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90s Iconic Fashion Looks That Are Coming Back

People who love vintage fashion do not have to limit their options to trends from specific eras. If you cannot have enough vintage trends, such as the early 2000s fashion aesthetic, then you can have some of the styles from the early 90s. The biggest 90s fashion trends are also some of the most common modern fashion trends you can find today.

Many interesting trends marked the fashion of the 90s as minimal, grungy, preppy and sophisticated. Choices like slip dresses and practical picks like bike shorts and Levi’s jeans that we all love today originated then. At the same time, the 90s style also advocated for grungy pieces like flannels and combat boots. How can you bring the style of the 90s into your closet today?

Best 90s Style Looks You Can Try in 2022

The aesthetic appeal of vintage fashion has completely changed the perception of old fashion trends. People are welcoming some of the top 90s fashion trends amicably into mainstream fashion choices. For example, the preppy style, which gained a lot of attention in the late 90s, has become one of the popular fashion trends in present times thanks to shows like Emily in Paris and Tiktok. Here are some of the most iconic looks of celebrities wearing 90s fashion trends, that can help you with some promising inspiration.

1. Cher Horowitz, Clueless

90s fashion
PHOTO: @2000sjournals

The movie Clueless is probably one of the most iconic movies of the 90s, especially for the desirable looks adorned by the entire cast, especially Cher and Dionne. Cher and her friends set some fashion goals for the biggest 90s fashion trends on-screen. The preppy outfits in the movie are still popular today as they were 30 years ago.

As a matter of fact, Cher shows one of the best examples of wearing the preppy trend. The classic check mini skirt alongside the blazer set is definitely an effortless combination. However, Cher never hesitated to experiment with the minimal style too, which was quite a hit in those times. For example, you can probably remember the iconic scene where she tries on an iconic Calvin Klein dress with panache.

2. Cameron Diaz

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PHOTO: @thesamebutdif

Blonde bombshell Cameron Diaz soared to popularity in the 90s for some of her iconic performances in movies. However, she always stood out with her impeccable style too. In this look, you cannot help but envy Cameron for such a graceful look in the blue mini skirt, fitted top, and chunky loafers. All the elements in the 90s style outfit of Cameron Diaz are quite popular today.


3. Kate Moss

biggest 90s fashion trends
PHOTO: @thesamebutdif

Kate Moss, the iconic 90s model, gives a solid reply to “How do you dress like the 90s?” with a classy outfit she wore on a date with Johnny Depp. She wears a classic mesh maxi skirt along with a plain tank top and a grungy leather jacket. You can notice that the pieces adorned by Kate Moss then are trendy even in present times.

4. Gwyneth Paltrow

90s vintage clothing
PHOTO: @thesamebutdif

The popular actress Gwyneth Paltrow also gives some inspiration for incorporating the biggest 90s fashion trends in your wardrobe today. You can find her 90s look in almost all stores today. Whether it is the green color or the open front design of the top and the long skirt, every trend is still going strong today. You won’t have to feel left out for trying out the 90s fashion trends in 2022 with such outfit ideas.

5. Julia Roberts

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PHOTO: @thesamebutdif

When you are scouring the internet for the top fashion trends from the 90s, you don’t want to miss ‘Pretty Woman’ Julia Roberts. She is an inspiration when it comes to the best of 90s looks, and her outfit in a leather blazer proves the same. Interestingly, she shows how you can try top 90s fashion trends effortlessly today with the black and white combination. No one can deny the timeless appeal of leather blazers and how they have returned to mainstream fashion once again. On top of it, Julia’s experiment with the black and white combo also gives you an outfit idea to try in any era.

6. Winona Ryder

vintage fashion guide
PHOTO: @thesamebutdif

The search for the biggest 90s fashion trends might also take you to some notable looks of Winona Ryder. The adorable Winona Ryder shows the inspiration for welcoming the oversized blazer suit into your closets today. You can see how the boxy, menswear-style fit of the blazer suit is quite relevant and trending in present times.

7. Cameron Diaz

biggest 90s fashion trends
PHOTO: @thesamebutdif

Another look of Cameron Diaz can help you understand how minimalism ruled 90s style outfits. In this outfit, Cameron Diaz brings an edgy twist to her minimal outfit. The simple black mini dress alongside combat boots, the most prominent boots trend in the 90s, delivers an exquisite combination. Most importantly, you can notice how Cameron pulls up the white socks to make them noticeable. Well, the socks over leggings trend and the socks with loafers trend we see today, do fall somewhere along the lines of such trends from the 90s. 

8. Mariah Carey

How do you dress vintage style?
PHOTO: @thesamebutdif

You can also seek inspiration for the biggest 90s fashion trends from celebrities like Mariah Carey. She gives some promising ideas about trying on the preppy clothing trend from the 90s in her adorable look. The pleated plaid skirt alongside the cardigan is a basic highlight you need in the rich schoolgirl aesthetic. While there are many preppy outfit combinations from the 90s you can try out now, Mariah’s outfit is quite simple. You can recreate her outfit with ease and have the desired aesthetics. 

9. Princess Diana

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PHOTO: @thesamebutdif

The synonym of elegance, Princess Diana, is also another top name you should look up for inspiring looks from the 90s. Princess Diana was one of the most loved personalities in the world, and her outfits have inspired many A-list celebrities today. Her outfit with biker shorts and an oversized sweatshirt has become a popular addition in closets of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Hailey Bieber


10. Victoria and David Beckham

How do you dress like the 90s?
PHOTO: @thesamebutdif

The power couple of the 90s, Victoria and David Beckham show “How do you dress like the 90s?” with the puffer coat trend. You can see how the couple wears the puffer coat trend effortlessly in chic outfits. Interestingly, puffer coats are a huge trend in 2021 as well as in 2022; especially the Prada blue puffer coat that all influencers wore this winter.

11. Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy 

vintage fashion guide
PHOTO: @90scelebvibes

The wife of late John F. Kennedy Jr., Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, presents an inspiring outfit with a timeless aesthetic. If you love the biggest 90s fashion trends, then you should take note of Carolyn’s look and the monochrome style. The monochrome style complements the chic aesthetic of her outfit with some practical choices. You have the tailored black coat complemented with knee-high black boots alongside a black headband. In addition, you cannot help but notice the excellent choice of accessories, i.e, the small bag and the oval sunglasses that are very popular today too.

Tips to Shop for 90s Style Outfits

Here are some tips you should keep in mind before shopping for 90s fashion trends. 

  • Take a look through the biggest 90s fashion trends and some of the iconic looks of celebs wearing the trends. A clear impression of what fashion was like in the 90s can help you make an informed choice. 
  • Do not fall for the trends just because they are popular. You need to pick up the trends which align perfectly with your existing fashion preferences. If you are not comfortable in knee-high boots, then you don’t have to buy them. 
  • Plan a few outfits by visualizing what you want to wear in your 90s inspired outfits. As a result, you can identify the exact picks you need for creating the desired aesthetic.

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