10 Addison Rae Outfits That Are An Undeniable Vibe

addison rae outfits
PHOTOS: @addisonraee

If you have been following the world of TikTok closely, then you must have come across the name of Addison Rae at some point in time. As a matter of fact, she is one of the top celebrities on the social media platform, with over 80 million followers. Apart from winning the hearts of millions of her followers, Addison has also ventured into acting and the music industry. The Addison rae outfits are also getting very famous.

At the same time, Addison Rae outfits are also the talk of the town when it comes to fashion trends in present times. While many people are eager to find out what Addison Rae is wearing and where she gets her clothes from, there is little discussion about the elements that define her style.

Unraveling the Addison Rae Style in Different Outfits

Addison Rae is a popular TikTok celebrity, and almost every fashion-savvy woman wants to know what’s in the Addison Rae closet. However, decoding the wardrobe of Addison Rae becomes a lot easier when you know what her style includes and represents. You can notice the inspiration of Y2K styles that are influenced by the 90s and the 2000s in Addison Rae outfits. She represents the classic American girl next door image perfectly, albeit with sexy tones. Some of the edgy twists in her outfits are quite similar to the pop stars of the early 2000s and late 90s. 

You could find a hint of Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears references here and there in the Addison Rae style. Other interesting details in her style include trendy pieces such as baggy jeans, shoulder bag, mesh, rectangle sunglasses, and sexy hair and makeup. Furthermore, you could easily find a lot of colors, skirts, playful accessories, prints, tight clothes, and short shorts in her looks. Let us decode ten of her recent looks to find the true essence of Addison Rae clothes.

Outfit 1

Addison Rae red sweatshirt outfit
PHOTO: @addisonraee

The red sweatshirt marks the ‘American’ element in this pick from Addison Rae outfits. You have the blue denim shorts adding up to a red and blue combination, which basically exemplifies the American spirit. Furthermore, Addison has preferred the Doc Martens as an edgier choice of footwear in this look. In addition, you also have a preppy style, button-down top under the sweatshirt as a promising choice for the outfit. 

Outfit 2

addison rae outfits
PHOTO: @addisonraee

Addison Rae has donned an ultra-sexy and over-the-top look by pairing up a black unitard with high-rise platforms. The high-rise platforms definitely catch attention and spur interest in ‘Where does Addison Rae get clothes?’ for dressing up as a bombshell. Interestingly, the high-rise platforms imply a subtle reference to Japanese aesthetics while also contradicting the black unitard. Addison has also incorporated the 2000s pop star aesthetic with a chunky gold necklace. On top of it all, she balances the hotness with an oversized black jacket and a sleek bun. 

Outfit 3

Addison Rae purple bikini outfit
PHOTO: @addisonraee

Another surprise in the Addison Rae closet shows how her style draws inspiration from the Y2K fashion ideas. The check colorful pattern purple bikini gleams off the classic 2000s vibes with modern design elements like the unique ties. Addison makes the outfit more trendy and TikTok appropriate with a crochet bucket hat


Outfit 4

Addison Rae white cropped top and ble denim outfit
PHOTO: @addisonraee

You couldn’t help but think of the many similarities between early days Britney Spears and Addison Rae in this outfit. You can clearly observe the sensuous American girl next door vibes in the white cropped top and high-waist blue denim shorts. Addison has opted for simple accessories for an elegant look in this outfit, such as a straw hat and metallic bracelets. 

Outfit 5

Addison Rae trendy printed dress
PHOTO: @addisoneupdatess

The selection of Addison Rae outfits also includes glamorous looks for a night out like this one. You can notice a trendy printed dress featuring a ruched hem design and matching heels with high ankle straps. The look is a perfect sexy look for night parties or a first date with hair and makeup inspired by the 2000s style. 

Outfit 6

Addison Rae outfits
PHOTO: @addisonraee

The breakdown of Addison Rae style in this casual look is quite easy. You have a pair of baggy jeans, fun socks, Doc Martens, alongside a corset top in this look of Addison Rae. The quirky highlight of this pick among Addison Rae outfits points to the addition of a shoelace as a belt. In terms of accessories, the rectangle sunglasses and black shoulder bag are the foremost highlights.

Interestingly, she has mixed up her jewelry with a gold necklace and silver bracelet, earrings, and rings. With simple hair and makeup, Addison has managed to craft a subtle, bold style in her look. The unique blend of trendy pieces such as baggy jeans, shoulder bag, and corset top all work perfectly in this look.    

Outfit 7

addison rae outfits
PHOTO: @addisoneupdatess

Addison Rae has chosen an all-American look in the white tank top and blue denim shorts. In addition, you can also find a common theme in Addison Rae outfits in a pair of trendy cowboy boots. The best thing about this look of Addison Rae is versatility, as it works as a favorite look for festivals as well as everyday activities.

Outfit 8

Addison Rae hem top with baggy camouflage pants outfit
PHOTO: @addisonraee

You could find a massive wave of Y2K inspiration in this outfit. The outfit has everything you need to remember, some of the renowned pop stars like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera way back when. How? The red hair extensions alongside the lettuce hem top paired with baggy camouflage pants take us back to the Y2K era. Furthermore, you can also note other highlights in this top pick among Addison Rae outfits, like chunky jewelry such as a bracelet and a choker.


Outfit 9

red polka dress outfit
PHOTO: @addisonraee

Addison Rae shows off her American girl next door image effortlessly once again in another one of Addison Rae outfits. The short polka dot dress with red and black converse print paired up with sexy, youthful low-top sneakers assemble a playful look. You can notice how well Addison has blended up a natural and glowing makeup and hair, suitable particularly for summers. 

Outfit 10

addison rae closet
PHOTO: @addisoneupdatess

You can find another suitable example of how Addison Rae outfits integrate the late 90s and early 2000s pop star vibe with this outfit. The classic elements in this outfit include the vintage-looking dress, butterfly hair clips, the rectangle sunglasses, and the shoulder bag. All of them are clear examples of creating the perfect Y2K TikTok style without any effort.

Tips to Shop for Outfits like Addison Rae

Here are some tips for shopping for dresses like Addison Rae.

  • Take inspiration from Addison Rae outfits if you want to look super trendy and subtly sexy. Take a look at her Tik Tok, Instagram account, and also paparazzi images of her.
  • Choose which elements from Addison Rae outfits you want to adopt, for example, a shoulder bag and rectangle sunglasses or cowboy boots and shorts. You don’t have to recreate her looks to a tee, make it your own.
  • If you’re not sure what to buy, look for Y2K inspired pieces that are easy to find everywhere.      


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