children’s clothing, accessories, and gifts in America. Interestingly, Carter’s sells more than 10 products for every child in the US. You can find the value of a heritage of quality with Carter’s alongside the support of innovation in designs. The trusted online store has renowned brands in its product portfolio, thereby garnering the recognition of more customers. 

5. Nordstrom

Nordstrom kids clothing
PHOTO: @nordstromrack

You could also come across Nordstrom as the best place to buy baby clothes, especially owing to the fact that it is a leading fashion retailer. With a long history dating back to 1901, Nordstrom features an exclusive assortment of baby clothes from popular brands. In addition, you can discover many exciting fashion pieces for your baby on Nordstrom with appealing design variations. 

6. The Children’s Place

Childrens Place kids clothing
PHOTO: @childrensplace

The Children’s Place is also one of the notable places where you can find cheap baby clothes with exceptional designs. The Children’s Place is a well known retailer in the US specializing in children’s apparel and accessories. However, the online store of The Children’s Place helps you find cheap baby clothes store easily.

7. Old Navy

Old Navy Kids Clothes
PHOTO: @oldnavy

Old Navy is a credible retailer for finding some of the best pieces in clothing for babies and toddlers. Shopping for inexpensive baby clothes on Old Navy becomes more fun, affordable, and easy. The notable highlights of Old Navy refer to the availability of important fashion essentials for newborns such as dresses, jeans, school uniforms, pajamas, and t-shirts. Old Navy also offers different toddler styles with a wide range of sizes.

8. Target 

Target kids clothing
PHOTO: @target

Target is one of the most prominent options for cost-effective fashion shopping for all age groups. You could find the best place to buy baby clothes at Target with their offerings for kids. Target offers a wide assortment of baby clothes for different age groups ranging from newborns to toddlers. You could also discover gender-neutral baby clothing to add a distinctive style element to your baby’s looks.

9. Gap Baby

Gap Baby Clothing
PHOTO: @gapkids

The choice to purchase inexpensive baby clothes could also take you to Gap Baby. Gap Baby clothing offers a highly functional mix of adorable styles with comfort and quality. The Gap baby clothes include essentials for baby boys and girls for almost every occasion, including sleepwear and playtime favorites. 


10. Hanna Andersson

Hanna Andersson kids fashion
PHOTO: @happyhannas

You could also find Hanna Anderson as another addition among answers to ‘where to buy cheap baby clothes.’ The company specializes in children’s fashion with the unique highlights of great quality, durability, and impeccable craftsmanship in all products. Most important of all, you can get all these advantages in baby clothes at quite inexpensive rates.

11. Burt’s Bees Baby

Burt’s Bees Baby Clothes
PHOTO: @burtsbeesbaby

Burt’s Bees Baby collection also offers some unique choices in baby clothing at cost-effective prices. The interesting highlight in the collection of Burt’s Bees Baby is the use of organic cotton fabric. In addition, Burt’s Bees also offers other products for babies like bedding and bath, which make the platform more interesting.

12. Posh Peanut

Posh Peanut kids clothing
PHOTO: @poshpeanut

Your search for the best place to buy baby clothes can also lead you to the Posh Peanut. The platform lets you select the best options from a varied assortment of clothing and accessories tailored specifically for toddlers and newborns. All the products on Posh Peanut are tailored with the ideal blend of style and comfort with attention to modern fashion trends. 

13. Primary

Primary Kids Clothes
PHOTO: @primarydotcom

The choices of places to buy cheap baby clothes could also include Primary. It offers some of the best choices among essentials required for babies. You could find a varied collection of sleepers and rompers, babysuits, pants, shorts, and outerwear. Furthermore, you get the value of sustainable and super soft, comfortable clothes for your baby.

14. Tea Collection 

Tea Collection Kids Fashion
PHOTO: @teacollection

If you are looking for a more inclusive approach towards dressing your baby, then you can choose the Tea Collection. The platform offers clothes for children, babies, and newborns. The most interesting highlight in the Tea Collection as the best place to buy baby clothes is the element of inspiration from all over the world in their products. You can have some high-quality, fun, and attractive clothes for your baby with the Tea Collection.

Tips to Shop for Baby Clothes

Here are some pointers which can help you purchase baby clothes with valuable benefits.

  • Pay attention to the sizing of your baby to find the perfect fit of clothes.
  • Evaluate the fabric and the functionality it can offer in the clothes for your baby.
  • Try to avoid any irritable elements such as clothing tags or metallic buttons. 
  • Make sure that the clothes you buy for your baby are convenient to wear and remove.
  • Always begin with the essentials such as jumpsuits and rompers to dress up your baby.   


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